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[Refurbished] Sony WH-1000XM3 $239 Delivered @ Sony eBay


Got a notification this was back in stock. Not significantly better than the $250 for brand new it was at yesterday but some may find useful.

My first post.

Edit: silver also available - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283943486865

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  • $231.83 using code PLUS3

    $249 brand new using code PBSV472

    Both codes require eBay Plus membership

  • Your username got me for a second

  • anyone bought refurbished units from Sony and had any issues ?

    • If you get a faulty one good luck trying to return or get a replacement. After sales support is handled by a contractor and they aren't the most responsive.

    • I have and yeap, just like the comment above me said, I got 2 units.

      1 turned faulty and oh the pain trying to get a replacement… non faulty one was fine but yeah wouldn’t buy it again… bought it about 2 months ago still waiting for the new unit after about 15-20 messages back and forth. And there is no guarantee the replacement will be functional.

      Also I see the brand new selling for about the same so I’d say buy that if you can.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/324522

      I bought , I faced issue , I returned and now its a mess !! they havent sent the replacment unit out and it has been 15 days already.. I raised the concern with ebay and they asked me to cancel the order which i did and now suddenly Sony has woken up.. i would still not accpet the unit and ask for refund .!

    • I bought the refurbished XM3 from the previous deal. No issues so far, working as good as new.

    • thanks guys for the info ill stay clear of the refurbs hopefully they do the damaged box sale soon, from memory the box they come in is pretty well protected by its case. love sony but they really are lacking in the aftermarket support especially on there TVs

  • Some units of the wh-1000xm3 might have an annoying popping or clicking sound in one of the ear cups when ANC is turned on. There are quite a few posts on this on reddit and other forums including Sony's very own. My new one also had this same issue. I wouldn't buy a refurbished XM3 in this case. not worth the risk.