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[eBay Plus] AC Valhalla $49, COD Black Ops CW $49, FIFA 21 $25, Switch/Mario Kart/Sub $349, Cyberpunk $59, Mi Curved $449 @ eBay


The flash sales for Black Friday/Cyber Monday have been announced. Full credit to Press Start.

Friday 27/11 -

Item Sale price Quantity Time Promo code
Nintendo Switch Console + Mario Kart Game + 3 month free online 349 1000 12pm & 5pm PWAT95
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PlayStation 4 49 500 8am PTWBN75
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on Xbox One 49 150 2pm PTWBB00
Assassins Creed Valhalla XB1 49 150 8am PVH1984
Assassins Creed Valhalla on PlayStation 4 49 500 12pm & 5pm PTWMG66
FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 25 300 12pm & 5pm PBDTC64
FIFA 21 on Xbox One 25 200 10am PBDHW65
Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedal 299 150 11am PTWLL70

Sunday 29/11 -

Item Sale price Quantity Time Promo code
Xiaomi Mi 34" Curved Gaming Monitor 449 1000 12pm & 5pm PWUW93
Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Space Sim Duo 179 150 10am PWFC97

Monday 30/11 -

Item Sale price Quantity Time Promo code
Nintendo Switch Console + Mario Kart Game + 3 month free online 349 500 12pm & 5pm
Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 4 59 1000 12pm & 5pm
Cyberpunk 2077 on XB1 59 200 12pm
Logitech G29 Driving Force Wheel for PS4 / PC 349 150 9am PVHBA95
Logitech G920 Driving Force Wheel for Xbox One / PC 349 150 8am PVH5150
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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        • +1

          You only get 30 days to use the signup voucher.

          • @rith: your right, must be a glitch from swapping coupons back and forth because when I go into my ebay page it has till 30/12 but on any buy page it has 29/11 to freak me out, lol.

    • Yeah the way Ebay invoices always list the pre coupon price has scared me a few times lol

  • Maybe I should get another 1 .

  • i cant even use the code.. just keeps the check out price at 799..

  • If the figure next to "amount sold in the last hour" is correct, there should be over 170 monitors left…

  • Got one, wierd though says payment processing yet money taken out. First time doing that with Ebay.

  • And done :)

  • Thanks OP. finally bought the monitor.

  • Wow, not selling as fast as they did at lunch time. Glad I got it in the end…

  • something wrong for some people trying to apply the code for sure..

    • is it the same code - PWUW93?

      • Yes

        • This code can't be applied to your order.

          well im (profanity) then.. gg

      • Add to cart > Check out > On the payment option page, add the code.

        • ya im doing it like all the other deals, just comes up with that error sadly..

  • +1

    just bought one, no issues here.

  • Who will be selling Cyberpunk? Press-start has a link to Gamesmen, I wonder if worth adding game to cart so I can get it before it gets sold out in few seconds?

  • Bought the Mi Curved just now with no issues. Just signed up to eBay Plus too.

  • +1

    Fkn can't wait. Shipping says express delivery before Wednesday but i doubt they will be able to ship 100s of monitors tomorrow.

  • F**k! “You already applied this code to an order!!!” Wtf? I didn’t even make an order successfully.

  • Does anyone know if EB will price Ebay for Cyberpunk?

    • +2


  • +1

    Thanks, just seen this and scored a monitor 10 mins ago, surprised there was any left.

  • So… with Kmart selling these Xiaomi Ultrawide monitors, it it online stock only it seems.

    Also excluded from free shipping, can't Click and Collect by the looks of it as well. (Said OOS when I tried C&C option)

    For me, in Greater Western Syd, it comes to $514.45, with shipping.

    Fortunately, I got one for $449 yesterday, but the Kmart route is still a viable option.

  • +1

    Anyone got a link for cyberpunk?

    • +2

      There are only 2 stores selling it on eBay and from those 2 only The Gamesmen has the stock levels required for this deal. Also, all the games and consoles listed here so far have been sold by The Gamesmen so I think that pretty much confirms that the Cyberpunk deal is also going to be one of theirs.


      Xbox One

  • Is Switch going to be at $349 again in an hour? First link says out of stock

    • I want to know as well…

  • Has anyone's monitor shipped? Doesn't look like I will be getting it on Wed this week as they've advertised.

    • No it hasn't. I mean if you really want im sure you could complain to ebay and they might give you a small voucher for the inconvenience.

    • It’s an estimated delivery date.

    • Mine said it's posted, not sure what that means tho. Does anyone know which courier they're likely to go with the the monitor?

      • I got an sms from couriers please to confirm delivery address but no tracking number. Also no posted notification / email from ebay.

        • I have a tracking number and an email saying it is on the way, Estimated delivery date is 2nd Dec.. so we'll see :)

  • No switch today?

    • Is it midday yet?

  • +7
    • +1

      Thank you sir

  • +4

    Cyberpunk is on, coupon: PVHII79

    I got for PS4 🙂

  • Bagged me a Cyberpunk.
    Nice and easy.

  • got one cyberpunk for xbox. w00t!

  • Where are the switch deals

  • Cyberpunk secured. thanks OP

  • +1

    Bought Cyberpunk and Ghost Of Tsushima over the last couple of days, looks like my downtime this holidays is sorted

  • +1

    switch out of stonks

  • Got a cyberpunk for Xbox - YEET

  • +2

    didn't think i'd get one with only 200 copies available

  • suprised theres no cyberpunk for pc avaliable

  • +1

    Missed the switch again FML

    • How come? I entered the wrong promo code, re-entered, took me about 1 min and still got one (on my phone using PayPal even). Couldn't believe it so checked availability again and it was still "buy it now" at >11:32. No where near as fast as I thought it would be before going OOS.

      • where did you find the promo code?

        • On the main advertising page when it became available to buy, kinda small so hard to see it initially. It's PWAT95 same as previous.

          Edit: promo code also on this ozbargain page. And the time above was for Adelaide.

      • Hi @tadasu, what time did you open the ebay page? before 12?

        • +1

          Started refreshing a few seconds before 12, but only available to purchase few seconds after 12, was on the main advertising page, not product page.

          • @tadasu: thanks mate, i'll try my luck again at 5pm

  • +1

    HTF is the switch OOS in less than 3 mins.
    total BS, on the account that I missed out

    • +1

      i know ey, total BS

    • I got a switch at 12pm, yay! Its my first time :)

      • lucky you, congrats mate

  • Bugger missed Cyberpunk, will have to wait for the 5pm drop

    • What time zone is this?

      • +3


  • Cool. Had cyberpunk for Xbox in cart. Thought I’d be sneaky and pop it through afterpay. By time I went through afterpays lengthy login it was outta stock.
    Fk this I’m out, haven’t managed to get one good deal this weekend..
    eBay plus blows…

    • You couldn’t combine the after pay code with this one anyway.

      • I Didn’t mention using afterpay code.. Was hoping to quickly use afterpay to bypass any upfront costs.
        And yes I can blame eBay plus, they draw people in with these great advertised deals that hold very little stock.

        Also previously I’ve missed great deals regardless of using my preloaded CC details.

        My statements still stands, I’m just having a whinge 🙃

    • +3

      i wouldnt blame ebay plus after reading that :/

      • +2

        Yep if I have learned one thing from last year and this years eBay Plus Black Friday deals is that you just need to have money ready in the bank and your card details verified in the checkout.

        Tinkering with cash back, Paypal, Afterpay and even delivery address is asking for trouble!

    • For these kind of flash deals one should just ignore any other distractions such as cashrewards/shopback cashbacks or Paypal or Afterpay or using even trying to pay with giftcard XD

  • +1

    Cyberpunk 2077 arriving by Thu, 3rd December. Can't wait

    • +3

      the game doesn't release til the 10? correct me if i'm wrong

      • -6

        April Fools!

  • Thanks OP, picked up a copy of Cyberpunk! Looking forward to it

  • +3

    Thanks OP, was well worth opening a new Ebay account and doing a free trial of Ebay Plus ;)

    I think I'm done, here's my haul:

    Quicksilver Beach Towell $14.99 (Save $10)
    Nintendo Switch Console + Mario Kart Game + 3 months free online $349 $349 (Save $146)
    Crown Lager Beer 24 x 375ml Bottles $35 $35 (Save $15)
    Cyberpunk-2077-Day-One-Edition-PS4-Game-NEW-PREORDER-10-12 $59 (Save $50.95)

    Looking forward to sitting at the beach, playing switch and drinking Crownies while waiting for Cyberpunk :D

    • +1

      Nice one, my haul:

      • Sony XM4
      • Apple AirPods
      • Apple AirPods Pro (from Amazon lightning deal)
      • FIFA 21 PS4

      Only need to get CyberPunk and I'm pretty happy.

      Everything for me except the AirPods, think the missus might let me off spending some cash when I give these to her as a Christmas present. :D

  • Can you order multiple copies of Cyberpunk? eg one each at 12 & 5pm.

  • Cyber punk for ps4 already sold out

    • +2

      Yep, deal was live at midday. Another at 5pm

      • Lucky I got in 1minute after 5pm, by 5:14pm all units sold

  • +2

    I managed to get a copy of Cyberpunk for the Xbox One :)

    I set my alarm for a minute before then just kept refreshing.

    It was the only deal I was interested in this entire weekend.

  • +6

    Well that's a wrap for me and got Christmas mostly sorted.

    I grabbed COD for Hubby and his Xbox
    Grabbed for me some Bose headphones.
    Also grabbed some new Global kitchen knives. Ended up not getting the Black Friday deal but there was another deal with Peters of Kensington which had better knives for not much more.
    Also grabbed the Switch today. I kept missing out on Friday. I'm contemplating having hubby try tonight for our other child. Otherwise if we miss out tonight, will have to find a $400 bundle if they are around.
    Pretty stoked with my haul.

    • -7

      cool story

    • OzBlog. Did you manage to get a Switch bundle?

      • Yeah I did, during the Monday midday sale. Will be a lifesaver as we have a few camping trips by the Murray this summer. My kids aren't used to drives more than 1.5 hours so hopefully the switch bundle will stop the repeated are we there yet from the back seat haha.

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