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Flash Cashback Sale - BWS: 30% ($25 Cap, 1pm-9pm AEDT) @ ShopBack


EDIT 2: Looks like another F'up stuffup by ShopBack. It's now displaying 15% cashback, with no expiry date and no cap showing. Good luck to anyone trying to double dip!
EDIT: Looks like it's been extended to 9pm AEDT.

Flash Cashback Sale - BWS 30% ($25 cap) @ ShopBack from 1PM to 5PM

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$10 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Combine with 25% off mixed craft beers - great deal - except a lot of craft beers aren't recognising as craft beers in their check out

  • Make sure you analyse pricing. I compared firsr choice, amazon, liquorland and DMs yesterday for a 1L CC, Gin and Vodka and with all discounts and cashrewards Amazon was still the cheapest.

  • Japan brewed Asahi 500ml, I'm ready for you

  • Does cashback work with member pricing?

  • Has anyone tried cashback with Woolworths rewards dollars?

  • So many booze cashback deals. What I'm going to do.

  • For those who missed my Asahi Black deal this morning, there's another one that might work out alright combined with this.

    Mountain Goat Very Enjoyable Beer Bottle 375ml are also $2 each. So effectively $1.40 each after with Shopback.

  • Yes it seems to have vanished - weird. I feel like I'm on a BWS watch list now!

  • sucks that the asahi super dry black shows as unavailable now. Probably can't buy them this afternoon with shopback.

  • Shopback says "Champagne, Penfolds & Non-Alcoholic purchases (unless stated otherwise)"

    So sparkling white is OK? Or do we get into the debate that Champagne in any other country than France is sparkling white ….

    Really all I want to be sure of is get the OK from Shopback ;)

  • So is this for limited products? Vague title

  • Nice! I guess it could stack with this targetted offer I got via Everyday Rewards overnight:

    "Collect 2000 points when you spend $50 or more on any shop. Plus enjoy 10% off on orders over $100 on a selected range at BWS Online – a little extra just for Everyday Rewards members


    1. Hit the ‘boost now’ button

    2. Spend $50 or more in one shop at BWS

    3. Scan your Everyday Rewards Card in-store or link when you shop online or with BWS on tAPP to collect points

    4. Collect 2000 points

    Enjoy from Friday, 27th November to Monday, 30th November"

  • $83.33 is the sweet spot for those wondering.

    • You didn't take off the bloody GST from your calculation…

      $91.7 is the actual limit

      • You've rounded up…

        $91.663 is the actual limit

        • Not sure where you got $91.663 from.

          Don't know if ShopBack rounds or truncates, so I've done the calculations for both cases.

          If truncating, the actual value is $91.66666666…
          If rounding, it's $91.64833333… if $24.995 rounds up, or approximately $91.6483333333336 if it rounds down.

          To three decimal places, these values become:

          Truncating - $91.667
          Rounding - $91.649

          (That's how I got my two decimal place figures in my comment below.)

          EDIT: The formula used is SweetSpot = $25÷0.30×1.1, of course.

      • This. 👍🏻

        (Though it's $91.67 to be more precise 😉 Or $91.65 to be most precise, assuming standard rounding 😉😉)

  • I would like to know if items won from the BWS app can be applied? I think they should be able to, BWS are normally very good with cashback. But would like confirmation from the Shopback rep. I have one free Coke and $5 brand bucks to use.

  • Do Dan Murphys egiftcards work @ BWS? I'm presuming no

  • Anyone else struggling to get shopback to actually go green and apply cashback?

  • Shopback Chrome Widget isn't showing any BWS discounts ATM.
    I click through to the Shopback site, see the BWS 30% deal, click on it but again the widget doesn't go green.
    Makes me nervous that the cashback won't register/happen.

    • Same.
      Had the this on deal a few weeks ago so I checked it tracked the click before going ahead. It did so I took the punt, it went through no probs.
      Hope its the same again as I just placed an order.. :-)

  • Getting errors.. Oops, something went wrong!!! Happens on both website and app..

  • What happened to the shopback rep? No longer active on here? Can't even get a response to my question about the BWS app wins so better play it safe and not use it..

  • Seem bws app dead now, is it?

  • Site hammered, bunch of alcos

  • Tried to see if I could have a live chat with Shopback …. 57 people in queue ahead of me :(

  • Cant even get a verification text to set up an account with Shopback

  • Yep. BWS site is one of the worst I've seen. The site is buggy, and struggles to handle heavy traffic

  • OK … so I got through on Shopback and had a live chat with Lily. She said the Chrome Shopback extension doesn't turn green with BWS but as long as I clicked through from the Shopback site it would be all good. She said it was a good idea to screenshot as insurance …. PIA …. but done …. now time to get on with some work :)

  • Nice. Grabbed a carton of the Asahi 500s and a couple of bottles of rielsing. Thanks OP!

  • Im still having issues and cant place the order.. BWS website bugging out..

  • Has to be some bargains?

  • Anyone been successful in placing an order?

    • Yes, I did, and received cashback confirmation although the amount is incorrect.

      • Thanks. The website seemed to have a problem with the 10% off selected items promo. I had 2x Cat Amongst the Pigeons Cab Sauv in the cart with my Asahi 500ml, and the price kept switching from $104.20 to $94.20 each time I refreshed. Kept getting "Oops, something went wrong!!!" when trying to pay. The order is over $100 before the 10% discount so it should have worked.. oh well. Bloody frustrating and useless website, wasted a lot of time but got my case order in now.

  • Pretty sure this stacks too for an extra 5%


  • Signed up for $10 off first order but no email?

  • Someone tried to login to an email account I've only used for Shopback. Do not use this service unless you want your data sold to scammers.

  • Spent 10 minutes choosing some beers for the craft deal and can't process payment, tried a few different cards - nice work BWS website.

    This one was a fail Shopback….Rep can we have another attempt at a juicy alcohol cashback?

  • Shopback app doesnt come up green or anything. I went through the shopback webpage, I hope it worked. Because i wouldnt have placed an order if it wasnt for the cashback!

    • Same here too, but I can't even purchase what is in my cart. Absolute Shopback and BWS combo fail here.

  • Can't pay for my cart, tried multiple credit cards and PayPal.. all I get is "Oops, something went wrong!!!".

    • Paypal just worked for me.

      • Just tried again (emptied the cart, re-activated shopback, re-added the items), same message even with PayPal.

        • Same - tried for a while but payment wouldn't accept. Very frustrating waste of time!

          • @mrbargainhunter: So strange - I tried Paypal, 4 diff cards, 2 different browsers, incognito different sign up details. Nothing worked - got the payment not accepted please contact your bank message.

            Lots of people seem to have it working fine on the Aperol deal?!? grrrrrr

  • How long does BWS usually track on Shopback? Still waiting for mine.

  • Crap. I had to be working while this was on :(

  • Tracking received, $19.44 bonus on the $72 Asahi 500ml case

  • Bought $80 worth of wine and Cashback tracked at $21 instead of $24. Did anyone else run into this problem?