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Boost Prepaid $241 | 12 Months Expiry | 300GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | @ Cellmate


A great price with free delivery anywhere in Australia. Works out $59 less than going directly through Boost. Apply coupon BOOS-TA in cart to pay $241. Payment methods accepted include PayPal, Afterpay, Latitude, and Zip. If you require the SIM urgently, please select express postage at an additional charge. Only while stocks last. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • 300GB data (240GB + 60GB bonus).
  • 12-month expiry.
  • Unlimited calls & text to standard national numbers.
  • Unlimited international calls & text to 30 selected countries + 3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected countries.
  • Stream Apple Music data free.

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  • +7

    They really need to add a top up function.

    I would honestly gladly buy 5 years of this deal right now if I could have it set to recharge every year for 5 years.

    I found the 20gb month rationing is more than enough for me even on the safe side so the extra 60gb is a huge cherry on top.

    Anybody know why no mobile telcos or plans do more than 2 year contracts?

    I just want to set and forget for like 10 years tbh so I don't have to redo all this again in 12 months.

    • Do you care about data speed?

      • +1

        I use YouTube music and Spotify mostly.

        On commute I use YouTube.

        Rarely I might use Netflix when away from WiFi but the only other data hog I can think of would be twitch on the bus or train.

        So yes to an extent but I don't need to move mountains of data constantly.

        Why what do you have in mind?

        • The Telstra XS data sim for $15/mth will give you unlimited (shaped) data. If you have dual sim phone you can get another sim for the calls/txt you need that has little or no data.

  • +1

    New or Existing customers?

    • Hello.

      Its for customers seeking a new number or porting in from another carrier

      Kind Regards

  • So existing Boost customers can grab this and then they have 12 months to activate it? Or am I wrong(again, lol).

    • No idea I can't find the last date to activate info.

      I think the 12 month expiry refers to the length of the plan not how long you van wait until you can use the code to activate or recharge.

    • +2


      To explain better there are 2 parts to it. One is the sim validity and the other is the plan validity.

      The sims have an expiry of more than 1.5 years. So for eg if you activate the sim in Feb 2021 you get 12 months from then and not from the time you buy the sim

      12 month plan starts once you activate the sim and not buy the sim

  • +1

    How long do I have to be ported out to be able to port in again?

  • Any idea what the expiry date is off these cards? I don’t need to use mine until June 2021 just don’t want to buy and have it expire or have to use it like activate it before feb or March etc

    • +1


      The sims by themselves have an expiry of more than 1.5 years so you can definitely activate in June 2021 but you will get the deal which is current at the time. to get the current deal of 300gb you have to activate before the 1st of Feb 2021

  • +1

    These boost deals are great. I just got another year of the 240gb for $240. Obviously this one is better, but I'm still chuffed with mine.

  • -3

    Can you price beat with OW?

  • Can I port number from Telstra prepaid? I remember there's some complicated process required for porting Telstra to Boost.

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat. But I don't think you can do it with this offer.


      You need to call Boost and tell them you want to switch from Telstra. They will send a blank SIM. I'm at this point. My Telstra prepaid plan expires in a couple of weeks. I'm going to activate when I get closer to that and hopefully, there will be a good enough recharge option for me. I guess I can survive with the 110GB for $200 offer in the above link if it is available.

      Perhaps Telstra will come up with a decent recharge offer in the next couple of days.

      Sadly I need to be with either Telstra or Boost to be able to use Wi-Fi calling due to terrible reception inside the house as they are the only services that offer that on prepaid at the moment.

    • +1

      Just port out to any other cheap prepaid other than telstra then port to boost, save yourself the headache, the sim won’t expire for 1.5 years as said above so plenty of time.

      • But deal expires on feb 2021

    • Hi you can do that. first call telstra and ask them to make your package as prepaid then call boost. I did that without much difficulty.

      • That's what happened when I moved to Boost ~12 months ago. Went from a JB Telstra deal and tried to port to Boost. They put my through to Telstra, who converted it to prepaid, then I could move to Boost.

        Whole process took about a week in my case though because the person was clueless on how to do it.

    • +1

      I just did it last week. You can port from Telstra without blank sim.
      Tell boost support on their web chat that you got new sim pack to be activated and want to port the number across.
      They know what to do. Unless you get a clueless staff

  • +1


    I just paid with Paypal and saw this error after payment success:

    There has been a critical error on your website.
    Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

    I still received the email so I think it worked…. but this feels dodgy af 😫

    • Same here man not sure what's going on - but I got a confirmation email lol

      Paid via PayPal

      • Hello

        We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we are fixing the issue as a matter of priority.

        Please note that we are getting all orders

        Kind Regards

    • Hello.

      We have raised this issue with our IT team and are checking this out as a matter of priority

      Please note that the orders are coming through and we can see them.

      Apologise for the inconvenience

    • Hello.

      The issue has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience

      Kind Regards

  • +5

    I wonder if they'd ever thought about having more customers by having deals that actually applied to recharge existing customers.

    • I agree. I'm sick of all the deals being for new customers only.

    • Hello.

      The issue has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience

      Kind Regards

      • Hello.

        Which issue? Can it now be used to recharge?

        Kind Regards from A Dunger.

        • Hello

          This deal is for new customers or customers porting across from another carrier. It cant be used as a recharge

          Kind Regards

          • @Cellmate: So, could you port out from boost to another carrier, buy this kit and port back in..? Would there be anything stopping you from this?

            • +2

              @txb: That's what an ozbargainer does….

  • +1

    Can we price match with office works ? Thanks

    • Want to know

    • +1

      officeworks won't price match discount coded prices.

      • Oh Thanks

  • Ordered one. Thanks TA 😊
    Any promo coming up for the $150 plan ?

  • The discount isn't being applied, please help

  • +2

    Just a note that you need to activate the card within 3 months to get the bonus 60Gb data. After that its back to 240Gb for your $241.

  • Just ordered, thank you.

    Express shipping eta or tracking?

  • Just ordered one. But don't seem to have received a confirmation email..I checked the junk mail folder too.

    • same here,

      ctrl + s (save page) in future perhaps

      did get paypal receipt and they did get paid :t

  • +1

    Which other carrier/sim can you port into to park your number before porting back into boost?

    • telstra esim here pixel 3a physical sim but calling out with telstra needs root

    • When I setup it said it accepted all au telecoms

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? I don't think I've seen an emails saying that it's been sent yet…

    • express shipping
      Mine was delivered 27/11 ordered 25/11, confirmed address 26/11 (didn't accept it)
      person emailed me about address gave mobile #, was prompt and good customer service

  • Anyone else having trouble receiving theirs? A friend still waiting for delivery…….

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