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Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan TP04 (White/Silver) $599 @ JB Hi-Fi


Dyson pure cool tower fan TP04 $599
Originally $799, $200 off

Just used HER gift card $100*5 ( from Coles with 15% off) to save another $75
Turns out this pure fan only paid $524
HER gift card can’t be used online, need to be used in physical store.

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  • Are these any good? Are they loud? Thinking about getting my granny one of these for the summer.

    • It's a $600 fan, your granny will be more interested in getting some of what you're smoking

      • Thought the air purification would be good for her too. She has been the primary carer for me since I was young, only fair for me to do the same.

        • Air purifier is good. Not good as cooling fan. I have it in a small bedroom and I love it as do my folks but people expect a fan that cools. This doesn't do it.

    • Sound maybe subjective, to me it's very loud when it's on 3/4th settings above. in a small room.

  • So what exactly makes these ‘slightly’ more expense than your standard pedestal fan?

    • Dyson

    • Ignoring the extra expense because of the Dyson label, their "Pure" range of fans include HEPA filters, and their recent models (usually with 04 in the model name like this one) also include an activated carbon filter to cut down on smells & gasses. The idea is that it's not only a pedestal fan, but also an air purifier in one device. It also supposedly has sensors in it to measure the air quality and show it on a little screen on the pedestal or via the mobile app.

      • But does it cool a room better?

        • People's opinions on it seem to vary. I'd argue that in terms of "cooling" a room, it does no better than any standard pedestal fan. I've only ever used their desk fan version (the one shaped as an O instead of this tall oval shape), and it seemed to work about the same as a standard fan. I'm sure you can find much cheaper fans out there that push more air with more force than this can, though.

        • no fans cool a room and instead heat it up with the heat dissipation from the motors.

          i don't think this cools any better or worse than a normal pedestal fan, the value proposition is that an air filter will set you back around $150-300, this just includes a fan in it too

            • @DonaldDr4per: i haven't personally used every fan model so can't comment, the vornados tend to have very concentrated air direction, so you could be standing 5 metres away from fan and the vornado would feel like your face is next to it, each to their own and i like that sort of flow but it also means you're not "cooling" other areas of the room. others may prefer a more gentle breeze, etc etc

              none of them do any cooling though, any reduction in temperature is based on psychological factors, air moving can reduce perceived room temperatures by 3-5 degrees celsius without actually cooling the room, just uses your own mind and some aspects of your sweat wicking away/evaporating

        • even though it does, you have to blast it. and it's loud.

    • It's like speakers, if you know your sound, you'll know. Or else don't buy something something you don't know :p

  • I have the all in one (cool, heat, purify) and the cooling is great! It is just a fan, but I think the design of it makes it much better than a pedestal fan. The pedestal fans seem to have a lot of “push” whereas this one has the air coming out more “gently” (yet targeted) like an air con would (but it’s not an air con).

  • These also give you some useful info like current room temp, humidity, air quality. The air filtration is good. The fan pushes a decent amount of air and isn't overly noisy but a Vornado is much better/quieter at purely fan functionality. If you want a purifier, for the money there is an Australian made one by Innovair which is far superior to the dysons (much larger filters, simpler/more industrial design etc)

  • I bought this just for air purifier with HEPA.
    People who lives downstairs smoke and I’m allergic to dust.
    Not because it’s cooler than other regular fan.
    It’s for air purifier.
    Jus found it’s $599 on Dyson website now as well.
    But if you use HER/HIM gift card can get $75 discount.

    • Interesting they use 'link' in the name, the one with 'link' in the name usually refers to HP03 which is HEPA-only. Based on it saying it's TP04, then it's the same one. TP04 and HP03 (Pure Hot and Cool Link) have the same RRP, so can't tell by the price.

  • Why can’t I use 6 Gift card and make it $510?
    Is there any limits on using gift cards?

  • Pretty good deal, will try it tmr with HIM gift card.