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Philips Hue Dimmer Switch $27.96 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Long time member, but this is my first post.

I've been waiting since the last sale to buy few more of these switches and they're at a pretty good price but few bucks more expensive than last time.

Pricematched by Bunnings:

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  • Good deal

    I wanna get the indoor sensor so I don’t need to turn lights on at all as I’m lazy hahah

    • They're $51 at the moment, so not discounted much. Waiting to see if they reduce further tomorrow and might buy a couple. The responsiveness to hue bulbs is so good, I have them in a storage room and it works like a charm.

    • I use sensors for hallway/stairway lighting at night.
      In my experience the sensors don’t extend the time the light is on when it repeatedly detects movement and there has been a delay in triggering the lights again. Though I’m no expert, my set up might not be perfect.

      • In my experience the sensors don’t extend the time

        Works fine for me. Check your app settings. The programming is in the Hue Bridge by the way, the sensor itself is not smart.

        sensors for hallway/stairway lighting at night.

        For that I use the cheaper $20 ikea sensors. The coexist with Hue but are not programmable by time of day etc.

      • I also found that mine has a 1-2min delay if the room "goes dark" before it will trigger the light.
        I have it setup in a room where the hue bulb is in a small lamp. We use the main ceiling lights (not hue/smart) often, but at other times (middle of the night) we don't turn on the ceiling lights, we only use the sensor (say if we just walk through).

        If the room is dark (for at least a little while) then the sensor does a good job of triggering the lamp on movement. But if we just turn off the ceiling lights, the room goes dark, but the sensor doesn't trigger the hue light. After about 1-2mins it will. Or if I open the hue app, and go to the sensor's settings it will trigger immediately.

  • The indoor sensors are pretty good. I actually have one outside for porch lights.
    I’m waiting for these to get closer to $20.

  • Is it pointless buying the dimmer switch if your wanna get the indoor sensor?

    • No, you still want to control it manually

    • Good question. Maybe if you want to have a switch trigger it from somewhere outside of sensor detection, could still use your phone though. You can also set up times for the motion detector so you could still switch manually at other times if you see the need.

      • As someone who replaced all their house lights with hue you still want the convenience at the wall without having to turn it off hard because then no triggers work

        I printed a cover for my light switches that holds the hue remote on thingiverse

        • I’m new to all this Hue so trying to learn

          So if I got a indoor sensor over the dimmer switch, wouldn’t the light turn on when I enter the room and when it detects no movement for a set time wouldn’t it then turn off? If that’s the case, why would I need a dimmer switch other then to dim.

          As said, just trying to learn

          • @Twisty: How long do you want it to stay on for after sensing motion?
            How would you turn it off manually

            • @mitchins: I never thought of that, not too long I guess. Once someone has left the room I’d like it to turn off quick

              If someone is in the room that I put it in I’m guessing they won’t be staying still as it’s not a bedroom to sleep

          • @Twisty: I’d say it makes it more convenient than using your phone. I have a sensor outside that I’d like to get a dimmer for so I can manually turn it on as a convenience for people arriving etc, but I can do it on my phone, the sensor will then turn it off after ~10 mins of no detection. The light will stay on until after it has detected movement and then turn off after said 10mins of no detection.

            • @Elpres: You should be able to set up specific control over the lights and sensors using automations outside of the Hue app. This can be done with a 3rd party app or one of the smart assistants.

              I use HomeKit which gives you greater control using a range of parameters. And I’m pretty sure Alexa or Google Assistant would be able to do the same.

  • Consider ditching the Hue hub and get the Smartthings one from the JB Hi-fi sale. Will give you cheaper and more flexible options to integrate other motion sensors and buttons etc

    • Or setup Home assistant and keep the hub as Gateway. Im using HA, as I wanted to turn on 2x hue lights in different locations at night, if they are not on already. Impossible with just the Hue App unfortunately.

    • I just got the smarthings- OMG it is slow. Everything goes via their cloud-server.

      DO NOT use smartthings for lighting. The Hue switches respond instantly, as they work locally.

      Remember to use Hue Essentials app to program these, as the official Phillips app only lets you program the top button.

  • Price matched at Bunnings for the impatient: https://www.bunnings.com.au/philips-hue-smart-led-light-dimm...

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