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Black Friday Sale 8L Air Fryer $69 @ Spotlight


Just got sent this catalogue as I've been considering getting a affordable air fryer to try out.

Digital touch screen

Best Litre to price ratio ive seen,

However, I cant find the product link on the spotlight website or any other website (maybe will be updated by friday).
Has anyone tried this brand/model?

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Spotlight Australia
Spotlight Australia

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  • keen to know reviews. also got $10 voucher from spotlight. $59 for 8L seems good. kmart is 5L

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    Considering everyone went nuts over the 8.1L Aldi AF for $99, this isn't getting anywhere near the love it deserves.

    • I was considering visiting my local aldis in the minute chance to get this air fryer $70 for 5L


      So the spotlight one seems a lot better on paper

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        You can use the Aldi FB messenger bot to check stock. Just need to know the date then follow the prompts. It updates overnight so is more accurate in the morning.

        Pro tip: once you've checked a postcode, instead of starting again, scroll up and click on the stock availability button under the item again, saves going through the whole process

        • didnt know that, thanks!

          ive always assumed they have like 5 per store and 100 people queued up at 7am, and people climbing over eachtoher

  • Thanks OP. Will call my local shop and see if they have stock, will hopefully get one at lunch time.

  • No stock anywhere in Victoria (I'm told) - even before the catalogue was out!

    • My local Vic store hasn't even answered their phone since like July!

  • Brisbane, Indooroopilly store said no stock has turned up in any stores yet and their not sure when their getting it :/

  • For Sydneysiders: I called the Hornsby store this morning and they said they didn't have stock today, but think they'll get stock in tomorrow. According to their system, there were some left in Lidcombe and Castle Hill, but I just went to the Lidcombe store and they've sold out. Nobody is picking up the phone at Castle Hill, so not sure if they have any left now either.

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    I was in two minds of whether I would really use it that much, but all of these stock shortages, makes me want one!

  • The store I went to said that they haven't received it at all and the expected shipment was delayed until next week.

  • Darwin NT Spotlight have no stock, they have put up a sign saying delayed shipment, with no ETA given.

  • I know nothing about air fryers, but what do you guys reckon about this instead of the spotlight one


    15% off with cashrewards essentailly cancels out shipping so
    both the same price, this one is 7L vs 8L
    both digital displays

  • Has anyone been able to get one and have used it? just got a call from my local one to come and pick one up. I was 11th on the list so either they had a lot or no one else wanted it. Still coming tonight to pick it up though just to have a look and decide between this and the kmart 7Lt one