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15-50% off All Torches | Klarus E2 $73.47, Lumintop FW1A $75.96, Acebeam L35 $123.96 + More + Free Post Over $75 @ Liteshop


The Liteshop Black Friday Sale is here! Save up to 50% Off!

Select products below are 20-50% off or use the code BF2020 for 15% off all other products!
Click through to shop your favourite brands: Fenix, Olight, Klarus, Nitecore, ThruNite, Lumintop, AceBeam or view all brands.

Sale starts 11am Thursday 26th November and ends Monday 30th November at midnight, or while stocks last!

Free shipping on orders over $75 and AfterPay interest free payments available.

Sale Items:
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Upvote for calling them torches.

  • Anyone have recommendations for a good head torch?

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      Fenix and nitecore make great headlamps
      But they are expensive.
      Olight perun 2 and perun mini are amazing.
      Wowtac make pretty good quality ones for a lot less. Wowtac A2s has good reviews.

      • Which one if flood light? (not sure if it's a correct term).
        I have an old headlight with adjustable diffuser and I use it in the "wide" position call the time - I am not riding a bike with it but using it as a work light.

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      The Imalent HR70 is fairly floody, but doesn't have a spot feature so flood only. It's also part of the sale.

      The Thrunite TH10 V2 is less floody with twice the throw and a brighter hotspot despite the lower lumens. Also on sale

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    Perfect timing to buy 2x headlamp so I can go camping :)

    • The Imalent HR70 or Thrunite TH10 are on sale as per above, otherwise the Olight Perun 2 is on sale currently

  • Aaaaaaa. BLF GT sold out :(

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      I think there is no stock prior to the sale, but it starts tomorrow at 11am so check then.

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        Yeah. Just saw that. :)

  • One note, the FW1A is the new reflector (the from the FW1A Pro), and has a bit less throw than the old one. Not that it's going to change much; finding one of the old ones is going to be v difficult.

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    As far as Lumintop goes it's a lot cheaper to buy from the Lumintop store on AliExpress.
    E.G The Lumintop FW1A "Pro" (3,500lumens) on AliExpress is AU$51.56+$5.81(post)+$5.73GST=AU$63.10 AliExpress Lumintop store
    Compared to the standard Lumintop FW1A Compact (1,200 lumens) $75.96 inc GST +postage
    $12 cheaper for a light that's better quality and 3X lumen output!!

    • True, AliExpress and Banggood are cheaper, but not like for like as Liteshop includes a battery with their torches and the others do not. These batteries are usually around $20 on their own (depending on battery and seller) and incur additional cost to ship due to being dangerous cargo.

      You can't compare the FW1A, which has more throw and 3 times the candela. This makes the hotspot far brighter and tighter than the pro model which has a shorter throw, 3 times the lumens and a third of the candela. They are two different torches and are not comparable.

      As for price…. The FW1A Pro will be $89.20 on sale at Liteshop with the code BF2020, which includes free shipping and comes with a battery which is $20 on its own as I said. The FW1A is $58.53 shipped from AliExpress and $75.96 shipped from Liteshop, with a battery as shipping is free over $75 as per the title and the description.

      And don't get me started on trying to get after sales service from AliExpress, at least Liteshop has great customer service and Australian warranty

      • You raise some good points but the battery one is not correct, in the example I gave, to purchase the light from Lumintop/AliExpress is an extra $10.30 Inc GST (not $20) and the battery is a Samsung INR-18650-35E, which is probably the most highly and often recommended 18650 battery. There is no extra charge for postage of this battery "due to being dangerous cargo". Finally while I am loathe to recommend AliExpress, your buying experience is more likely influenced by the store that you're buying from, in this case it's Lumintop Official Store who have a 98.4% feedback rating, which for AliExpress it's about as high as it gets. As far as Liteshop goes there's no independent feedback rating so you can only go by what other people say and hope they're not shills for Liteshop.

        • Yeah the price of an 18650 from AliExpress is always going to be cheaper than that in Australia, I will give you that. But if sent via AusPost, they have to be sent via road as they aren't supposed to be sent via airmail, trust me, AusPost gave me a gob full when I tried to mail a torch with a battery in it a while back. They also make it that only business can send these items (the same goes for alcohol based products like booze or perfume) I can't comment on how overseas stores get away with this, they may not even declare the battery is in the parcel.ehen shipped to reduce costs. The $20 includes shipping, sorry I should of specified. As for the extra charge. A battery on Banggood for instance has a $10 postage compared to a torch from the same company that has a $3 postage charge. Most of the torch forums are full of threads regarding it, so it's not something I made up 😂


          As for reviews, nothing stopping Lumintop employees from reviewing their own store through fake accounts or cancelled orders. Same goes for Google reviews for any store. Always read the reviews though, the amount of reviews I've seen that are 5 star but the comments say the item is broken or not the right colour etc is insane lol.

          • @Wilkshire13:

            As for reviews, nothing stopping Lumintop employees from reviewing their own store.

            I am Ok with that as long as they put 1 star. :)

            But jokes aside I tried to leave feedback once in a company's store (not Lumintop, not Liteshop, just another private store) where I described what I didn't like about the product. Guess what? That review was never "approved" and was never published.

            • @SickDmith: Some companies just can't handle poor reviews, which is kinda sad tbh

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