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Google Pixel 5 $749, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G $849, OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G $1199 & More + Plan Cost @ Telstra


4 days only Black Friday deal from Telstra, more updates is coming soon. Besides, save $350 from Samsung Tab S7+ 5G $1,699 (instead of $2,049) and get up to $240 credit over 12-24 months for Galaxy Watch ad-on.

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Assume you can sign up then cancel plan straight away for just pro-rata amount charge or just 1 month worth in worse case

OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G $1,199
Google Pixel 5 $749
Samsung S20FE 5G $849

Available to new and existing post-paid mobile customers. 1 mobile per plan.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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                  • @beOson: Oh it definitely bumps out but I just took a closer look to the original phone case and yeah it protects the camera pretty well with the bumped up design around the camera.
                    I just grabbed a $6.99 black case from eBay and and it fits perfectly too.

                    • @jnbluv2h: So the back will be flat (on the table) with the case (or most cases) on? No wobbling?
                      Hard to imagine that this will be my first phone that has got a huge bumped up camera lol
                      Thanks again!!

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                        @beOson: It doesn't wobble with case on when it's laying flat on table

    • What's wrong with that?

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    It says on the catalogue that its outright price. So we can price match this one with officeworks

    • Won't OW want to include the monthly plan costs as well

    • I think you have to purchase a plan with the phone so therefore unable to price match

      • There is an option for outright purchase on Telstra. It says there repayment option or outright, once you select outright it will ask for your details and debit or credit card numbers. I hope this one helps.

        • I believe you need a current Telstra plan or have to start one in order to buy it for $749 outright. So yes you still need a plan, other retailers won't price match.

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    Wow this is the cheapest I've ever seen! It's locked to Telstra which is the only con. I bought my p5 already from the recent jbhifi deal and am pretty happy but the price is so good.

    Also, judging how it's cheap on black Friday even for new phones, I'll wait until then when I need a new phone from now on instead of buying soon lol

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      not like prepaid phones, these would be factory unlocked

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      It's not locked to Telstra

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    Optus should be able to pricematch if you are already tied with them


    • Do you think Vodafone would price match?

    • I went in today, said the deal was not yet up on their system and the most they could offer me was $150. She said she could submit a request to update their deals but that could take a couple of days

      • Was this with Telstra, Optus or Voda?

        • Optus, I just chated with another lady from optus over the phone. They would offer the phone for $850 but knock my current plan down to get the extra $100 saving. But i would need to sign up for an additional 24 months and I would lose Optus sport. My current plan is $35 for 10GB plus 20GB bonus and includes Optus sport.
          Other thing I need to consider is whether i can get a proper invoice out of them so I can salary sacrifice the phone. They said I should be able to pay it out in full the first month and i should be able to use that but I am unsure.

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    I have Pixel 4, more tempted to get the 5 if it's this cheap, but apparently it's not even really an upgrade because the 5 is more mid level? I want that bigger battery and I want the finger print scanner back though… hmmmm

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      I'm in the same position. However, I'd really like the face unlock function on the 5.

      • The 5 doesn't have face unlock, how crazy.

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          Hard to use face unlock when wearing a mask, as a Pixel 4 owner

          • @kerfuffle: I WFH, would be nice to have options ;-)

          • @kerfuffle: Thankfully I haven't come across that situation yet up on the Sunshine Coast! It works surprisingly well with sunglasses though

    • i'm also in the same position. It mainly the battery life on Pixel 4 that is so frustrating. Will miss the 2x zoom on Pixel 4 so was considering the the FE and its 3x zoom.
      I would consider Pixel 5 at $750 though.

      • Oh I'm a fan of the 2x zoom, didn't realise the 5 has wide angle instead. I'd much prefer the telephoto, but I can live without it.

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      Upper mid tier, still an excellent phone.

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    Hopfully JB will price match as they are a Telstra dealer and we can use the 15% off JB Gift cards to get it for $636 !!
    Also JB might be sending an additional 5% off on Thu/Fri :P, to get it to $599 , deal of the century

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    This or $749 for a Oneplus 7T pro mclaren edition via Kogan presale

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      depends on what you want, specswise then OnePlus, user experience wise it is Pixel :) (stock Android, local warranty from Telstra and Google, Google Photo uploading, camera quality, etc)

    • This

  • Do they look at you funny or judge you on the phone when you cancel immediately? I've always wanted to sign up and cancel XD

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      I did with s20 fe 5g, have not received any bill yet … after 2 months, will they forget lol?

      • Ooo is cancelling just a click away then? How do you cancel?

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          port it out immediately with a prepaid pack from other provider :)

        • You just sign up at a new company and they cancel the last one for you. But then the old company sends you the fees on your next bill (if there are any)

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        I got mine a few days ago after two months just after thinking in same way as you lol

        • darn 😂, thought some of us could have gotten a free phone from Telstra for Christmas lol

      • I got mine after a few days, you need to chase that up because it'll prevent you from using that deal again and reduce your credit rating with Telstra.

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    Does the S20 still have the god-awful multi-touch problem? I literally couldn't care how flagship its specs are, the Pixel 5 still matches it in usability, and the touch problem just kills the S20

    • +3

      Got 2 S20 FE 5G via JB hifi when first released. Can't say I noticed any multi-touch issues but I don't game on it.

      Received an update literally just now, which reported to improve on touch screen performance though!!!

      Started the day at 80% battery, screen on time reported 1:51 hours and has 61% battery left.

      Personally no regrets upgrading from S7Edge, and other half upgrading from S10E (with not terribly good battery life)

    • Yes. After three updates it's not too bad.

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    bad deal
    samsung S20 FE is 749$ at samsung store

    • It's $949, what Samsung Store are you looking at?

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        he/she/they probably meant the 4G version :)

  • Is this something that i can price match to jb hifi?

    • +1

      not likely, worth a try though :)

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    I'm currently on prepaid Boost mobile, which is also under Telstra. It is possible to start a new number at Telstra under my name and then immediately cancel the plan once I get the device? Also, is there early termination charge?

    • I think so….as the telstra plans are not locked in so you just pay for the first month, or even the just the first few days pro-rata'd

      • Do they do a credit check on you for these month to month plans?

        • Yeah I think they still do but not overly experienced in this…..with my brief time going through the steps it asked for a check.

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    fyi I love my p5 and will never go back to samsung again. Never have to deal with bloatware

    • -1


    • Where are you seeing bloatware? I have an FE and also have experience with Pixels. Most of the preinstalled apps have been deleted off my FE, it seriously almost feels stock.

  • Anyone please a deal on Pixel 4XL. I want the larger phone and am shocked at the asking prices for this older product.
    Still seeing it for sale at 1000+ outright.

  • Can this deal be bought online from their website, e.g. just select the option to purchase phone outright from the telstra website?

    Or this can only be bought instore?

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      instore only

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      Can be bought online too. Select outright option and free delivery.

  • Only just got rid of my Google nexus 6P, phones are only marginally better, and only if your a pretend photographer and into hardcore mobile games, otherwise, nothing wrong with a 6 Yr old phone.

    • +1

      Cheers to that! Still rocking my Nexus 6P, and with the Gcam apk installed, the pictures are amazing as well. I've even tried running some more intense games like COD and Asphalt, they seem to run fine. Sure things open a little slower, but other than that its a great phone that still seems to do most things very well, and this prevents me from dishing out hundreds of dollars on a new phone.

  • My S20 FE phone was assesed my Samsung as "no fault" and returned to me with the latest software update. Pinch to zoom is mostly fine now - laggy scrolling is fixed. I'd say it's much better now - but still hesitate to reccomend it.

    • You sent it to Samsung? If it doesn't get fixed in a fourth update (which all seem to be masking an inherent hardware fault), I'll be so frustrated as to maybe return it. The issue makes even zooming in on Google Maps tricky. And I thought it was just me having the issue back in mid-October!

      Everything else about the phone I love. I got the 5G for $550 including a sale of the included Buds Live for $200. It's such great value around that price and the phone is super snappy. The Pixel 5 and FE seem to be the best flagships of 2020.

      • Refund it if you can, I would but I can't so whatever - I can definitely live with it. Phones pretty good other than these small issues.

        • I can live with it too, it doesn't really affect me. But it's something that could get me a return.

  • Is there anyone who knows if JB can deliver the same discount deals like these? Thanks

  • On the website it already says $749 now, if you select Outright, but when you click Buy Now it changes to $999

    • Bugger - went to add plan and it reverted to $999, almost got away with free Home Hub Max + $749 price

      • I just tried the same thing, it says "from $749" :(

    • I saw the same thing. Outright is $749 but changes to $999 after clicking Buy Now :(

    • FYI - just managed to get it for $749 ($31.20 p/m over 24 months) via online chat, on a $55p/m plan.
      Now to see if the hub code comes through in time, given the offer expires tomorrow (conveniently before the Black Friday deals are meant to kick off).

      • Showing up as $999 now. I guess they released the price too early

      • i think most people looking for this deal is for a non lock in contract.

    • they seem to have fixed it now, it shows $999 again.

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      Thats because the deal isnt activated. Its working now online

  • Anyone price match at JB or price beat at OW?

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      I tried and and Office works refused

    • I got a price match at officeworks.

  • Online it says the Pixel 5 is temporarily out of stock…

  • Any clue if telstra will include the google home max in the $749 price? Currently they have a deal which bundles the google home max with the phone for free.

    • +1

      Nope, ends tonight.

      • Haha they are too aware of OZB, if the two combine the deal will be oxbargained in no time.

        BTW you can get the S20 FE now from Samsung for $799, add the $50 sign up credit, price becomes $749 and less hassle compare to this deal.

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    Pixel still showing as $999, what gives?

    • +1

      Probably webmaster still asleep.

      Also, on the other note, we getting 20,000 Telstra bonus points for adding 5G mobile device to month-to-month plan?


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    Their site still says "Black Friday is coming"! It can't be that hard to set these to update at a set time.

    • lol its black fri-halfday at this rate

    • It's up now

      • Its still showing Google Nest Hub Max with the pixel 5 lol.

  • Got one, thanks OP. Didn't need an active contract to buy (mine has rolled over to month to month).

  • Looks like its live now.

    Its still $86.20 on the cheapest 24month plan.

    Compare that that to Vodafone which is $66.12 for 24 Months or $55.75 over 36 months which includes 5G if you're in a coverage area and you get 10Gb more.

  • Anyone know about Telstra's return policy? It's 6.15am in Perth and I'm thinking of getting one online before it sells out and before I get a chance to try and price match at jb hifi

  • Mine still says $749 when I go buy now outright…

  • +11

    Price matched by phone at Officeworks - $711.55 Happy Days!

    • Same deal. Nice work guys

      • Ahhh, already bought it at telstra for $749 :(

        • @iamgroot1799 did you get an order number when you placed the order? I just got an invoice number and am unable to cancel the order.