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Google Pixel 5 $749, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G $849, OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G $1199 & More + Plan Cost @ Telstra


4 days only Black Friday deal from Telstra, more updates is coming soon. Besides, save $350 from Samsung Tab S7+ 5G $1,699 (instead of $2,049) and get up to $240 credit over 12-24 months for Galaxy Watch ad-on.

Catalogue Photo

Assume you can sign up then cancel plan straight away for just pro-rata amount charge or just 1 month worth in worse case

OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G $1,199
Google Pixel 5 $749
Samsung S20FE 5G $849

Available to new and existing post-paid mobile customers. 1 mobile per plan.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Pixel 5 for $749 makes it a valuable phone. This is what the RRP should have been.

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      ur profile is literally how I am looking at the image of the catalogue

    • i agree, with previous deal you have to stay for 2 months for credit applied, this, straight away doscount :), not bad at all if you go with $65 plan for 180GB data

      • +1

        The XL plan expires today, not sure if they will extend it for the Black Friday Sale.

        • I guess so, given sales are not so promising during covid19

    • Google just can't win, their previous models were over-priced for what was offered, so they lowered it.

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        Yea haha, lowered their prices, but also lowered their specs.

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          The main differences between the Pixel 4 & 5 are the CPU and chassis, so more of a side-grade than a downgrade.

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            @magic8ballgag: Having a Ultra wide camera is the biggest thing that made me choose the pixel 5. Depends on everyone's needs but that's a first for pixel phones

            • +4

              @camshandez: Me too, although I should just eat less so I don't need it for selfies

            • +1

              @camshandez: Lost the optical zoom which is a shame. The ultra wide isn't as wide as other lenses, and there is significant blur around the edges. Although a first for pixels, they are always well behind the trends.

              • @onlinepred: I went to JB the other day and held a Pixel 5 for the first time. Damn the phone feels so right in the hand, such a nice fit and comfortable. I compared it to the size of my Nexus 6P, and if i shave off the bezels of it, it becomes the same size as a Pixel 5, even though the Pixel is a 6" screen and the Nexus a 5.7" screen.

                • +1

                  @Trishool: Oh for sure. I mean I've used many small phones, including the s10e which is even smaller. You should really look at all the phones available. S10e had the same conforguratuon of lenses too, and with a fingerprint sensor and flagship cpu…. also got it for $710 at launch. Almost 2 years ago

    • agree

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      Pixel usually half price after 6 months through telecom.

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    I must admit i've become a little spoiled, finding myself almost expecting properly rotated images. Were you in that much of a hurry to be first?

    • +15

      sorry, yes, I was lol

  • Saw a post pop up briefly the other day about a Telstra Plus points sale for Black Friday. Post was taken down because there wasn't a deal posted, but had anyone heard anything about this? Keen to dump my points.

    • I have 30k points sitting there doing nothing, if these prices go up on Telstra Plus I'll be jumping on it asap.

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    To clarify, do you need to sign up to a Telsta plan to buy these outright? Or is it just a retail purchase?

    • yeah tryna figure out what the minimum purchase is, i think Google will also knock a couple hundo off the retail price for the pixel 5 in a couple of days

      • They are only knocking $50 off in the US, but I hope you're right

        • oh really? damn thats disappointing
          maybe itll be $100 here

      • +1

        They not discounting the 5 for black Friday.

      • +1

        I did (some of) the math over here

        $749 for device; total cost includes device and 24-month contract

        Plan Data Monthly Cost Total Cost
        Small 40GB $55 $2,069 Note: no 5G access
        Medium 80GB $65 $2,309
        Large 120GB $85 $2,789
        Extra Large 180GB $115 $3,509
    • you do, but depends on which Telstra store and staff you deal with too. I once got away with no contract and paid just outright for the phone but it was years ago (HTC One, with a prepaid pack)

      • So I guess that means no luck if you are already a Telstra customer?

        • +1

          The pixel 5 is outright $749. There is no other requirement.

  • Shame the Pixel 4a 5G doesn't have a discount. I suspect Officeworks will lower their price but if you get in quick you might be able to get 5% off the Pixel 5 thanks to a price beat.

    • according to the jb catalogue posted a few days ago, u can get the 4a 5g for pretty cheap with the ETC loophole

      • I assume you're talking about this Telstra deal.


        It ends up at $648.96 for the Pixel 4a 5G vs $711.55 for the Pixel 5.

        The credit check is also a concern and doing tricks like this can mess up your credit score.

        I'm also going away soon so would be able to get a GST refund on the Pixel 5 but not the 4a (because it's billed monthly) which would bring the price of the 5 down to $646.86 (assuming it's also possible to get the Officeworks price match). It's tempting but hard to justify upgrading from my 3a given neither the 4a or the 5 has mm-wave 5G.

        • i'm talking about the catalogue posted here


          which you can then apply a similar trick to the one in


          And then you pay $594 + 1day worth of pro rata'ed telstra plan costs for the pixel 4a 5g.

          And also according to the catalogue, same thing applies to the samsung fe phone

        • also not sure where u got the 711.55 price from

          • @HappyXD: An officeworks 5% price beat of the Telstra price.

            Ah never mind wouldn't work. I assumed these were outright phones that you could just go purchase without a plan. I've already got services with telstra so no problem there but it's a shame that anyone can't just go in and buy one.

            • +1

              @henrus: I got it price matched in officeworks to $711, no problem!

  • $749 for pixel 5, now we're talking in the right price range for such a half-effort lackluster phone.

    Still will stick with my pixel 3 for 1 more year of original quality uploads. How did I not know it was ALL uploads and not just photos taken with the phone.

    • +1

      How did I not know it was ALL uploads and not just photos taken with the phone.

      How did I not know this, too!?

      • +1

        you can upload all 4k/8k/20k videos and its in all original quality without counting towards the quota!! as long as it came via the phone! bonkers!

        • wow. Also, 20k video? Seems a little big.

          • @albot: Haha I was exaggerating..

            • @lawyerz: haha, I thought maybe it was real and I had just really fallen behind!

      • +1

        The first thing I did after I got my Pixel 2 XL (Still using that btw) was to copy all my photos to the camera folder on the phone and let it upload overnight to the cloud, 30gb at a time. I have pretty much backed up all my digital photos from the last 20 years for free!!

    • +12

      I have a Pixel 2 XL and it does the job, still waiting for something worthwhile to upgrade too.

      • yep, i have a pixel 2xl as well. pixel 5 aint it…. feels like it every year.

        maybe when your battery starts to falter… or you accidentally shatter the screen like I did haha.

        problem with making such a decent phone since the pixel 2 days is that you need to create a compelling reason to upgrade… i havent found one.

        • Literally dropped my Pixel 2 last night and the bottom left of the screen has cracked. Fine, but noticeable lines are there now. Otherwise the phone is still fantastic. I was hoping it'd die so I could get a new one, but I think I'm more interested in the 4a 5G than the 5.

          • +1

            @Munki: Mine has micro cracks in bottom too but also the battery is cactus now….P5 for me….has the finger scanner, IP water rating and big battery is tick tick tick for me.

            I'm just glad Telstra just knocked back my attempt to buy the P5 today to get the nest redemption, but this price is better and don't have a huge need for the nest (I don't think)

        • When they did the last Android update my battery started draining 200% quicker, but after a week it semi went back to normal.

          I mean id like wireless charging, but that's about it. I really don't see the point in upgrading until camera tech, or something ridiculously good comes out.

        • I have the 2 xl as well but updates for it are ending next month.

      • +1

        I got a 2xl also. Can confirm there is nothing worthy to fork out money for as replacement as of 23/11/20

    • Yea I don't think any pixel going forward will offer this. They baited so many people onto the service, and now they will have to pay for it.

      • apparently… and this is a big apparently… pixel 1 is for life…. so if you can find a new pixel 1… you have a way to get full quality original uploads for life! I'm considering!

        • Haha, too much of a hassle for me. I always paid for google family storage anyway, just my pixel photos didn't count towards it.

          • @onlinepred: haha… some 4k footage, heck even very short 1080p videos can take up gbs of storage. definitely keep it still :)

            lets say you get a drone one day, all of those 4k footage adds up to huge storage space very quickly!

    • +1

      Been transferring my 36MP full frame RAW files via my Pixel 2 for ages. I thought it was pretty well known.

      • i didn't, and when I just found out last weekend, I was kicking myself in the foot. I have tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of photos to reupload if I wanted the original quality.

        I thought it was for pics TAKEN with the phone only.

        Bit of a pain to organise old photos into albums via google photos..

        • If they are already organised on your computer then upload them one folder at a time straight into Google photos albums. Slower than just dumping everything but definitely organised better

      • It's this still a thing? I thought the pix2 unlimited photos expired.

        If not I'll have a fun weekend uploading all my raws.

        • Check your Google photos app. Mine is until 16 Jan 2021.

    • -1

      Gotta love the trolls on here.

  • These aren't locked right?
    Just has Telstra bloatware?

    • +2

      Yeah locked postpaid phones haven't been a thing for years

    • +2

      No bloatware when I got my Pixel 2 from Telstra, so I expect the same with the 5

  • Be interesting to see the fine print on these. Often when Telstra discount handsets on payment plans they offer a monthly credit on the bill to make the discount work - but if you pay it out early the remaining handset instalments do not get the credit applied.

  • +3

    Pixel 1 here. Still waiting for a good deal on a new phone. Holding out for as long as possible

    • keep your pixel 1 even if you get a new phone - see my comment above about unlimited original quality google photos as long as you transfer it via your pixel 1 to upload into google photos.

      • I have upgraded from a Pixel 1 to a Pixel 2 XL and now to a Pixel 4 XL. How do I get lifetime free original quality uploads using the Pixel 1 with photos taken on the Pixel 4 XL? Honest question.

        • you can try, but I am not 100% sure on this, but if you were to download the pics off your 4xl and transfer it into the pixel 1, and let the pixel 1 auto backup select the folder of whever you placed the pics, it should start backing up in full original quality that does not count towards your quota, regardless of source of the photos.

          I've tried this for my mirrorless camera, videos, and drone videos, but not from another pixel phone.

          • @lawyerz: Or connect both phones and transfer

          • @lawyerz: Do you know if this works of Pixel 2?

            • +1

              @PleasureMachine: Yeah pretty sure it does. On my pixel 2xl it does.

            • @PleasureMachine: sorry wanted to add, subject to the 3 year period. my 3 year original uploads for pixel 2 xl expires in jan 2021.

              • @lawyerz: So the unlimited full original quality storage is only Pixel 1?

                • @PleasureMachine: no you get unlimited, original quality for 3 years from the date you purchased the pixel 2/3 xl/non-xl. it'll say up to when, on the google photos app in the backup section.

                  the pixel 1 should be for life. ive seen stories that people buy a new pixel 1 just to use as an upload device.

  • +1

    Help me decide: Pixel 5 or S20 FE 5G?

    • +1

      at this price point probably p5, considering the apparent widespread touchscreen issues on the fe. =/ but only at this price point.

      it is inferior in every hardware way, but also superior in software experience.

    • Im in the same boat.
      Was leaning toward FE but now more toward P5.

    • +5

      I am using an SE 5G, no issue at all. Once you go 120Hz screen + Snap865, you don't want other subpars lol

    • Had S20 FE 5G 256 for 2 weeks. Switched to pixel 5 after. Very happy with my decision. Loev Stock andriod Love stock Andriod, used Samsung for almost 2 years, OS experience is not good, will never buy Samsung unless fold 2 dropped to 1.5k. FE has better hardware, but i have never experience any lagging on pixel 5. Just love the camera experience with pixel 5.

      • Had S20 FE SD and it wasn't great.

        Lots of stuttering when scrolling, crap battery life.

        Returned it after a month and 2 factory resets which didn't help.

        • That's really surprising. Have used mine for 1.5 months. With Bluetooth off, put apps to sleep off, and 120 Hz off, I get 9 hours screen on time very comfortably with a mixture of browsing, gaming and social media.

      • +1

        Here I am going from Samsung to Pixel, and realising there is no OS experience on Pixels, just a lack of features. Even the wide angle lens is highly average. I will be passing down to my wife and buying a proper camera phone ;-)

  • The Pixel 5 price only applies if you also sign up for a month to month plan right? If so, for month to month plans, do you usually get credit checked?

    If not, I'm likely to get the Pixel 5 for $749 + cancel straight away and pay the pro rata 1 month cost

    • +2

      you need a month to month contract, but, try with your local Telstra as some staff are very lovely to just sell you the phone or with a prepaid pack purchase

      • Thanks mate will give it a go!

  • +2

    Almost 1.2k for Oppo no way man

    • Yeah what a rip off

      • Indeed for an Oppo? come on…..Oneplus 8 Pro with warranty maybe?

    • +2

      once you use it and compare with other phones, you will know why :), I got one from Officeworks deal when launched (price error with 300 off), 120Hz at QHD is so good, but battery life is a con that is not too bad with fast charging

      • +3

        I got an Oppo Find X2 Pro too - I got it mainly for its specs (cam, 120Hz, big AMOLED display) and can confirm that this is the best phone I ever used :)

        I get about 2days of light usage and charging is a non-issue (it charges from ~20% to ~80% or more in ~20minutes!!!)

        • yep, totally worth it at iPhone 12 mini's price point lol

      • +2

        Another very happy user of the Oppo X2 Find Pro here.

        I've done hours of research looking for a flagship phone and initially wanted the s20 ultra but realised the Snapdragon version has to be bought from overseas and Samsung is definitely a brand that needs local warranty support, so I gave it up (otherwise it's perfect for what I'm after, ticks all the box ).

        I didn't get others from my list because:
        -Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, almost perfect, but screen refresh rate is only 90hz and camera just isn't that great, videos are not very stabilised, but it does have very good speakers
        -Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, perfect specs , tick all my box, however it is best to flash EU rom and I have to sideload Google myself, and I've read Google Map and Google Pay sometimes don't work properly. And it doesn't have IP 68 waterproof. In fact it doesn't mention anything about dustproof or waterproof at all which is a big letdown :(
        -OnePlus 8 Pro, perfect specs, but camera isn't as impressive and I personally don't like the OxygenOS on the OnePlus( way too simple and clean for my liking)

        Oppo has the perfect specs except for the wireless charging , which I could live without at this stage since the 65w fast charging is very impressive and the battery isn't too bad. Great camera. Everything is smooth and snappy. And I'm honestly quite impressed with the ColorOS 7.1 too. Only downside I've found so far is that I can't drag a contact to desktop for quick dial or text.

        • Nice quick review there!
          So you've tried OxygenOS before buying the Find X2 Pro?
          I've read so much reviews saying that OxygenOS is the best in all Android brands, but at this price point I can't miss out on the Oppo Find X2 Pro so I just hope that ColorOS won't be too bad…

          Surprised that quick dial from desktop isn't there though..

          • +1

            @beOson: I think it's totally a personal preference.
            I have mainly used Emui for the past 3 years and while I'm not a fan at all, I couldn't fault it much.
            I didn't use OxygenOS for long and it's really sharp and clean, but i just felt the same for it to Emui- it is definitely very efficient but it's the small details that put me off and i chose Miui over it. I've watched many videos of reviews in Chinese too(grew up in China) for OnePlus 8 pro, and almost all Chinese reviewers say the same thing- with such great specs and display that they do expect more visual effects and the UI to be more considerate of small details, for example while in multitasking page, the app you currently are using is the 1st choice instead of the previous one, which doesn't really make sense to me since I'd want to jump to previous apps when I open multitasking … I mean, just very small things like this here and there. I've definitely heard these reviwers say that OxygenOS is very popular and highly sought after in oversea markets though, so it might just be a cultural habbit thing? (I do love the physical mute/unmute button on the 8 pro)
            Last time I used Miui was quite a while ago but I was already very happy with it then and I heard Miui has improved greatly and the details are almost as good as iOS. It's a shame that I definitely need a phone with IP68(juggling young kids daily, lol) so I don't think I'll buy a 10 ultra this time.
            It's the first time I tried ColorOS and honestly, very surprised and impressed. Oppo didn't earn its name from the UI but I do think ColorOS 7.1 now should get some credit.

            • +1

              @jnbluv2h: ColorOS 11 will also be coming out soon which will be a massive update.

            • +1

              @jnbluv2h: Your review gives me more confidence of getting the Oppo Find X2 Pro. I usually use my phone for 3-4 years so I spend a lot of time researching before making the decision. Thank you!

              • +1

                @beOson: Glad it helped you!
                All of the mentioned phones have specs that would definitely last for years. But I do love how Oppo has tuned and presented the x2 pro and the ColorOS looks even more promising with the upcoming update. If wireless charging wasn't a big deal for you, I'd 100% say you go for the x2 pro.

                • @jnbluv2h: I forgot to ask, how's the back camera bump on this phone? I use my phone flat on the table often, does the included case solve this this problem?

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