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[WA] Gigabyte GeForce RTX3070 Aorus Master Video Card $1169 @ PLE Wangara


Gigabyte GeForce RTX3070 Aorus Master 8GB GDDR6

Straight up, not a bargain, but it's IN STOCK at Wangara and it's not over-priced.

They also have these two in stock at Wangara:

ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX3070 Twin Edge 8GB GDDR6 - $969

ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX3070 Twin Edge OC 8GB GDDR6 - $1029

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  • Hello from TYC livestream :P

    • Hi mate, yeah I just posted there as I posted here since I saw people very keep and looking for 3070's and knew PLE had a few in stock at Wangara. I wanted to upgrade myself. But I'm going to hold up for the 3080's to drop in price around February/March.

      • Yeah, I managed to get a refund processed for an old 1080 ftw from newegg due to thermal pad issue. Managed to nab a 3070 from Futu for less than $100 out of pocket. Not a bad jump in performance. So stoked :) I play at 1440p and dont play demanding titles much but will take advantage dlss if required.

  • Lol, this is RRP for a 3080

    • Cool, where can I buy one right now for that price in Perth? In stock and new, I'll transfer you $50 too if I get it.

    • It's already been revealed by AIB partners that NVIDIA's MSRP for the 3000 series was absolute bullshit.

      NVIDIA were selling the FE model cheaper than AIB manufacturers could do their cheapest spec cards for.

  • Omg i just received my 3080 and it’s $1137… albeit it’s 2 months too late

  • I appreciate the effort but idk if this is a deal. The Eagle OC was $900 after cashback yesterday, and can probably be had around the same price if a solid eBay cashback deal comes on in the next few days.

  • waiting for 3080ti, you know it'll happen

  • Lol i just placed an order for 3080 asus tuf oc for 1489 with ple…. guess wont arrive till early next year.

    I am not very tech savvy but becareful with some of these aib cards.
    I am not sure if it applies to 3070 but i would think so…


    They use cheaper stuff to make it for some models.

    Asus seems to be the one who uses the most MLCC.

    • that is ridiculous prices… i rather have asus 3080 tuf for 1399 or the oc for 1489$! at PLE

      Especially when not aib cards have been thoroughly reviewed yet.

    • Just an update. I have a priority queue from scorptec for the 6800xt aib (going for sapphire nitro+). They just sent me an email for the 6800xt. According to them the pricing is not confirmed yet from the aib and they will update me on the price later. I was put on the priority queue after successfully ordering the reference and had order number but was cancelled due to supply.

  • $1169 for a 3070… how is that not over-priced?

    • It's not over priced, it's not a bargain. It's just the current MSRP of these AIB cards, except it's in stock. Which is what a lot of people want right now and cannot find. Also there's two other 3070's in the description. One of which is $969.

      • I think I'll wait for my $1,250 3080 thanks.

        • Great, that's what I'm doing too. Probably wait for deals in February/March and might even get a 3080 Ti when that's released.

          That's not now though, and there people out there who want to upgrade now in time for the holidays.

  • Ouch, almost $1200 for a GeForce xx70!

    Is it right to presume this is related to supply (a Nvidia paper launch) and the blow-out in MSRPs by a dominant high-end Nvidia.

    I'll show my colours by admitting to cheering for Lisa Su. I'm thankful for RDNA2 trumping Ampere on rasterisation (not concerned for ray-tracing yet, while it eats into frames, and up-scaling tech is still fairly select). I made the move last gen from Pascal to a sweet-ass Red Devil, and will move up to a 6800 XT once supply/prices stabilise. I expect AMD to do to Nvidia what they've done to Intel - only time will tell what that will do to the market on prices.

  • Not over-priced? Seriously??