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Oppo Find X2 Neo (Snapdragon 765G, 256GB, 6.5" OLED) $649 @ JB Hi-Fi


Starry Blue color choice available as well.

Seems to be the lowest price for this model so far.

Pretty good mid range phone imo.

  • Snapdragon 765G
  • 6.5" OLED 90Hz display
  • 256GB ROM, 12GB RAM
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +2

    If only it was dual sim…

  • also moonlight black nice find. Find X2 Pro is $1197 at OW

  • +3

    Seems the catalog has it priced at $799, yet it's $649 on website. Lowest I have seen so jumped on it. Good specs and price

  • I'm in the process of buying a phone in this price range. Considered this model but read the Oppo software isn't as good as some.

    • +1

      Obviously, play with the phone in-store. I am a happy Oppo user, previously from Samsung.

  • That's a heavy Snapdragon, nearly a kilo!

  • Does OPPO still preload a bunch of bloatware these days?

    • not from my experience, and I have this exact phone.

      • Thanks. Ordered one and got an SMS within minutes saying it's ready for pickup.

  • +1

    Ok so as someone who has had this phone for 4 months now I can give my personal opinions as such:
    Battery = 8.5/10
    Speakers = 8/10
    Performance = 7/10
    Camera = 7.5/10

    Some things to note specifically for this phone that I like/dislike:
    - Its actually super lightweight and feels very thin but also premium as its glass
    - Charging with the included brick is super fast compared to standard 18W quick chargers
    - Fingerprint and face unlock both work well with nary a miss
    - Performance is good, works very smoothly, but I do get a few hiccups but only when Im trying to watch video with picture in picture mode on top of another app. So most people will feel that this phone is fast and smooth.
    - As someone who had a nexus and a pixel with stock android, the OS is decent. Not much bloatware if at all (havent noticed since i setup the phone because I dont touch it haha)

    As someone who came from the ROG Phone II (had to switch cos too bulky) this phone is kind of no compromises if you keep your expectations at the mid range.

    • What SOT do you reckon you get

      How do you find the size? I had a S20 FE which I thought was too big and bulky

      Thanks for your thoughts

      • Without a case its probably one of the lightest phones at its size. I was surprised, I had a oneplus 7 on hand to feel the difference and it felt lighter and thinner.

        SOT, hmm, it depends, I watch a lot of youtube.
        On the rare occasion I got it below 10% I think I had at least 7hrs SOT, not sure though.

  • Thanks for the find. (ahem)
    Now to decide on a colour.

  • Jumped on this upgrading from Redmi Note 9 Pro this morning. Was looking at phones on display and was surprised at this one being one of the nicest looking phones there. The Pro was nicer still but a little too $$. I was convincing myself I'm fine with the 60Hz IPS on the Redmi but hell no I wasn't. Now I'll be doom swiping the home screen looking at the smooth animation more then ever.

  • +1

    Wifey picked this up this morning using the gift cards. Happy with it so far. Great value for the price @$649 less 15%

  • Picked mine up today, a gift for the wife for Christmas. They still have it priced at $799 as per the catalogue. Mention to the sales guy at jbhifi and showed him the price online. He was a bit bemused. Still not sure if this is a price mistake or they just trying to be sly in the shop

  • I have this phone and love it other than the curved edges. Have tried 6 different glass screen protectors for the NEO and each have come off within a week. If anyone has this phone and can recommend a good quality glass screen protector can you please me know.

  • Picked one up for my wife this afternoon using the 15% off gift cards.
    No questions asked was given it for $630. Pretty good value.

    • Did the staff offer $630 onsite? Thanks.

      • +1

        Short answer, Yes.
        Longer is the staff member was talking to someone else about phones while I was waiting to be served and the customer asked about the differences between the Pro and Neo. The Staff mentioned something and while I was there I stated some facts and the staff member said something about knowing the phone and I told her I wanted it and the colour I wanted. The other customer then said she would take two as well. When she came back it turns out she had offered it to the other customer for $630 and gave it to me for that price as well. I wasnt paying too much attention to the previous interactions but the customer didnt press for the discount it was freely offered.

        • Thank you for your detail explanation, I will try to ask for the same price.

          • @goevencheaper: I can upload an extract of my receipt if needed.

            • @namgib: Thank you, namgib. Acutally after I showed your comment in this post, the staff gave me the discount with no issue. I am a happy Neo user now :)

  • I need a test 5G test phone for work. Almost bought one last night. Then just realised it only supports NSA 5G and not SA 5G.

    Apparently, it's a licensing issue. To keep cost down they did not license the SA 5G from Qualcomm for this phone. The chipset can do both.

    Now will prob get the Reno Z 5G. the find x2 neo has much higher spec hardware for 50 dollars more.

  • This vs the realme x3 superzoom and oneplus 7t?

  • Heya all. I pulled the trigger on this phone only to relise the options for accessories are limited lol.

    Ive always used spigen shockproof cases and unfortunately spigen dont make one for the x2 neo.

    I know theres some crappy ones out there but was wondering if anyone has found a decent shockproof case that could be recommended.

    • OPPO Find X2 Neo confirmed as global Reno3 Pro 5G, maybe it will widen your search.

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