Google Pixel 5

Hi All,

I've been searching quite a few places and ringing up stores.

I'm trying to get a good price on the google pixel 5, I called JB and they said they could do it for $911

Does anyone know if I could get a better price than this unlocked?



  • JB Hi-Fi had it for $889.11 during the 11% off sale a few weeks ago.

    There's also this

    • There's also this

      That would require a (probably 24-month) contract with Telstra, which will be a minimum $55 per month ($65/month if you want to make use of that 5G). No thanks.

      I'd rather buy outright ($999 direct from Google w/ free shipping) on a cheaper plan (i.e. ALDI $15/month no contract).

      Telstra deal = $2,069 over 24-months
      Outright + ALDI = $1,359 over 24-months

      And I doubt ALDI is the best deal for mobile right now - I just chose them because they're a Telstra MVNO so comparable network

      • Not verified yet, but there's speculation you can sign up, then cancel ASAP, but still get the phone as long as you pay it out

        • but there's speculation you can sign up, then cancel ASAP

          Yeah saw that in that posts comments.

          as long as you pay it out

          As in there's an MRO (device payment) attached to the monthly plan cost (even if it's "included" in the $55/$65/etc)?

          • @Chandler: It's definitely not included in the $55/65. It's in addition e.g. if you signed up to MRO over 24 months, your MRO per month would be $31.21.

            I'm only also going by what I've read in the comments, though.

            • @kerfuffle: Sorry, what I was meaning is that the $749 was upfront, and internally Telstra are giving you the $55 plan for say $45 and charging you the difference ($10 in this example) for the phone. You still only see it as $55 per month for the plan, but if you go to cancel immediately there's an extra $240 (in this example) for the phone.

              I think all this speculation needs to be resolved the OzBargain way:

              What do the Terms & Conditions say?

        • i'm giving this a go. I was able to order and pay for the pixel 5 outright, so we will see if it turns up. then we will see if it is locked to telstra. then we will see how much it costs to unlock lol! fingers crossed


    749 in 2 days time. You may have to sign a new contract, or can purchase outright (to be confirmed)

  • Assuming you don't want to bundle it with a contract then current cheapest price is JB for $911 using discounted giftcards ($775 if using 15% off giftcards).
    I have a pixel 5 and am loving it so far!

  • Could potentially get another 15% off the $911 if you get some gift cards @ Coles this week.

    But yeah, Telstra for $750 is probably the best at the moment.

  • Im hoping there is a sale on this phone during black friday sales.

    In the US google store they are offering $50 off the pixel 5 so they may have a some sort of sale here for it as well

  • Once you've found the lowest price elsewhere, price match with the Google Store to get 10% back in store credit:

    "Get an additional 10% back in Google Store credit on all device purchases with an eligible Google One membership."

    Google One is cheap, like $2.50 a month, and you can just sub for a month.

    • How do you price match with google store? online chat?

      does the $12.50 google one with 10% off already mean you get 20% off when combined?

    • wait, so you'll get $99 in store credit for a $999 phone purchase? that's not bad. use it to buy the case

  • $911 seems good. I just went into a JB store the "best" price he could do is $970 from $999. May as well slap me in the face and say no.

  • Does anyone know how the telstra store warranty works? is it like JB with their own repairer or can you go directly to google?