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Pedigree Dentastix Large Dental Dog Treat 28 Pack - $8.75 @ Woolworths (Online Only)


Good deal but online only

Product Details
4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 have gum disease. This is caused by plaque and tartar build-up around the gum line, which can be reduced by an effective oral care routine.

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  • Does everyone else buy the pack for XL large dogs and just slice them into smaller sizes as they all cost the same price but you get much more in the XL dog pack?

    • Haha yep. We've got a 12kg cocker spaniel, but I buy the large and break them in half. Their pricing is so dumb! Greenies are much more clever so you generally have to buy the right size in them I've found.

    • Yep. We buy the large and break them in half for our Border Collie.

    • I have 2 small dogs and always buy the large ones and just give them half each.

      Same price, doesn't make sense buying the smaller ones

    • We do exactly the same thing. Hopefully they don't catch on and bump up the price.

  • thanks OP, bought 3