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NetGear Orbi Tri-Band AC3000 Mesh 2PK RBK50 $392.25, Add-on Satellite RBS50 $230.22 Delivered With Prime(EXP) @ Amazon UK via AU


For RBK50, it is not the cheapest compared with previous Wireless 1 deal, but still a decent price this year.

The add-on satellite unit RBS50 is very rare on sale and hard to get one - Out of Stock now.

Both sold and shipped by Amazon UK via Amazon AU. Enjoy :)

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  • Would this come with a UK power adapter? Or are the plugs something like a figure 8, easily interchangeable?

  • Hmm, this or Unifi nanoHD

  • Very good price for the add-on satellite, I got one at a similar price.
    $427 for RBK50 at TGG commercial if you don’t want to wait.

  • Does the UK sats link up with the AU rbk50?

  • I have 2 pairs (RBK50) and one RBS50Y (outdoor). Covers 1.1 acres really well, does all indoors (sandstone and concrete filled brick), wife's portable studio building (little shed), my big shed (40m from router) and front yard and back.

    I've found them to be very reliable over the last couple of years. Do recommend.

    Maybe worth mentioning the 2nd router is config'd as an access point (wired). It gives us the only real pain with device hopping not seamlessly, sometimes takes 20secs until device gets internet back coming off that AP.

  • AC3000 2 pack shows up at $392.25, that’s a great price these days

  • I was looking for a good deal on this as well.
    I suppose cheapest alternative AU stock is $498 at Harvey Norman which is relatively a good deal comparing against $649 from JB.

    I wonder if they would do a price match against Amazon UK.

  • Seems like they updated the price. Free shipping with Prime, which makes it $392.25.

  • Is it worth holding off until tomorrow to see if better prices come through?

    • Not gonna risk it running out of stock. It's plenty cheap enough for me considering their general lack of availability - my "buy" threshold was $250. That's less than the going price for a random 2nd hand one on eBay with no box, etc….

    • Satellite sold out!

  • Good deal. No wifi 6. What to do.

    • A lot of the current wifi6 systems actually perform worse under most conditions, so it's still very competitive.

  • Mate thanks so much for this. I’ve been looking for another RBS50 for a reasonable price for years.

  • Thanks op, been hanging for an RBS50 deal for a couple years!

  • I ended up buying a 3 pack for $609.35 with prime which is not too bad considering how much 2 pack costs in AU currently.
    I just need to get three UK power adaptors now.

  • Hmm… dunno whether to be concerned that it still hasn't shipped yet. It did say (arrives before Christmas) and Amazon's no slouch moving stuff around, but I'd be happier if it was picked and packed and just waiting for shipping.

  • Still no shipping info as yet on the Orbi satellite, has anyone received any update from Amazon on their purchase. Thanks.

    • I contacted Amazon yesterday and the rep was adamant that it's in stock and that the only problem was logistics and shipping. They also reassured me that it would arrive by Christmas. We'll see. I have the chat saved so if they don't pull through I have some ammo to use against them.

    • I had an online chat with Amazon on Monday. The service rep confirmed my order is secured but the delivery date will be early to mid January.

      • Do you recall seeing "arrives by Christmas" in the listing when you ordered? I'm pretty sure I did but I didn't save a screenshot unfortunately. But what I do have is a chat transcript of the rep saying it'll arrive before Christmas.

  • Order update saying my order has shipped, estimated arrival 12th Jan :-) Woot!

  • Mine arrived today :-) FWIW Amazon just stuck a label onto the (shrinkwrapped) original retail packaging. There was a superficial dent on the box but otherwise arrived in fairly good condition. Have set it up as a 2nd satellite on my network with no issues. Stoked!

    • Finally received mine today, no external shipping box either. Added it to my existing RBK50 network and works well.