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Ovela Recliner Chair Black/Grey $169.99 + Shipping @ Matt Blatt by Kogan


I was looking for a decent budget gaming chair n came across this recliner chair. maybe better than a gaming chair? thoughts anyone?

down from $349.99
shipping approx. $20~

available in black or grey:


Feel the day’s stress melt away as you sink into the luxuriously soft cushioning and sleek PU leather padding of this ultra-comfortable recliner.

Perfect for watching TV, reading, napping and more!
Set your preferred position with precise recline adjustment
Plush 13cm thick cushioning
Premium PU leather upholstery
High-quality steel frame
Cosy and adjustable, with premium PU leather upholstery and a timeless design, the Ovela Recliner Chair brings a touch of elegance to your lounge room while offering full body support as you lean back to enjoy some down-time.

Featuring precise reclining adjustment, you can effortlessly ease back with your favourite book or lay down to rest at your preferred angle.

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Matt Blatt (Kogan)
Matt Blatt (Kogan)

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