This was posted 3 years 7 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Steelcase Chairs: Series 1 $503, Series 2 $685, Leap $1118, Gesture $1257 + Shipping @ Steelcase

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Had some suggestions on the Secretlab post for this brand and had a look. Black Fri sale going here, too.

Standard shipping appears to be $99 for VIC and free pick up is available. Not sure about other states.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Any recommendations on which model might be best value for money?

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    FYI pricing at Arki Environments (who are authorised stockists) is sharper on the Leap and Gesture (with free shipping to QLD/VIC/NSW) -

    • Some say in stock however note 6-8week lead time!

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        Heads up that ordering from Steelcase also has that lead time, or longer. I ordered 8 weeks ago now and still haven't gotten the chair (they said 6 weeks for me).

  • Shame that they don't stock the headrest models. Might have been tempted with a Gesture with a headrest.

    Series 1 is a solid price, you get a Tier 1 quality chair for quite a low cost.

    • Headrest is an addon I think.

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      Yeah if the series 1 had a headrest I'd probably have bought it already.

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    Thanks for posting this. Need to try them out first..

    In the US you get a 30 day trial ;/
    100% money back with free pickup.

    • Yeah, AU gets pretty boned when it comes to ergo chairs. It's the same for HM.

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      Agreed, imagine paying $1300+ for a chair that you didnt find comfortable or worse yet caused back issues.

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        These chair companies suck like that. You can trial a Koala mattress for 120 days but you can't try a chair out for even 30.

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          Probably because the mattress cost like $100 to make 😂😂😂

  • Great deal!

    I really like the Gesture and ended up getting mine in SA from a place called Green Edge for $1300 just over a year ago. If you're in the market for one in SA maybe give them a call and see if they can match :) The main reason I mention it is because I had literally no idea there were any Steelcase sellers in SA until I came across them online. Had a good experience with them, they were more than happy to let me test out the chair after work when they were closing for the day.

  • I thought these might recline? But appears not really.. just a little bit of movement.

    • I've got an older Steelcase Think and have used other models at work - there should be a dial on the right hand side that adjusts how much you can recline. Mine has 4 options ranging from allowing a very minor amount of recline all the way to leaning right back to almost a 45 degree angle.

      • I also have a steel case think I bought off gumtree

        I love it

        • Me too - I've had mine for 10 years and apart from the fabric needing a good clean (maybe I can detach the cushion and take it to a dry clearner?) it's as good as the day I got it.

          I used them at work and really liked them which is why I got one. I had a couple of minor issues with it initially, and Steelcase had someone come out to look at it and replaced the parts I had minor gripes with! Was pretty impressed with the level of service.

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    Really interested in a Gesture - thanks for posting.

    Does anyone know if there's a showroom in Melbourne to try the chairs?

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      Yes - I went there years ago but looks like it's still running. Not sure if COVID stuff will impact your ability to test out chairs in the shorter term:…

    • Yes you can go in but last I heard you need an appointment and they have limited times during business hours only.

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    Can anyone comment on this compared to Ergohuman V2 & HM?

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      I can, I've had the Steel case gesture, leap v2, HM Aeron and Ergohuman V2, Secretlab omega.

      I found the Aeron and Leap to be the most comfortable out of all, followed by gesture, then ergohuman and lastly omega. I'm a small person though, 55kg 173cm in height.

      The omega was just too deep for me, and ergohuman v2's lumbar support was pushing against my back too hard/much for my liking. Reason why I ranked leap higher than gesture is because of the seat softness and thickness - the gesture is slightly firmer and thicker. Gesture does have better adjustability than leap though, specifically the arm rest.

      • Cool! Can I ask what makes you like leap V2 over gesture?

        • The seat firmness - leap is softer

      • Can vouch for this, Leap and Aeron were the best.
        If you like mesh go with the Aeron
        If you like fabric go with the leap

        I'm a quite a bit heavier than boku and found the leap to be a more firm, gesture felt not as supportive. Aeron remastered is like sitting on a cloud but I do understand that the price may be deterring. Best way to sum up the aeron is that it doesnt feel like a $1850 chair, but at the same time there is nothing that can compare to it. Keep in mind the fabric on the steelcase ages very easily and the aeron will look as good as new as time goes on.

      • I found the Aeron and Leap to be the most comfortable out of all

        I was wondering if the mesh would be a bit uncomfortable for someone who is 55kg?
        Isn't the mesh fairly firm? What chair are you using now?

        • The mesh is universal, it wont feel harsh if you're not heavy. I must give it to them that you dont feel like you're sitting on mesh.

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  • Ninetwofive interiors have some of the Steelcase Gesture chairs on clearance for about $930, however unfortunately they only post to ACT and VIC due to distributor restrictions.…

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      No arms no lumbar though, barely makes it half a chair

  • Not really a bargain. Regular price is better at retailers.

  • Have had a Leap for the past year and it's by far the most comfortable chair I've sat in. The ability to customise max recline and resistance to recline is nice as well. The only thing I've disliked is the pole that runs through the hydraulics is barely above ground, and so on carpet it will catch the carpet.

    • You can get hardwood castors, if that's helpful info?

      • Yeah actually I find rollerblade wheels are the best for hardwood

  • Was desperate for a decent chair during COVID lockdown when my chair was broken. Now I am also considering this as a more affordable option:…. (I tried in store. It’s very good for the price, imo)

    If I can have like 30 days free trial, I will definitely choose a steelcase though. It’s quite a risk to buy a $1000+ chair without trial. That being said, I still want a steelcase chair……

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