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G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 RAM $161 Delivered @ Scorptec Computers via Amazon AU


I found this deal, and saw that the price had dropped and was now available through Scorptec.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Thank you.

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    Is there something about Ripjaw V that makes it good? I tend to get the feeling that people prefer Ripjaw V @ '3200MHz CL16' than other brands or models at the same speed?

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      It gives an advantage in gaming as the RAM can rip you from the jaws of defeat.
      The other brands aren't as Crucial unless you're seeking Vengeance.

      • Best comment by far

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      Pretty sure there have been tests showing that this RAM works especially well for AMD CPUs. This was a while back so may have changed though. They are also "Ryzen certified" sometimes.

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      There's nothing special about the Ripjaws V 3200, it's just that they're reliable and available for a good price for 3200MHz. If you want fast RAM at a good price, these serve that purpose.

    • I think they can be oc'd pretty well too

    • You are a G.Skilled wordsmith.

  • Noob question: is 3600MHz better than 3200Mhz?
    It is for 5600x and B550 Aorus Elite. Tia

    • Yes

    • Yes

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      Sometimes, look at the timings as well, especially the CL timing, for example this is 3200mhz @ cl16, so 3600 @ cl16 will for sure be better. But [email protected]? probably around the same performance as [email protected] (just a guess, cbf looking at benchmarks atm).

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    Im running this kit with a 5800X @ 1440p. Runs like a charm

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      wow your ram runs at 1440p?

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        Yeah i just had to download some more and it just worked!

  • Does this model support b450 boards?
    I'm using b450 motar max

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      I usually just add it into my PC Part Picker (AU) System Builder. It checks for compatibility issues. I also go to something like pangoly.com and search for it there as well just to be sure.

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        this is the way

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      Chances are very good it'll work, however check the MB specs to make 100% sure https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B450M-MORTAR-MAX/Specificati...

      • I Can't seem to find the exact model the closest I got was F4-3200C16D-32GVR. Does it mean it's not supported?

        • Likely. This ram doesn't seem to be supported by my CPU (Ryzen 5 2500) and motherboard (MSI 350M Pro-VDH) too.

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          Motherboard ram compatibility lists are only of the ram sticks they have tested. It just means they validated it, doesn't mean other ram won't work just as well.

        • Good news just got the ram sticks and It's working :) thank you to everyone who gave advice.

  • Ahhh, this is so cheap but I really don't need more than 16 GB.

    • More than 32GB, right ?

    • Yes you do - I have 64GB of these badboys and I don't feel that it is overkill

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    Running 2 kits of this in my 3950x, x570 tomahawk wifi PC. No issues whatsoever!

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    Hey Guys. $79 for a single 16Gb stick of the same thing at Shopping Express: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578683
    The OzBargain says expired but the link to the product still shows $79.
    EDIT: I was hoping it would apply free postage or something; but it doesn't. So works out to $158 + delivery.

    • Shopping express have had free shipping twice in their existence I reckon, when I last bought ram, but they're back to their cheap ways, charging $11 delivery for an SSD

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    Or directly from them, for $149 pick up or $162 delivered to Perth at least. $1 extra feels worth for not sending money overseas or supporting Amazon.


    • Bloody good find mate!

      Finally bit the bullet 👌🏻

  • I'm getting $20 postage on this - $181 total.

  • reckon we can see a <$180 2x16gb 3600CL18 or <$200 3600CL16 in the next week?

    • I don't know. But I'm hoping. ….. EDIT: Check these out for 3600MhzC18
      Amazon.au(get the 5% discount coupon applied)
      Amazon.au (Single stick)
      Amazon.au(get the 5% discount coupon applied)

  • what's the difference between 2x8GB and 1x16GB? i wonder if picking up just one stick for $79 is good or if i should wait for a deal on 2x8GB sticks. any advice?

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      2 X 8 is faster and more stable, so for gaming that is better then just 1 x 16

    • it really comes down to a design choice and what your use case is.

      As botchie suggests, having dual channel memory (2x8) will increase bandwidth and can provide a more 'stable' experience.

      Depending on how many RAM slots you have, getting 2x8 may limit your upgrading paths.

      For example, if you have 2 RAM slots and you get 2x8. When you upgrade, you must get 2 new RAM sticks.
      In comparison if you were to get 1x16 then you could just buy another compatible 16 GB stick and you will be up and running at 32GB.

      So questions for consideration:
      1. What do you use your PC for?
      2. Are you planning to do a small upgrade on your PC or do a system overhaul?
      3. How many RAM slots do you have? (If you have 1 slot, then easy answer)
      4. Just in case you are new to PC building, does your motherboard take DDR3 or DDR4 RAM?

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    Looks like $149 if you pickup. Same sticks? https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/memory/ddr4/61665-f4-320...

    • yea same sticks. Watch everyone cancel their orders now ahah

    • Someone should make this into it's own post?

  • Purchased these a few weeks ago similar price. I dont recommend these if you're after the higher freq. I had instability issues when i set them to 3200Mhz, had to lower to 2900 for stability. So they're cheap for a reason although everyone will be different. Still a good price for 32gig though.

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      If that's the case, I'd say either the ram doesn't like your mobo/CPU (likely) or they're defective (less likely). Either way these should be rock solid at 3200mhz, generally speaking (all ram should be at their rated frequency)

      • Yeah they should always run at the 3200mhz profile or higher.
        they're a mixed bag in that some are hynix, some are samsung b-die, some are e-die, but in any case if you can't get 3200mhz you should warranty claim it

    • It's more likely your motherboard or bios settings the issue. I highly doubt G.Skill memory rated for 3200 would be inherently "unstable" at 3200.

  • I have had these for a few years. They are usually samsung E-die and mine are overclocked to 3466mhz c16 @1.425 volts.

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    I ordered through store and go pickup to save me $12

    • Nice. True OZB style!

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        Living around 5km from store give me this benefit. Also the delivery fee do adding up because I only buy part by part and not order all in one go :D

  • What's a good amount of ram for a light gaming pc where the most intensive game would be Red dead 2?

  • Can this overclock to 3600 MHz? Generally, what RAM can OC?

  • Note: 4% cashback for amazon on computer category.
    Used to 0% perviously

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    Thanks OP! Building my oldest son a gaming PC and this is ~ $60 cheaper than the one I was looking at locally - saving heaps.. but still spending lots :(

    • No worries! I picked these up myself for my first build.

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