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[PS4, XB1] NBA 2K21 $39, Watch Dogs Legion $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU / JB Hi-Fi


Amazon are price matching JB Hi-Fi with a deal on these 3 games with free delivery. If you don't want to wait and your store has stock you can do a free Click and Collect at JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi

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  • Note NBA2K21 does not include the free PS5 upgrade

    Also borderland 3 is $19. This doesn include free PS5 update

  • NBA 2K21 - $39 for an updated roster of the same game.

  • Watch Dogs Legion is an OK game, probably a little more fun than 2 - but they really didn't go all in with the ability to use any character off the street.

    In my playthrough, I used the one character 95% of the time with no issues. There's only a couple of missions where you need a particular set of abilities.

    Using cargo drones to travel up and over buildings is the biggest change to the game mechanics, but this also makes some missions waaaay too easy to complete.

    London does look fantastic, but outside of a few pubs and missions - there's bugger all interiors. All the clothing stores simply have an icon you walk into which then brings up the selection of clothes. The subway system is not accessible either, you simply walk up to the entrance which then allows you to fast travel to other stations.

    Driving is still horrible, but given the subway fast travel system you rarely have to use vehicles anyway.

    Don't get me wrong I did have fun playing through the missions, some of them are well thought out - but it's not a memorable game and you won't be going back to it after the story is over.