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[eBay Plus] Sony A7 III Compact System Camera (Body Only) - $2004.80 Delivered @ Camera House eBay


Original Coupon Deal

I just purchased one! 2004 is a solid price!

AFterpay Cashback on the coupon from Shopback, it goes down to 1800.

I also purchased a Tamron 28-75 from Digi Direct eBay at only 1030.40 using the same code. Available here : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402450726645

Please let me know if I missed out on anything and I can fix it. Thank you!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +2

    Price is aight but it's been out for a long time and has been cheaper in the past. Imma stick with my a6500 for now.

    • +4

      With A7Siii launching at over 5500k, the demand for A7iii has spiked again.

      I sold my A7iii for 2400 after using it for 1.5 years in anticipation of A7Siii.

      It's still a solid Full Frame Camera in 2020 compared to a lot of other options at this price point.

      • Look you're not wrong aye.

        But Sony definitely needs to update this segment within their line-up.

        If I was doing exclusively video the XT4 is a much better fit at around the same price.

        • I tried XT4 for a few days with a rental as I do a lot more video than photography.

          The low light performance just killed that one for me.

          • @J4Jayden: Fair enough. Although if you're running into that issue just use faster glass…

            • +1

              @Dubious speculation: It's hard to shoot at 1.4 if you are trying to frame multiple moving subjects.

              As soon as you bump it to 2.8 to F4 range, that's where this camera shines!

              I am hoping to upgrade to A7S iii or FX6 in next 8-9 months from work.

              Let's see how we go!

              • @J4Jayden: So are you saying the iso performance is better on the a7iii than the xt-4?

                • @cheapsuit: 100%. I can attest that from personal use.

                • +1

                  @cheapsuit: I have samples from both the cameras if you are interested to have a look (Sony ones are in SLog2)

                • +6

                  @cheapsuit: A7iii low light performance would certainly be better than XT4. I don't understand how this is even a question. It's simple physics. APSC sensor can not outperform a full frame sensor in that department.. and A7iii has one of best full frame sensors, XT4 has no chance..

                  • @npnp: Well, I was trying to understand if J4Jayden was saying that he shoots at f2.8 to f4 on the A7 (full frame).
                    That's the equivalent of shooting at F2.0-2.8 on APS-C. You'll get the equivalent depth of field and light gathering ability when shooting at the equivalent aperture.

                    So depending on the glass and how wide open you want to shoot, APS-C can outperform Full-Frame in some cases. But of course the fastest Full-Frame glass will be faster than APS-C glass.

              • @J4Jayden: I guess you're doing weddings then?

                If so I generally use wider, faster glass, that way I get both more stops of light plus the broader DOF of a wider lens.

                I'd definitely go with the A7siii for anything run and gun. The fx6 is a fantastic camera as well!

                • @Dubious speculation: No weddings man, just commercial stuff. I am a one man team. Weddings usually require more people plus it's my side hustle alongside my 9 to 5 hustle.

      • I bought the a7s when it first launched for under $2k plus cashback plus a lens adapter that I used to sell for $400 so it ended up being sooo cheap…now the current a7s3 is over $5k … crazy…

  • Did you use cashback too?

    • I tired but that extension is so buggy now that I had to go without it. They really need to work on it. It hasn't registered the cashback yet so Idk if it was okay to put it in the description up here.

      • +1

        I usually just click through from the website rather than use the extension.

        It Will take over 24 hours for the item to track usually from eBay.

        Even if the extension didn't work it would be well worth filing a manual claim after a few days given the amount of money that you could potentially save.

        • +1

          I am 100% going to do that!

        • Deleted: Duplicate

      • how can you miss out on $200 cashback omg

  • Was thinking a73 or nikon z5

    • +1

      Definitely this. The more matured e mount ecosystem is enough in itself to choose the Sony over the z mount.

      • +5

        Would recommend pricing or selecting the lenses you want to go with it before purchase. For me I had to have the Nikon 300 pf.

  • Any advise for fujifilm x-t30?

    • +1

      Try for second hand?

    • Look, it's a much smaller camera and battery life won't last as long. If you like pinching the camera body and playing with the knobs on top, as well as the Fuji colours and white balance behaviour, Fuji is where it's at.

      Sony's AWB is really terrible indoors when you have a mixture of green, red and/or orange lighting, it will preference the greens. But once you get used to setting WB yourself, or doing your own post processing then you'll be fine.

      Sony's lenses are mega sharp and somewhat clinical btw. I love it, but it's not for everyone.

      Fuji may be smaller and cheaper all up, but you can't beat the price to performance ratio of an a7iii, Tamron 1728 f/2.8 and 2875 f/2.8 dual zoom combo.

      Edit: I was able to take an a7iii, 1635 f/4 and 55mm f/1.8 travelling with me pre covid and had no issues with weight or battery life. I used the camera from about 7am through to 12pm most nights with an early evening top-up via power bank.

      • Thanks you Ankor for detailed opinion. I dont know anything about photography but wanted to start as a hobby. My budget was $1k but after looking at reviews for X-t30 i was keen on it and was waiting for some bargains. Yes, X-S10 seems better but is well out of the budget. May be i should wait for the X-S10 when its on a deal. Cheers.

        • +2

          I'd still look at an xt30 even with what I've said. You can pick up a lot of cheap batteries and honestly, the Fuji systems are great.

          • @ankor: haha.. will start looking out for deals for xt30 again then. thanks.

  • +2

    around $1800 after cashback is a history low if I'm correct.

    • I can confirm that Cashback has now appeared in my account.

      FOr some reason it took a while. Shopback extension has been a bit buggy recently.

      • Can you get cashback on the lens as well?

        • +1

          You can if you do the same with Shopback before 10pm tonight.

      • I'm glad to hear that it has tracked for you, lets hope it tracks for me too!

    • +1

      I think that's about right. I got mine for just under $1800, but with a fair bit of faffing around.

      Had to PM with DigiDirect at Sony, get the bonus cashback from Sony, cashback from CashRewards and also an Amex Statement Credit.

      This one's much more straightfoward.

  • +2

    Thanks Op got one

  • pretty sure someone bought 20…

  • Must be a really good price, seeing a few people buying 5 each!

    • +2

      might be the same person with multiple accounts, as the code is capped at 5 redemptions with max $300 each

      • since last time he/she did this, it's been 2 years…

        • they must have a fat bank account to buy 20

          • @skido: 40k… make 500 for each, that's 10k profit… not too bad. if there wasn't PS5 time. I'd joined the party too.

            • @qzcbmo: 😂 what if cashback fails to track or ebay/shopback doesnt pay up..

            • @qzcbmo: Did you really make money flipping PS5? I saw some hate comments im Facebook marketplace towards the scalpers.

              • @Bargain-er: there is a reason for hate comments…

                • @qzcbmo: Which is? Lol. I just scrolled pass. How much profit will u coup to be cursed at?

                  • @Bargain-er: To be honest, OZ retailers are actually standing against to scalpers. All kinds of methods to restrict and cancel multiple purchases.

                    Check the US market… Its scalpers heaven.

                    From what I observed, it was pretty fair for oz gamers to get a PS5. Thinking about this scarcity in early stage, if anyone just wanted to sit at couch, no researches and preparation, and just do a few clicks, than the postman with their console will just turn up from the door. They are not really after it.

  • +1

    Thanks Op! Lowest price ever. Glad I waited it out ✌️

  • This is such a great deal and I have been waiting nearly 6 months for this.

    I paid over 1.5 years ago $2k and since then i have not found it under 2.3k.

    So 1.8k this is a steal. Person buying 20 is prob just gonna resell them for a easy 2100

    a7 iv is due this month or next but i dont think this will drop in price much if at all

    • Curious about you saying the A7IV being due this month or next as every rumour is still saying Q3 2021?

    • A7C had been released with improved AF and video capability. I think i saw $2450 sale price in camera pro if not wrong.

      • yep, it looks risky to me at this stage, but if he/she has the confidence which means he/she can see there is still a market for a7m3

        • Definitely there's market for A73. It's a lot of a camera for most users to last them years.

      • Cameras seem close to the same on paper so unless the price is even closer, this still comes out as a good deal.

    • my bad, i thought it was 2020! seems this price is even better than as price probably wont drop for at least another year.

  • Awesome price, thanks ops.

  • Price is showing up as $2304 for me? Do I need Ebay Plus?

    • Yes, you can sign up for a trial

  • +1

    When do we need to start worrying if the cashback hasn't tracked the purchase?

  • Btw, u can actually further the discount by purchasing 3% cash back ebay gc from shopback. Missed that step.

  • So is it like of you purchase between 6pm and 10pm you get additional 10% shopback wgich brings the price down to $1659. 45

    2304.80 - 20% = 1843. 84

    And after shopback 1843.84 - 10% = 1659.??????


    • ***$300 max discount

      • Thanks…

    • +1

      No the 20% is capped at 300

  • Having a hard time debating between this and iphone 12 pro max :/

    • +4

      what about sensor size

    • I dont think the a7 iii can make calls

  • Recommendations for under 2k with a lens?

    • +1

      a camera that isn't an a7 iii?

      What do you want to do with it and what features do you really want?

      photo, video or both. which is more important to you?

      a7 iii with the 50mm f1.8 will get you started for 2k if you take this offer up with the cashback..

  • -1

    When was this camera released?

  • Bought about an hour ago but shop back still isn’t recognizing the purchases. Should I be worried? Made sure I did it through their website

    • It can take upto two days. You should be alright. It should have already recognised your clicks. Click on the Chrome extension icon > My Account > Cashback Overview > Click activity.

      If the eBay activity is there, you are Gucci my dude!

  • +1

    one of the most verstile pro camera out there, i'd say it is still better than the A7r4 for most ppl as most have no need for the high pixel count.

    • +3

      I actually bought this one in August, wanting to try mirrorless after many years with mirrors on a Canon 5D MKIII.

      I loved mirrorless on these so much, that I sold it two weeks later and bought the A7r4, for nothing other than the better EVF. I too was concerned about the extra megapixels, thinking I wouldn't really need it. I couldn't have been more wrong.

      The extra pixels give so much more flexibility when cropping shots down. I don't always shoot shots all that tightly cropped anymore, knowing I can do that after the fact in post processing, and still have plenty of pixels to go around.

      The real benefit though is the option to put this into cropped sensor mode. Means I can carry my 400mm lens with me and push it all the way to 640mm by toggling one menu item. Wasn't sure how much I would use that at first, but it a huge help.

      But either camera is great, I love them both, I'll probably get another at some point to times when I want another lens ready to go without swaps.

      • that's why i mentioned it is for MOST ppl. I take pics for my family, coming from a Nikon D850, I was always using 20mp anyways, as the large RAW file size is hard to store and process.

        • Yeah, I was just covering off a point that I didn't feel was covered frequently if at all in all my camera research. There is an awful lot of information out there on why you shouldn't buy a 60MP camera, eventually, I ignored everything I read and gave it a shot, although for reasons other than wanting a 60MP camera. Ultimately I'm very glad I ignored everything I read as the way I shoot, it's become a huge plus.

          The large raw size in my case isn't an issue anymore, for a long time I've been converting all my raw's to DNG with lossy compression for a long time. Brings shots with this camera down to between 11 - 19mb which I consider manageable.

          So not knocking your comment, just adding personal experience that I which I had read more of when I was initially doing my research, then I wouldn't have lost $400 on my initial A7 III purchase!

  • How does this work exactly?

    Signup with Ebay Plus. Login in through Shopback (which Shopback deal is it?) Then go to ebay and buy? Enter the code at checkout?

    Is that correct…

    • I believe this is basically correct. On the ShopBack site they should have a link back to ebay which you'll use.

  • I hate the $300 cap on the coupon. Last month there was no cap for the 20% discount at eBay digidirect.

    • Which coupon is it? I can't seem to find it

      • The coupon mentioned here has a $300 cap on max discount.

    • does that 20% discount has a7iii and can beat the current ebay price?

      • Cant remember but I was looking at the 200-600 back then. Should have got it.

  • +2

    As a non camera person, reading comments in here feels like I’m on another planet

  • The 10% Shopback cashback has expired now right? So just 2% available cashback?

    • +1

      Correct, expired 10 pm last night.

    • +1

      Dont lose hope.
      Cashreward might have something coming up soon.
      Or shopback might do it tomorrow.

      Best to wait

      • +1

        Cheers @fantoo

        The eBay Plus deal expires today, but there's another 20% eBay deal on tomorrow (valid for Camera House), and with any luck a further 10% back on from ShopBack.


  • -1

    This or the A7C, kgo.

    • trying to decide this myself

      • I like the form factor of the A7c, and the flip screen, but I think I'll have to go try out the viewfinder to see how it feel.

        Otherwise there's not a whole heap between them.

  • +1

    Bought yesterday shopback tracked today

  • Shame on Nikon!

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