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[Refurb] iPhones & Samsung - iPhone 8 Starting at $365 Excellent - Free Shipping, 12 Months Warranty @ Reebelo


Hey Guys,

You may be thinking…what is Reebelo? We're a marketplace for refurbished tech based right here in Sydney and we're on a mission to reduce e-waste!

We already sell phones at great prices but we're doing a further price cut on almost all models for 4 days only as part of our Black Friday sale.

Check out some of our best sellers

All stock ships from Australia :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Reebelo Australia

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    iPhone 11 price for refurbished 'excellent' is greater than brand new RRP…

    • -3

      Hi there! That's a good spot. We're a marketplace with multiple vendors and hence the different prices for the same models on the site. While each vendor can set their own price, we always strive to provide the best possible prices! No doubt, some retailers might be cheaper on first glance but all our phones come with 12 months warranty, free shipping, and a 14 days return/exchange policy :)

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        We're a marketplace with multiple vendors

        No excuse for trying to rip-off prospective customers…

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          Hi JV!

          We appreciate your feedback. Customer satisfaction and transparency is top priority for us!
          - We display our grades/conditions and what each one means so customers can choose the best option for them
          - Each product page will show who the vendor is so you know exactly who you're buying from
          - Our live chat and customer support team is always here to answer any questions!

          Plus with the power of Google, our customers can search and compare the best prices before they buy! There's no hiding in the world of e-commerce! We also have a 14 day return or exchange policy if a customer isn't happy with their purchase along with up to 12 months warranty.

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      Does 'refurbished' include a new battery?

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    Honestly went through a bunch of phones and didnt see a single good deal unless youre after a 3 year old phone or older.

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      Was thinking the same thing. Why bother showing the newer phones at those prices? Just remove them and focus on real deals.

    • -2

      Thanks for checking us out!

      We're a marketplace selling refurbished tech and sustainable plus affordable is what we do :) Our best sellers are indeed older models like iPhone 8 where we find that parents buy for their kids.

      Students too really like our budget options!

  • You may be thinking…what is <insert new startup name here>

    Feels like I've stumbled onto an episode of shark tank??

  • iPhone 8 excellent refurb was just selling on eBay yesterday for $200
    While that was a good price, this is almost twice that.

    • iPhone 8 excellent refurb was just selling on eBay yesterday for $200

      link ??

  • I actually bought from these guys a few weeks ago…no complaints really. Was looking for a cheap sub $400 phone and the iPhone 8 is perfect at that price point. Hope it lasts atleast a year and I will be happy 

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