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[Refurb] Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphone $239 Shipped @ Sony Au eBay


Saw this posted before but was out of stock. Back in stock.



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  • I ordered one last time these went on sale( A$203) and the unit I received looked flawless… I used them for a couple of days and noticed a cracking/knocking noise coming from left side when I turned my head slightly in any direction … Not too sure if it is a faulty headset or not …have spoken to Sony support and they kept asking me to update the software (which was ready up to date) ..finally I told them that they need to read my email properly as the software is already updated and this seems more like a mechanical issue …they asked if I would want a refund or replacement… I went for replacement…going to ship the item back on Monday..let's see how this goes !

    Has anyone else faced similar issue ?

    • Had the same exact issue when I bought a pair brand new in store…got a replacement and haven't had the issue on the new pair

    • My headphones were purchased brand new and have been used for over a year. It has since developed an intermittent crackling sound in the left ear. I have contacted Sony who was happy to review my issue. However, I've misplaced my Tax invoice :(

      Seems to be a common issue with these headphones…

      • Misplacing your tax invoice is a common issue with the headphones? They are more powerful than I ever imagined. Seriously though, that sucks. I assume you have contacted the original seller and asked for a duplicate invoice?

      • Can't they use your bank statement ??

    • for those out of warranty apparently putting a small pack of silica gel in the can with the issues is a makeshiftsolution.

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      I bought one of the $203 stock as well. It was basically brand new. Not a mark on it. And it works perfectly. One of the best deals I've followed through with on this site.

    • it would be the hinge but more precisely the plastic casing/parts around that general area. some ppl have had success in applying a lube the area which would have to be plastic friendly, others have reported micro cracking and eventual failure. mine started doing it after 8 months. I returned mine since they were not 100% to my expectations but they were nice headphones.

  • How is Sony when it comes to returns anyway?

    • Well, I will find out in a few days ! It wasn't easy to get them to a point where they would be glad to replace the cans !

    • Alright …so I received a replacement unit today ! Turns out they sent me a brand new unit ! So I have decided to keep it :) .

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    Yeah ordered one from the last deal at around $200 and been using daily no problems. Arrived in 100% cosmetic condition, smells new, the muffs are new and no marks. Had to update firmware though

  • Jack for non-electronic use?

    • Headphone jack? Yes you can use it without power but it won’t be high res audio and no noise cancelling… (basically for emergencies). It’s recommended to always be on

  • Big difference between the 4 (~$390) and the 3. To someone who has had both, is the higher price worth it?