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Google Pixel 5 $749, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G $849, OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G $1199 & More + Plan Cost @ Telstra


4 days only Black Friday deal from Telstra, more updates is coming soon. Besides, save $350 from Samsung Tab S7+ 5G $1,699 (instead of $2,049) and get up to $240 credit over 12-24 months for Galaxy Watch ad-on.

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Assume you can sign up then cancel plan straight away for just pro-rata amount charge or just 1 month worth in worse case

OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G $1,199
Google Pixel 5 $749
Samsung S20FE 5G $849

Available to new and existing post-paid mobile customers. 1 mobile per plan.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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        • thank you. I can see this in mine too. Hope I can get this soon as well. Cheers.

  • My Pixel 5 just arrived by StarTrack.

    I bought it by selecting the 'outright' option on the telstra page for $749. Didn't sign up to any plans or register with Telstra at all.
    Just turned it on and it looks all good, no telstra logo or branding or anything so far.

    • Awesome! I'm still waiting for my Telstra order to ship. I know Pixel's are generally unlocked. Can you confirm that this is the case with your Pixel 5?

      • +2

        I bought it outright and can confirm it's not locked in any way.

  • Woo hoo, my Sage green just arrived

  • My Telstra P5 order also arrived, also with no notifications other than the initial email.

    Looks nice and feels solid, though physically it's quite a bit smaller than I expected, though I'll see what it's like with a case.

  • Finally found the tracking number using the MyPost tip that other people mentioned. Havent received it yet, but can at least confirm that I'll be receiving the order from Telstra!

  • +1

    Managed to get one on Sunday at the Garden City Telstra store. They had the sage in stock and I tried to leverage my Telstra work phone (personal phone with voda), but they said it wouldn't work as it was a corporate account.
    After chatting to some very helpful staff they said that if I know someone with a Telstra plan they could use that.
    Called up my brother, gave his details to the Telstra guys and walked out 10 minutes later with a sage green P5 for $750. Absolute legends.
    As a bonus, he got a text from Telstra yesterday with a code for a free Google nest hub max ($350 RRP). Due for delivery. Hoping that some of you guys that bought through Telstra might have some more bonuses to come!

  • Mine arrived today. Ordered Monday evening after Officeworks refused to match. Country nsw.

  • I ordered mine from Telstra on Sunday, I got it on Tuesday.
    Happy with that, Sage Green too.

    When you buy outright from their site, they ask for you License number, can anyone tell me why?
    I'm not a Telstra customer and plan to stick with Optus for the sports.

  • Was just told by Telstra that the invoice for the Pixel will appear on the next bill of the account I used to purchase the phone… That makes no sense to me because the account I used has not had an active service for a while, and I have not received an invoice in 12 months….

    • Free phone! ;)

    • Yeah that's it free phone well done

    • Congrats on your free phone!

      I got the same response from telstra when I got my S20 FE from JB and cancelled the $99 deal on the same day.

      No service = no pay :)

  • Did anyone get an invoice with theirs?

    Telstra are useless.. no shipped notification, no invoice.

    (I did receive it and I did get charged)

    • Check your spam inbox?

  • I got my phone from OW, they didn't have one in stock on the Friday so had to order it in and I picked it up on the Monday.

    I've just noticed my receipt doesn't show the phone serial or IMEI number.

    Is that an issue if I had to return it for warranty purposes? How will they verify it's the same phone?

    For those who ordered over the phone, does your receipt show it?

    • +1

      They don't, all you need is to show receipt for warranty and its recorded in their database anyway.