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ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) $615 + Delivery or Pick Up @ Bing Lee


Great price!

TRI band
Banish WiFi Dead Zone
Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 Technology
Hassle Free Control
Always Up-to-date Protection
AiMesh Supported
Coverage up to 510 Sq. m.
6+ rooms
6.6Gbps WiFi
2.5G port

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Thanks for the post. I looked up this price and unless this is a different product you can get it cheaper AU$ 398.99

  • also looks like amazon have dropped their price to $615 for the white version. Aus stock as well

    • Yeah, looks like it.
      But the delivery says dispatched in 1 to 2 months.

      • yeah your right. I just bought my xt8 last month via the eBay 20% off on Plus items. I should have waited could have saved $70. :(

        • Same. Wouldve saved $100. Thought I was already getting a good deal from using a staff discount,

  • how does this compare to orbi RBR50 series?

  • Does anyone know if they're still having that node disconnection issue?

  • Hi All,

    I purchased these units back in Aug and do regret my purchase, almost daily.

    If you do push the purchase button expect:

    • Node disconnections - anytime of the day, well timed for that important Teams call…
    • Random reboots of units
    • Random slow performance <6mbit, requiring reboot
    • WPA3 causes disconnect issues with all nodes

    My setup is 2x XT8s and 2x RT-AX92Us, the reliability of the RT-AX92Us has been better however even then these still have issues.

    I've also been trying both the RC firmware posted on SNBForums and the official releases. For any change in firmware make sure you do a full reset.

    • Sorry to hear that! I was almost ready to click buy…
      I'm sure you've probably seen everything thread about the problems. I take is turning off Qos has no effect?

    • honestly I haven't had any of these issues that you have experienced though I've only had it for 1 month.

      I came from a RT-ac68u which I started having issues in the past year (have had it for 5+ years) with the exact problems you are seeing with your xt8 besides the node disconnects. I just think my one was on its way out.

      My 2nd XT8 node is connected via wireless backhaul and has not skipped a beat at all. I currently have around 15 devices connected to each unit and there are 2 of us working from home using teams all throughout the day with no issues at all.

      Have you tried seeking support from asus for a replacement, maybe you got a dud pair?

      • I've seen others advise of either having a bad experience and then things have improved with firmware or they have been very fortunate straight out of the box.

        From what I can tell the more wireless nodes, the more unstable it has become. The nodes use the dedicated 5G channel with no other devices and signal is usually around the 58dbm - 64dbm. Between the 4x nodes I have 68 devices with an even spread across each with a balance between the 2.4Ghz/5Ghz-1.

        I've submitted a couple of tech support requests through the router and didn't hear anything back. I've stuck it out as hoping for improvements in firmware and plus really do need the high bandwidth mesh features which the Asus product line offer. I don't have any options to cable between the units in this place.

        @HFTLM, I now only use the unit in AP mode which has removed the QOS features (running an old Ubnt Edgerouter as the router), this has improved the reliability however the second you touch any non-default setting this is where the instability sets in. I had to do a power reset on two of the units this morning due to slow speeds. When they are stable, the speed and connection signal is very good, I can pull 600-700mbps on wifi6 and also have 250/25mbps connection.

        Again this is my experience and the price here is very good.

    • +1 vote

      Same, got rid of them in a hurry. Also around the time you purchased.

      Have since moved back to Orbi and had other issues…. Getting fed up.

    • Scary! But mine working very stable and strong since I bought during prime day ebay deal. Never ever had an issue. Even device changing nodes works great!