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EKO 55" UHD Smart TV $379 @ Big W

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Only if it was the QLed model very popular around here.

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    Just because you are buying from Big W don't expect a hassle free warranty claim if something goes wrong with the TV. They gave me the run around after my Viano TV purchased through them starting getting lines through the TV after a couple months. They made me contact the manufacturer myself to get it repaired and Big W wouldn't give me a refund until I had the manufacturer give the all clear that something was wrong.

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      You should have held your ground and ask to speak to a manager or HQ. And failing that go to consumer affairs.

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        Its also againist Big W policy and there has been a lot of training about it over the last 2 years as they go into some trouble over dysons that were out of warrenty but still covered by ACL.

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      From memory, the Australian Consumer Guarantee states that the place of purchase is required to organise repairs if within the warranty period.

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        They aren't required to, but you are within your rights to ask them to do so on your behalf and if you ask they can't refuse.

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          They aren't required to, but … they can't refuse.

          That's obviously what he meant.

          Some shops will do that in the first 12 months, but afterward send you to the manufacturer.

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      Yeah. Your store was on violation of consumer warranty protection law. The store can not refuse to handle and organise warranty for the buyer when asked to by the buyer within the warranty period and just ditch you straight off to the manufacturer. That's an unlawful act.

      Maybe you should have dobbed your store into consumer affairs in your state.

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      It what you are claiming is correct, it is illegal. A well known computer chain has been prosecuted twice by the ACCC for this and so has a major furniture/whitegoods reseller.
      They are not allowed to wash their hands and tell you to call the manufacturer. If you take it to the retailer and ask for assistance, they have to act on your behalf. If you go and contact the manufacturer yourself, it does not involve the retailer.

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        I love MSY

    • That's against ACL !!

    • I had no issue with my warranty claim for TV. They didn't even check for the issue…
      It might just depend on the staff you dealt with.

  • Eko 55" UHD on sale for $549 just days ago, although there are more than 1 model Eko 55"

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      That deal was the QLED Android TV

      This deal is for the older non-QLED Smart TV it seems?:

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        Do you think the extra $170 for QLED was worth it?.

        In my opinion it was probably worth every extra cent.

        • I honestly dont know… I'm new to these whizz-bang modern TV's… A couple of things:

          The Smart TV has a set selection of apps, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, where-as the Android TV you can install any streaming service/app that's in the Google Play Store for Android TV…

          Also, these older EKO's have a few bad reviews:

          I couldn't find too many issues with the newer QLED ones other than some people having issues pairing the remote for voice commands, it hasn't been an issue for me though…

          Now I've had my QLED-Android for a few days, the only issue I've found is the "No Signal auto power off" doesn't work, if you set it to 10mins it just tries to turn off every 10 mins when on TV or with a HDMI input.

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            @FLICKIT: Pity there doesn't seem to be any firmware update support to fix issues such as that. I can not find any firmware updates for EKO TV on their web site.

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            @FLICKIT: And obviously I know less about this TV technology!

            • @the INFIDEL: There's certainly a learning curve, lol..

              If I hadn't bought the QLED one the other week I probably would have taken a gamble on this cheapie since I'm unlikely to use the smart/android features anyway, and I'm not too fussy about picture quality, most of what I watch is SD TV rips played from the PC through HDMI…

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                @FLICKIT: Yes, depends on what it will be used It for. Best to know that before buying.

                My elderly Father had never played a VHS tape, used a mobile etc, but would have been sold a model with so many features he'd never use. I bought a good basic TV to suit his needs.
                He went out to buy shoes to walk around the block & was sold a pair of Nike Air! Sales staff loved him💰

        • Can you explain on the noticeable difference please?

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          the extra $170 for QLED was worth it?.

          Certainly not for the QLED itself, which is just a different backlight, but there may be other more important differences between the models.

          QLED uses a different method for generating white light than regular white LEDs. (And CCFL backlights are extinct now?)
          It allows for slightly better colour gamut and saturation, if those things are important to you.
          But still not as good as the colour from an old-fashioned Trinitron tube :-)

        • No better just to have a Google Chrome or Firestick than there slow loading software junk .

  • Is it too big to use as a 4k monitor for working from home desk setup?

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      55 inch TV would be massive to be sitting right in front of it. It's not even designed for use as a computer monitor since it needs 4:4:4 video processing but most cheap televisions don't have it. The pixels would probably be too small even on this. And you would be straining your eyes and moving your head all the time if you were sitting directly in front of it. You might even have to place it on a wall too.

      Even my 43" 4K TV would be massive if i was to try and treat it like it was a computer monitor.

      I wouldn't suggest using one as a computer monitor.

      This video may explain it why televisions aren't designed for use as a computer monitor. It doesn't have the correct 4:4:4 video processing technology. A proper computer monitor has it.


      • Can you connect to PC and sit 2m back on bed or well it still be too small text etc?

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      60hz screen, terrible for monitor, your eyes will start to bleed.

      • That too.

        Cheap televisions are only good for watching movies and console gaming. At least you are not sitting right in front of the screen.

        • Movies… Maybe. But console gaming nope you can definitely do better. The PS5 can reach up to 8K 120fps. But more realistically most games will be 4K 60fps. Can definitely do better if you have a HDMI 2.1 port on the TV.

          • @nobro25: I was more referring to the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X or Nintendo Switch. Fine for those gaming consoles.

          • @nobro25: 8k 120fps?? Lol no chance. [email protected]…yes and you don't need hdmi 2.1 for that. This TV is perfect for ps5.

    • I tried it. Although the screen real estate was awesome the pixels were just too damn large. a 4K 40 inch would be awesome, but in my opinion anything larger than 40 isn't good for a desk setup. I was about 1 meter away from the TV in my setup. You have issues too where the screen doesn't look flat because it's so large and so close. Seeing stuff at the edges of the screen is bad, as is swiveling your head to see things.

    • Is it too big to use as a 4k monitor for working from home desk setup?

      Too big for most desks, but you can wall-mount it and set the desk back a little. Bonus for the grey-hairs - you don't need reading glasses.

  • This is insane considering an Apple TV box alone costs $249

  • Newbie question but are you able to install other apps onto these TVs? Such as Stan and other services?

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      This "Smart" TV no, you're stuck with only Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon I believe… The "Android" versions, yes, you can install any streaming app from the Google Play Store for Android TV …

      • Fair enough, cheers mate

      • Do you know if I can plug in my Xiamoi Mibox and access apps/HDD through that?

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          I dont know for sure, I'm not familiar with the Mibox, but being a HDMI device I cant see why you couldn't…

          Maybe someone else can confirm?…

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          Yes. You can add any smart device via HDMI. Whether it be a mibox, Apple TV, Chromecast l, Firestick or Google Tv. The boxes are better as the TV software will get next-to-zero updates.

    • No, they run a custom Linux, and you'll need an external box for Stan etc.
      Unless you want to do some hacking - it is probably possible :-)

  • 4K or UHD same thing on this TV?

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      Yes i believe that 4K and UHD refer to the same thing.

      • Thanks 😊

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      It is same thing everywhere

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    HDMI 2.1?

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      You'll have to pay 5 x the price of this for the cheapest TV with HDMI 2.1

      It's not really a big deal because all it means is that you don't get 4k 120hz, only 4k 60hz (which is impressive for this price range)

  • So will I actually get one if I order online and do in-store pickup? T+Cs say they will give you something 'comparable' if no stock.

    • Which probably means they will give you a TV from a different generic brand but with the same sort of specification such as screen size and resolution. Probably even more of a rubbish TV.

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    If this TV is the K550USN (other 2 on website are out of stock) then it has a lot of bad reviews about it.

    • Horrible tv 📺

    • I went on to their website and they only have one 55" smart tv model listed (K550USN).
      It seems like many of the complaints were about the remote?

      Tough call, I need a TV but might be moving overseas in 12 months.
      I will just be plugging in a laptop or android box to watch movies and stream so the smart component doesn't matter.
      50' is about the minimum I want to go on a tv but I don't think there are any out there at this price.

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    So for anyone searching for this TV later on, or picking one up during the sale here's my thoughts.

    The backlight bleed, as expected, is pretty bad. Especially at the bottom on my TV. This is most noticeable in full black or grey screens like the Netflix or Amazon prime menu. However, once you're in a fullscreen video it kind of goes away. It might be annoying for some people in wide-screen content, but I don't really notice it.

    The software is very quick to boot, menus are reasonably snappy and the inbuilt apps load quickly. You can install a few extra apps, mainly Indian streaming services.

    Speakers are shit, hdmi arc is freaking cool and I'm very surprised at how much better 4k content looks over 1080p.

    Overall for sport and gaming this is great. If you're buying for mainly movies, I'd spend a bit extra on a name brand.

  • I feel like this is the exact same TV, as the one sold by Target under the Seiki brand. It is exactly the same remote, same UI and same price. I would say avoid it, a blue line has appeared today after 4 months of use, will try to return it.

    • How did the returns go?

  • they took my order but after a week of waiting through black friday sales only to tell me that they dont have it -_-

    • They are required to provide you with an equivalent model per their own catalogue T&Cs

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