This was posted 1 year 2 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PS4, XB1] TLOU2 $39, Tsushima $59, FIFA21 $39, WD Legion $59, BL3 $17, Death Stranding $20, HZD $12, Switch Ring Fit $99 @ BigW


This looks like a sneak peek catalogue for BF. Some all time lowest prices on PS4 games.

  • Borderlands 3 $17
  • Days Gone $20
  • Death Stranding $20
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete edition $12

12 months PS Plus subscription is $59 but that’s old news.

Pay with discount gift cards for further savings. Also, expect Amazon to price match some of these items.

Mod - All Big W Black Friday Posts (as of 24/11)

[PS4, XB1] TLOU2 $39, Tsushima $59, FIFA21 $39, WD Legion $59, BL3 $17, Death Stranding $20, HZD $12, Switch Ring Fit $99
[Switch] Nintendo Switch Neon Console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [Digital Download] + 3 Months NSO Individual - $429
Dynamo Professional Laundry Liquid 5.4L $22 (Save $11)
EKO 55" UHD Smart TV $379
Guinness World Records 2021 $12

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +12

    Jeez for 20 Bucks I might consider Death Stranding !

    • +8

      I struggled for the first couple of chapters, had to sort of force myself to play it because I heard it was decent. Once you start to unlock more vehicles and equipment was when it became a lot more fun for me. Just finished it yesterday (on PC).

    • +11

      This is why I don't buy games straight after release. Let the hype die first and enjoy the game once it's cheap as chips. More money to spend afterwards.

      • Spoken like a true OzBargainer :D

        I'm the same. It helps that most games these days are so stupidly long that by the time you finish one there are five more that have come out in the meantime and since gone cheap. So you've picked them up cheap and added them to your backlog and by the time you've worked through them, even MORE games have come out and gone cheap. There's very, very little that I buy on day 1

        • +2

          This is called patient gaming

          I wrote a thing about it after I discovered it.

      • The perks of owning a PS4, meanwhile my switch…. >_>

    • One of the most memorable games I’ve ever played. Also took me a year to work up the motivation to try it.

  • +4

    Good price on tsushima. Days gone is part of the ps+ collection though.

    • +5

      I'd still wait a bit on Tsushima. See what JB and Amazon have for Black Friday

      • I finished tsushima ages ago. I'd advise those who are keen to get on legends mode asap as it seems there are less players to match with by the day.

      • i got Tsushima for $36 brand new at EBGAMES as part of their CHRISTMAS SALE , however i just checked it and it appears as if they re-adjusted the price since my purchase. R.I.P

    • Still waiting on my ps5. But might pick it up as well. There isn't a ps5 version is there?

      • Nah but you get performance improvements from playing it on a PS5. Unlike in other games it's extremely noticeable. E.g. a rock solid 60 fps and loading so fast that you sometimes get an error message (this happens too in other PS4 games).

        • Yeah cool thanks. Will price match at EB.

  • They are cracking prices!

  • +1

    Good prices, also note many of the cross-platform games are same price on Xbox One.

  • +4

    Come on Amazon!

  • +10

    LMAO FIFA 21 is already down to $39 and it's only been out for what, a month?

    • +3

      It's for black friday. This has happened for at least the past couple of years, maybe longer. It's not like they make their money through initial sales, anyway.

      • +1

        Just searched and looked up FIFA 19 was actually $35 for Black Friday. The game gets stale so let's up the price and the microtransactions 😂

    • +27

      The game should really be free considering the amount of microtransaction going on.

    • +3

      FIFA 21 is already down to $39

      Same game since FIFA17! Bring back the glory years of 14, 15 & 16!

      • +1

        Glory years were 2004 & 2005, seriously feels like the ai has gone backwards since then

        • +2

          Pro Evolution Soccer 3 on PS2 is where it was at!

    • Luckily I got it for $30 through eBay.

  • +11

    I’ve refrained from prior TLOU2 pricing. This could be the time.

    • -2

      I would suggest keep waiting if you're not in a hurry. The price will be further down or free in PS plus early next year.

      • +6

        Hahahaha Free with Plus!

        You are funny. The game is doing great sales!

        • +1

          Is there such a thing as a big PS4 title that does not go to Plus within 3 years?

          I genuinely don't know. It just seems that if you are very patient then stocking to Plus only could be a viable strategy.

        • +1

          Are you one of those people who feels overly defensive about this game?

    • +4

      Do it, it's an incredible experience.

    • Get on it. Best game of the generation IMO.

  • +1

    Avengers down to 39 is the lowest yet

    • +6

      people who were playing Avengers dropped like flies. so hoping it will be a PS+ game

      • Yeah I'm annoyed I paid full price for it. 40 is ok for a 6-7 hour campaign.

  • +1

    Damn it i just paid $57 for the last of us 2 on the psn store. I haven't downloaded it or anything, do they have a refund policy? I'd rather get the disk version if possible.

    • +7

      I just paid $99 for Ghosts of T

      • Why?

    • +4

      If you haven’t download it then yes you can seek a refund well at least try

    • +3

      They won’t. My two year old managed to purchase a game and I called up Sony right away and explained that a two year old purchased it by accident and that it wasn’t even downloaded. The guy was understanding and said no worries. But then another person at Sony said too bad. The argument went on and I was treated like dirt. I took it all the way to Fair Trading and even then it didn’t look good. Sony eventually said, we will refund you as a gesture of good faith.

      • +3

        So tldr: they will

        • +3

          And to extend from this: We'll follow the laws because we have to, but we'll make it look like we're saintly and beneficent for doing it.

          • @Charlie Sierra: It’s a change of mind return, which laws would make that an obligation on Sony’s behalf?

        • Sounds like they will after you invest around $800 of your time to recoup it…!

          • +2

            @fookos: They made it such a mission and I could see most people just not bothering to pursue a refund.

      • Did they ban your account?

        • No. I signed out of my account and also unplugged the PS4 from the net to avoid my kid ever buying a game again. And I didn’t want too buy another game either because at no point did I feel like a valued Sony customer.

          • @Saver Scott: Lucky I guess. I have headed horror stories of sony banning accounts for do the ACCC route.

          • @Saver Scott: Hmm strange how kids can buy games off psn without password. Normally when you go to check out on PSN you'll have to input your password.

      • Hmm I still think it’s worth a shot

      • +3

        Huh? I don't really believe you? They give you 14 days to refund if not downloaded, clear as day.

        Same applies to playstation plus etc.

      • +4

        I was at work one day and got email notifications that two random games were purchased. I contacted support and they easily reversed both without any fuss. Took less than 10 mins to get it all sorted since neither game had been downloaded. Apparently my wife was trying to connect our PS4 controller to her laptop but it ended up turning on the PS4 and her button mashing ended up purchasing them? Heh.

        • That's weird, you'd think a password would be required for payment.

          • @cindernat: It is by default. Plus CC details. That was even the case for free items from the store (fortunately not anymore after the webstore redesign).

      • +1

        Sorry to hear about the effort. One way to avoid this is to enable password needed for purchase in settings. I know what it's like with kids around and this kind of thing can easily happen!

    • +2

      I've requested a refund on the psn store atleast 5 times and I've been successful on getting the refund everytime. The refund will be processed in a day or two. You need to keep in mind that you should not download the content that you've bought and you should request a refund within 14 days of purchase.
      Use this link to request a refund.

  • +2

    Does owning physical copy of borderlands 3 give me free ps5 upgrade?

    • Yes

  • I just traded in Days Gone and Death Stranding for $44 each at eb, wonder if eb will change there trade in prices, if not ……profit

    • +4

      There's no way they are 44 now. GoT traded in for 36 a couple weeks ago and they are lower now.

    • +1

      Was this with the double trade in bonus included with a console trade in? That seems high for a recent trade in.

      • +1

        Oh….yeah might have been a promo

  • Damn. I was gonna skip HZD and just play the sequel but for $12…

    • +21

      Not sure why you would skip the first and go straight to the second. HZD is an absolutely stunning game. Would very happily pay $50-60, let alone $12…

      • +1

        Because I’m trying to avoid a pile of shame…

      • +2

        If you got no time to play $12 is still expensive

        • This is real

  • +2

    Looking forward to it. Despite not be fortunate to land a preorder on the PS5, having a fair few games laying around the house will ensure I don't spend the $750 on some other rubbish I don't need.

  • +10

    $12 for Horizon is a complete no brainer.

    • -1

      Annoyed I bought the original years ago and never played it. I would like the expansions but its not worth buying again…

      • +1

        I think it's actually cheaper to buy the Complete Edition again than to buy the DLC. I have my old copy I haven't played either so I'm going to pick this up

    • Sure is. I think I’ll even grab it even though I own it digitally. I haven’t played the dlc though and this is cheaper than me buying just the dlc! And then can still trade this in after.

    • Really love Horizon but one downfall is the action movement is somehow slow. However, it's still a must-play game like Spiderman.

  • OP - maybe tag post with XB?

  • +2

    Great price for Fifa 21, as it’s a free upgrade when the next gen upgrade releases on Dec 4th I wasn’t sure if they were going to discount it to the usual $39 on Black Friday.

    • Should be free

      • Should be and is. Not so with NBA2k, COD etc…

        • COD should be free based on the negative reviews and last gen graphics

  • What are some good 4 player ps4 FPS games ?
    That don’t need ps membership ?

    • Couch or via the internet?

      • want one to use at home on the couch (local) , i havent bothered to renew PS membership at the moment

  • Nice. Was planning to get TLOU2 and that's a fantastic price!
    Anyone got an idea if and when Amazon will pricematch? No big w close to me.

  • Joy-Cons for $99 ain't a bad price, considering they hardly drop in price.

    Joy-Cons themselves…well, that's a different story.

    • That's why I moved to the Hori controller when portable and pro controller when docked. I don't trust the joy cons, I'm protecting them like they are my child…
      Can't comment on the Hori controller as my wife mostly plays it but she seems unphased by the difference..

  • +2

    Was really hoping that Ghost was going to be $39 like last of us. Can't justify paying 59 when I could've paid less than $10 more and played it at launch

    • +1

      It’s one of the best games of PS4 generation, has been updated to take advantage of the PS5, has DLC legends mode all for free. It’s still a very popular game.

      Unlike TLOU2 this game didn’t generate any controversy and is almost universally acclaimed by reviewers. Also has a high amount of replayability. Doubt it’d hit $39 soon tbh.

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