Best Modem Router for Aussie Broadband ??

I am seriously considering AB HFC 250 ( max I can get). I want to know what is the best option for Modem Router?, budget is say $200 to $300. Phone line required for mum so need VOIP too. I Would like it to be future proof too just in case can get 1000 +MBPS in future.

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  • To future-proof gigabit internet you need an enterprise-grade gateway, router, and switch. Not to mention at least cat5 cabling all over your house.

    That's just for the wired devices. Now with the wifi connections…

    …wait, did you say $200-300?

    The gist is that, if you don't know already, the internet speed flowing to your device is similar to water pressure flowing through a hose from a tap. To get the best water pressure possible you need large pipes (from your street mains) connecting to a tap at every location in your house you need water from. You cannot just buy a 50m hose, connect it to the main tap in front of your house, then extend that hose to every room in house to distribute water. What do you think the water pressure will be?

    • OP could get a low quality router that will operate that speed, unreliability…. Guanratee low cost ;)

    • Each pipe from the router to devices doesn't need to be full hog speed though. If you have 30 devices connected then you don't actually want each wireless device to have full gigabit access anyway. You kinda want it to be shared across many devices, but still able to stream internally what you want.

    • You don't need enterprise grade gear. The Telstra routers released within the last few years are great for Gigabit.

  • What you need is a Gigabit router that support WiFi 6 (802.11ax) in order to get Gigabit on WiFi as well.

    • Gigabit at the source does not mean gigabit at the destination. To utilise gigabit speeds (or any speed for that matter) EVERY link in the chain must be gigabit capable - the router, the cabling, the wifi signal, your proximity to that wifi signal, and finally the device itself.

      That shiny $500 router with 'gigabit' splashed all over the box will NOT transmit gigabit speeds via wifi. (or perhaps maybe it does when you're sitting right next to it?)

  • You don't need a modem/router for HFC, just a router.

  • I've got an amplifi HD router running on ABB gigabit and get the max speeds 24/7, not sure how the wifi mesh goes only live in an apartment

  • What's wrong with the Netcomm they supply? Unless you specifically need other features there's really no need for anything else. Many people buy other routers when they really have no need for them.