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$5 Bonus with $50 Dan Murphy's (WISH) eGift Card @ Prezzee


This deserves a post of it's own.

Effectively 9.09% off $55 WISH eGift Card purchase at Prezzee.
Credit to magwri from the other Prezzee post today.

The deal says it's a Dan Murphy’s Store eGift card but it is actually a WISH eGift Card when you add it to the Woolworths Money app.
You will receive the bonus $5 card to your email straight after purchase.

Purchase a $50 Dan Murphy’s Store eGift card and get a $5 Bonus Store Dan Murphy's eGift Card.
Promotion valid on Prezzee only. After you purchase a specially marked $50 Dan Murphy’s Store Gift Card (which you can send to yourself or to someone else) you will receive a separate email with your $5 Bonus Store Dan Murphy's eGift Card. Your Bonus eGift Card will automatically be sent to your email.
Hurry, limited offer!
Offer ends 5pm on 1.12.20. unless sold out prior. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Limited to one per person, per credit card.
The $5 Bonus Store Dan Murphy's eGift Card has an expiry term of 3 months.

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  • Ordered thanks for making the post

  • +1

    The deal says it's a Dan Murphy’s Store eGift card but it is actually a WISH eGift Card when you add it to the Woolworths Money app.

    Can anyone confirm it is still the case?
    As it was discussed in previous posts that Woolworths have sorted out their system to implement the gift cards to be limited to the specific stores.

    • +1

      It was the case at time of posting, I added my card just minutes before. My app has Woolworths store cards (from other deals) and Wish cards in it now.

      • Thanks heaps guys =) appreciate it

    • Just bought and added. Definitely a wish card. Bonus comes through instantly as well

      • +1

        Yes can confirm that it is a Wish Card too

        • Can also confirm both the gift card + bonus are WISH cards that can be added to the Woolies Money app.

          • +1

            @aebargain: May I know if the photos of gift card shows wish card?
            Mine shows dan Murphy both gift card and the $5 one.

            • +1

              @shahrah: Photo will show Dan Murphy but you just add them them to the Woolies Money app the same way you would a WISH Card - 19 digit online card number + PIN

    • I just bought one, and can confirm it adds onto the Woolworths Money app as a Wish card

      • Yup. Confirm too

  • can i use the same account to get another one but use a different card to pay?

    • +1

      No, one per Prezzee account

  • +1

    The $5 one is a bit odd, three months expiry and 832 instead of 555 in the middle? Do show as a wish card in the app, but the link for it shows "only redeemable instore or online at Dan's.

  • Thank u for posting this…. I had missed the previous prezzee deal today and was soooo upset… U made my day 😁

  • +3

    The bonus card when added to wooly app does show expiry of 02/21… So ensure u use the bonus ones first.

  • bought thanks

  • Thanks, got one. Works.

  • +1

    The $50 gift card I just bought and the $5 bonus don't appear to work in the woolworths Money app so may not be WISH cards now?

    • +1

      That makes no sense..even if it was DMs card it would show up on the Money app..

      • Ahh I didn't realise. Not sure why they are coming up as invalid then.

        • +1

          The Money app is quite glitchy. If you are on wifi turn it off and try adding it in - or vice versa.

          • +2

            @currentfad: @currentfad: Just had to try later and it finally accepted it in the app. Although at the checkout at woolies the bonus card didn't work as it said "unable to process" when scanned (I didn't try the $50 one). But maybe I'm just too quick to use?

          • @currentfad:

            If you are on wifi turn it off and try adding it in

            ^ This. I second that you can't add cards when you're on wifi.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Do you have to use woolworths money app for this to work? Or is this just like regular wish e-gift cards that can be printed out?

    • Just like regular

  • Confirmed added as a Wish e-giftcard to the app

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Both cards are now in the money app as wish cards.

    • +1

      They both came really quick BTW.

  • Stupid question but how do I add this to Woolworths money app?

    • Just open the app on your phone, take the option to add a card and key in the 19 digit number and pin.

    • +1

      Yeah unfort not as easy as with CR. have to copy each in manually.

      • Thanks. I figured it was going to have to be manually added, just wanted to confirm.

  • Thanks OP. These are definitely WISH cards.

  • +1

    Oh dear! This product has sold out! Is the error page I get

  • +1

    $5 gift card "Expires on: 25 Feb 2021" so use it up first

  • Trying to add to wollie money app but whenever entering the card number it shows connection error

  • +4

    Bummer… $5 bonus card didn't work at Woolies, meaning it's a store specific card for Dan Murphy's (I assume). $50 card works fine though.

    • Ok I have added the $5 and $50. Both are wish gc

      • +5

        I should have clarified.. $5 card gets added to the Woolies Money app (and shows balance, etc), but when you try to use it in the Woolies store, it doesn't work. Happy to be corrected.

        • But in the money app does it show as wish or something different?

  • +3

    You r correct I just tried , rejected in wws

  • +2

    Yup same. Tried the $5 bonus gift card at Woolies. Didn't work.

    Haven't tested the $50 yet.

  • +1

    Tried it just then, the $5 card didn't work at woolworths

  • -2

    But I test $5 gift card at WWS Online and Big W online, all showed wish gift card all be accepted

    • Hmmm okay well at least that's something if we can't use this in store. I was about to sell these on the classifieds!

      • +1

        sorry, when I placed order in last step, payment cannot go through

        • Ugh time to sell :/

          How misleading is this deal. I almost feel like negging. But it's not the OP's fault. It's obviously the Woolies money app that hasn't been updated to differentiate between the cards.

  • +4

    Is the $5 ‘wish’ card 6280 0083? Standard wish cards are 6280 0055.

    I wonder if this is the problem.

    • +2

      Yep $5 is 0083. The $50 is 0055.

      • +4

        So the $50 one is a proper Wish card and should work normally. Dan Murphys cards used to be indistinguishable from standard Wish cards in their numbering but maybe they are coded differently now (start with 6280 0083) although the Woolworths app still thinks they are Wish cards. Woolworths only cards seem to start with 6280 0071 and the app definitely identifies them as Woolworths cards.

        Seems very odd for Prezzee to issue two different types of card when both should have been DM cards.

  • +2

    Tried scanning both at Big W (5 and 50 bucks). Both didn't work

    • What? $50 gift card is not a wish gift card? whether we can use it in WWS?

      • +1

        I used the $50 at Big W online, but the $5 didn't work.

  • Tried the $5 one (6280 0055 ***) at Woolworths, wouldn't recognise it. Didn't try the $50.

  • +3

    Looks like the $5 bonus is a Dan’s card

  • I just tried to use the $5 card at woolworhts petrol.


    Either its a non wish card dressed up as a wish card or the woolworths petrol no longer accept wish cards

    • What are the first 8 digits of the card?

      • 628000832
        or there abouts
        definitely different from the usual numbers im used to

    • +1

      just tried $5 card does work at dan murphys online

      so looks like its a dan murphys only card

  • Yeah tried the $5 0083 card and it declined in store at woolies but shows up as wish in the money app. $50 0055 works fine.

  • +1

    Also tried to use the bonus $5 egc at Woolies and it was rejected. Guess have to use it at DM…

    • +2

      also worked at bws for me

      • Good to know. I used mine at DM online.

      • Damn I asked that in the BWS flash cashback sale and was told no! Should've just tried :(

  • +2

    Bonus $5 shows as Wish in the app. Rejected today at BWS and Woolies.

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