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$800 off Any iPhone on $99/Month 150GB Plan (for 12 Months) @ JB Hi-Fi (New Customers)


Cairns JB Hi-Fi today. Doesn't appear to be listed in the usual spot - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jb-mobile-instore
$99/month for 150GB/month for 12 months duration.
New services.

Mod Edit: Users reporting a $10/month credit, to make it $89/month. See comments

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        Hmm thanks for the insight. Could you apply for this using a new off-the-shelf SIM (e.g. Voda) if you already have an account with Telstra, or can you not be a Telstra customer at all?

  • Hey
    I am looking instead on the IPhone 12 mini?
    Can I use this $800 promotion?

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      Best % discount

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    does anyone know, if the 10$ credit applies?
    before it was 89$ for 700!

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      $10 credit p.m. no longer available.

      • ok nice, makes it not worth it then!
        previous one was better.

      • It does apply. I didn't even have to ask for it earlier. The staff just straight up told me it would be $89/mo.

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    PSA that you might be able to get the $800 gift card on any phone. Went into one store and they wouldn't budge but the second store was happy to do it no questions asked.

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    Thanks OP! Just bought my dream purple iPhone 11 128gb for $279 with $99/month. You can cancel within 5 days and pay ETC of $594 without paying the first month’s fee. This is equivalent to a discount of $206 as mentioned earlier. However I won’t cancel since work reimburses most of mobile phone plan expenses. Super helpful JB staff at World Square NSW!

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      Is the $800 a direct discount or gift card?

      • It was a gift card that was applied towards the phone

    • Hi, where did you find the 5 day limit?

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        Staff mentioned it. Also, Telstra order is emailed to you with the date the bill will be issued which is within 5 days.

    • Edit: I was able to go back and claim the $10/mo credit

  • $65/month plans would be nice…

  • Can i get this offer if i already have an nbn sevice with telstra, but port in a mobile number from optus?
    Am i considered a new customer to telstra?

    • yes, you are!
      i have many services with telstra prior

  • Hi guys

    Looking for advise
    On prepaid with telstra would like to get new iphone have old pixel , so bugger screen for work.

    Am I consider a telstra customer ? Want to keep my existing number with them for work purposes

    Advise tips welcomed

    • definitely you are, but i've heard people say you can change sims etc, i also heard it doesn't work though… check above messages!

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    Good Guys have the same $800 off iPhone deal for ported or new services with Telstra.

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      How does it work? Do i just go there tell them about $800 off when ported with Telstra?

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    Just signed up at Top Ryde, NSW for Pixel 4a 5G (last one in stock, I believe). I got the $10/month credit.

    • wait you did???
      anyone know if this exist for the iphone?

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        Yeah, best to just try in store and ask nicely. I don't see why not, since the credit isn't tied to any particular phone.

  • Do I need port to Telstra my number or I can just activate a new one there?


    • You can port over if your current number isnt on Telstra or if it has been off Telstra for at least 30days. If not you can opt for a new number/service and add it to your existing telstra account. Thats what i didnt with the new contract for my mrs

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    I just signed an ip12proMax as well and indeed got the additional $10 credit at JB Glen Waverly. The guy said it was part of a promo of some sorts. So to confirm, its $89 with $800 towards an iPhone.

    Shout out to the guys JB Glen Waverly for even taking the TCN gift cards as well

    • Do they have limit to number of GC that we can use?

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        Not at JB Glen Waverly. The manager there was all cheerios about it and in regards to the $800 towards an iPhone, it had to be a manager to process the transaction and even when I mentioned if he was worried about the limit he just laughed it off and said as long as the till balanced at the end of the day hes happy.

        • Just on phone Glen Waverley and staff told manager says GC max of 10! You are lucky.

          • @AppleLime: Well to be fair, I called Southland first and had asked and they said straight up only 5 allowed. I then went to Glenny instead and was going to try and plead ignorance at the counter when i was going to pay for the phone outright with my gift cards. I guess signing the contract was the sweetener and he'd let the GC limit slide. it wasnt overly busy in the store either so that could be another factor

            • @Neilzy: Can you confirm the early termination fee on the contract?

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                @rev0: $594 per the contract

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      thankyou! someone who answered the questions, might drop by for another sign up for work!

  • I can only see a $500 gift card when signing with their $99 plan. Anyone have this problem?

    • It's in store only

      • Thank you! I'll call my doncaster

  • Where is this promotion of the $10 JB credit? Can’t see on the website

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    Just got back from JB and got the $99/m plan over 12 months with $800 gc. As the iPhone I wanted was out of stock. Also no need to port in. Got a new number and sim. Sales was nice enough to let me choose a nice number as well via the console

    Comes down to $89/m with 10 credit. Yes I had to ask to get it.


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      wtf? i just came back and they said, "800 is only for iphones that are in stock"

      • Not sure what happened there but the store manager didnt know when it will be in stock. But will take the GC and buy something else

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          this makes no sense because its only for iphones, and you can use it for anything…

    • also how long did they say stock will come back?

    • Wait, so it is a gift card that they're giving? Have had indications elsewhere that it was a discount on the price, which I'm not interested in.

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        Hhm.. looking at the comments it looks like a credit only. But I think the sales might not have known and just issued out a $800 GC.
        All good as was going to sell the phone any way.

  • So, I can just ask to add for the $10 store credit?

    • Yeah.

    • Ask for twenty

      • I purchased iphone today I saw they have option to give credit of 10 and 15 only. Ask for 15 and you'll get it.
        Although I got only 10 credit, saw the option once my deal was finalized.

        • Damn I didn't know there was an option for a $15 credit!

          • @zeno: I asked for $15 credit but the guy was pretty firm that it was $10 i.e. $89/month.

  • I backordered iphone 12 pro max 128 GB Pacific Blue at The Good Guys this evening.
    Got $800 credit and my prepaid lebara was ported into Telstra in 5 minutes.
    Got 10 dollars credit, so 89 per month (my company reimburses me 80 per month)

    Phone is back ordered and will pick it up in 3-4 weeks.

    Got amazing deal on LG SN11RG soundbar as well.

    • Was it a discount on the phone or a gift card (does the receipt show the full price or the discounted one)?

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        It's a credit adjusted towards the cost of the phone. You don't get any voucher. You pay 1849 minus 800 and the receipt reflects the original price and promo amount.

        • Thanks.

  • Will there be a better deal in the near future or should I buy it (iPhone 12) now?

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    I went to couple of jb hifi stores and was told, this offer can be taken up only for the iPhones that are in stock.
    Did anyone manage to sign-up for this offer by back ordering the iphone?

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      If it helps, spoke to bad girls and they said you can sign up and order and wait for stock to arrive.

      • bad girls = good guys?

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      Yes JB guys told me the same. They can only sign you up only when they have stock.

      But I backordered yesterday with The Good Guys, same 99 per month offer (with 10 buck credit) , 800 off on phone. Phone to arrive in 3-4 weeks (person think it would take less time)

      • was going to try goodguys, thanks for confirmation.

  • I'm confused so is this only for iPhone 12 or any iPhone or any phone?

    • It’s for at least iPhone 11 and 12 series as per JB sales rep.

      The link in this deal has some additional information on JBs website, worth having a look!

  • The only thing holding me back is ETC. Reps at couple of JB’s mentioned that ETC shall be the remaining contract amount I.e. if plan is cancelled post 5 months, 7*89$ needs to be paid as ETC.

    To be honest, I want to enrol just to get 200$ off on my iPhone 11.

    Has anyone has indeed processed the cancellation by paying ETC? Thanks in advance!

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      Don’t speak to JB Hifi staff about ETC, that is Telstra side. Once you sign with JB hifi you are done and walk to Telstra shop and cancel the contract you will receive you final bill with only ETC amount. So for everyone just get the phone and don’t tell the JB hifi staff about the ETC or don’t even mention about ETC to them.

  • Too troublesome, to get a new iPhone, need to speak to jb, Telstra, also need to find bargains for charger, case, tempered glass. That’s assuming everything goes smooth, i.e. Telstra rep doesn’t give any headache

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    Wondering what charger, case, glass do those owners use?
    Buy a premium iphone and then apply the cheapest glass from Amazon? or save on iPhone with this deal but get ripped off in accessories? Good charger, case and glass will cost around $150. It becomes too much to enjoy a new iPhone.

    • Not if you shop around the accessory kiosks. Few of the bigger ones have amazing prices at the moment due to "Black Friday" promotion.

      • Don't these accessory kiosks just markup ebay cases?

        • Go check it out mate, got mine for 50% off premium accessories and car holder. Looked around my Westfield, they were really great. I think until Sunday sale ends.

    • Incipio has a black friday sale, was able to buy a case from their website for a good price

    • Generic 9H tempered glass off ebay and some native union cases (black friday sale too, i like their cases). Don't intend to use magsafe much so probably won't get a magsafe case until there's a bunch of applications/accessories for it

  • I'm now trying to terminate my 1-day old contract but can only reach customer support via message and it's slow…. wonder if it's going to be finalised within 5 days. Wish I could just cancel on app or online.

    • thats going to be a challenge, last time I tried to cancel a service with Telstra it took weeks :(. They wouldn't answer the phone, tried through app and couldn't get through, tried through socials as well. Whats the quickest way to cancel this? Has anyone had any luck?

    • Hey mate , any luck as yet?

      I had similar reservations and thus have held back.

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        Yea, just got it done. Same as kubo89 below.
        I started in-app messaging to cancel and the first rep stopped responding when he was about to provide me with final estimated bill. So I continued my chat with a new rep this morning. They ask you why you want to cancel, if I would downgrade my plan or switch to prepaid (still ETC applies, so I see no point), blah blah. I got a new disposable number when I got my new phone, so no transferring was required.
        I was dreading to visit a Telstra store because every shopping centre is too busy right now (atm, you only have two options to cancel, 24/7 message or Telstra store), so my experience was overall good. Having said that, Telstra's customer service is atrocious. I'm sure Vodafone and Optus have phone lines open?

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      I used online chat to cancel. Termination of service is reflected in my Telstra account as the number is no longer visible, but seems I won’t get the invoice till sometime next month.

      I got an email confirming the cancellation request.

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      People it will be faster if you go to Telstra shop, the online chat is sometimes very good and sometimes will get very nasty. I walked to Telstra shop, sit down 5 minutes with the Telstra staff and you see the screen and ETC bill estimate in front of you and get them print out and the real one will send to you by email notification by Telstra system and all done and dusted. So if some of you have the problems with online chat please just go to Telstra shop, it is so easy.

      • Is etc $594?

      • I offered to pay the etc amount but they said that it shall reflect in an invoice and needs to be paid next month. Can anyone confirm if they paid upfront or if everyone is waiting for the next months invoice?

        Edit - In Telstra store.

  • Can anyone confirm if you can sign up for this with a new account / SIM if you already have an existing Telstra account?

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      Confirmed just ask for a new number

  • My ETC indicative amount is $507, so effectively a $293 saving off the iPhone. Fingers crossed the final invoice is that amount.

    • I was gonna say the exact same thing!
      ETC is $590.70, monthly mobile credit $9.33, but then there's a JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys Mobile BYO Plan (Credit for old plan 29 Nov - 28 Dec) of $92.40 whatever that is.

      I purchased GCs at 4% discount, so I saved roughly $340.

      • I just saw a Telstra bill for $89 Advance charge 27 Nov - 26 Dec (30 days) due 15 Dec. So it appears that the total ETC won't be lower than $590 after all.

    • That's a great saving! Did you do / ask for anything different to get that reduced ETC?

  • did anyone succcessfully get 15$ credit pm?

  • are stores still offering the $800 gift card for $99 pm plan? i want to get it today before the offer ends…
    also can you buy the jb gift cards in store?

    • I was there last night and the staff said I got it just in time, ending last sunday night. Maybe someone that works at jb can confirm

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        signs still up at a JB Hi-Fi store I visited in Sydney south.

      • yes, it's still available. Till yesterday, there was $10 credit on $99 pm plan. Today, $10 credit is not available.
        The offer is valid till stock lasts, there is very less stock in Melbourne stores.

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    Hi everyone,
    What i have learnt, is EVERY JB store is different, some allow $800 towards iphone thats not instock as long as you back order it.

    I found out of all, TGG are much much easier to deal with and less customers. They offer $800 to any iphone, at $89 p/m for 12 months. That $800 does not have to be in stock. They process the contract, give you a sim, and process the GC towards the phone and you pay the difference.

    However, if you manage to do the above deal with JB, go JB, i personally believe their warranty is very easy to deal with + stores are more accessible than TGG's.

    TGG deal ends tomorrow (1/12/12), so for people who 'missed' out, go TGG, and sign up.

  • Hi everyone,
    Those who closed the Telstra plan, have you received the final invoice covering ETC.

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      It will come in the next bill…

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