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20% off Prams, Strollers & Accessories: METRO³ Pram $615.20, JIVE³ Pram $719.20, SKIP² Stroller $319.20 + Shipping @ RedsBaby


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  • JIVE³ Platinum Edition (Marine and Glacier ONLY)
  • JIVE³, METRO³ (Silver Frame only)
  • SKIP² Stroller
  • Selected accessories and Spare Parts

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  • Does the Skip come with accessories if we attend a demo? Also what is the max child height that it can accommodate?

  • Has anyone got one and can comment on how does it stack up compared with a Britax Flexx and Babybee Rover?

    • We own the Jive2, I can't comment on how it compares to those prams but can only outline our experience
      It's a good quality pram, well built, comfortable to push on flat terrain, it folds up really nicely and isn't too heavy, solid wheels so dont have to worry about flat tyres, basket down the bottom is great for shopping/nappy bag, can hang hooks off the handlebar with lightweight things and it's still well balanced. It's also a nice size, not too small but still fits through shop doors easily.
      Small solid wheels with little suspension means this pram is not great once you're off flat pavement, you must be careful with steep changes in elevation (eg crossing a road onto the sidewalk) as the pram sometimes wont ride the elevation change and will sort of jam between the 2 surfaces and want to tip forward.
      We bought the 2nd seat, we have a newborn and a 20 month old. Now admittedly our 20 month old is tall for his age but we have found it quite impractical to fit our toddler in the bottom seat while having the bassinet or top seat rear facing as it's a small amount of clearance between the top seat and the bottom, he basically hit's his head when he leans forward and doesn't like it because he can't see what's happening out the front, now admittedly in 6 months or so this won't be an issue as we will have toddler up the front and baby down the bottom and both front facing, but it's a big enough issue now that we have borrowed a friends mountain buggy duet in the interim.

    • We have a Jive2 and like iit