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[Prime, Waitlist] Nintendo Switch Console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Digital Download) + 3 Months NSO - $349 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just one hour deal. Same price with last year. Get it quick or it will be gone very soon.

(Update: Now on a waitlist. Join the waitlist and stay on the page to be notified when you are able to purchase the item)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +4

    Amazon hitting it out of the park this time around

  • Thanks very much!!

  • +5

    crazy with 10% zip back around 300

  • Wow, bought one

  • how to get it for $349?
    when I add it to cart, it is $399.

    • Must be a prime member

  • Just about to post this too. Wild!

  • Wow

  • +1

    Already have a switch, but this is a ripper deal with the 10% zippay included.

  • Got one GG

  • This is it chief

  • thanks just ordered

  • Thanks!

  • Ace WORK!!!

  • Edit nevermind

  • +9

    not gonna get one, so proud of myself.

    • Waiwhat?

      • +23

        I have transcended the impulse buy, I am on a higher plane now, mortal.

        • Please relinquish your ozbargain pass ASAP.

  • 22% Claimed

  • Sweet. Nephews sorted with all these Amazon goodies. Hehe snipped the ebay deal 😂

    • +2

      I'm guessing you're the cool uncle in the family.

      • I'd hope so but I buy them things all the time like this its probably a norm in their eyes

  • got one. finally with the ring fit at $89. w00t

  • Didn't need it as I have one but ripper deal too good to pass up combine with zip for 10% back

    • Why did you buy it if you had it? I had it in my cart and couldn't justify it on the basis that I didn't need it.

      • Keep unopened for the collection, re-sell later on, gift. Lots of things you can do with it

  • my shows $399 with prime????

    • only neon, thats probably why

    • search "Nintendo Switch Console [Neon] with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Switch Online 3 Month Bundle"

  • Oh yeah, much better than eBay Plus deal, you really have a chance to get one.

    And with 10% back with zip

  • Yikes, good find. Amazon AU just keeps getting better.

    • That is because Amazon only price match against competitors. They don’t usually drop the price first.

  • just scored one. sweet af. thank you.

  • Grabbed one thanks!

  • Nice one mate

  • Gone in 3, 2…

    • 45% gone, plenty of time

  • Thanks op, paid using zip, got another $35 discounted

    • I need to check that out…

  • +3

    nice OP, my final price is $339 plus 10% zip pay cashback. great deal

  • Thanks OP got one

  • +1

    Woohoo order made (after quickly making a new Amazon account to get Prime)! :)

  • Just ordered! Thanks

  • +12

    Thanks, picked one up. Wife’s asleep, doubt she will be happy when she wakes up.

    • Asked wife and was rejected. Doh

      • +6

        You buy first, ask Wife afterwards

        • Too late for that. Next time!

        • It’s easier to ask for forgiveness then ask for permission

          • @Alias2000: hopefully there are some multiplayer games that will make the investment worth it.

          • @Alias2000: it's also easier to cancel an order than try to find a cheaper price later.

            • @tyme: Especially with Amazon, they make it very easy to cancel orders.

              • @Miss B: What about return shipping?

                • +1

                  @Big Deal: I believe it's quite a pain, at least for change of mind. I haven't had to return anything yet. If you don't accept delivery I think it's easier, but that can be tricky during COVID as they often dump and run signing for you.

                  Edit: This was from stories quite a while ago when they first started in Australia, things may have improved.

                  • @Miss B: If it's free returns, it's as simple as leaving it in its packaging and giving Aus post the barcode for free returns you get via email. One of the more seamless return companies going about.

    • +1

      Is she normally happy when she wakes up anyway??

  • i already have one…don't need this…

    • same here, i still play with my OG switch, but this is really a good deal for people who needs it

  • Hackable?

    • no.
      Easily hackable units were the models with shorter battery life, pre-switch-lite.

      The switch lite and this updated switch are based on a revision to the chipset that includes both better efficiency and closes the security hole that allowed the original switch to get into recovery mode.
      Team Xecuter did start doing a modchip solution for switch lites but they've recently gotten into legal trouble anyway.
      Plus I doubt most people want to install modchips in their brand new switch.

      Glad I got my Switch for Mario Odyssey, because it's a great emulation device when hacked.

      • Can you still hack the v1 switches, even if the system's been updated to the most recent version?

        • +1

          The flaw in the original switches (up to around Let's Go Pikachu's release) and ipatched Switches (up until the switch lite, v2's release) is basically that they left in the means of entering recovery mode by jumping pins on the joycon rail (this can be done with a paperclip or if you're scared a $2 "jig" off ebay). Much like how an Android phone has its recovery mode and the ability to unlock the bootloader, the switch was able to enter recovery mode, have a payload sent to it and then custom firmware was a reality.

          There's no real way to patch this hole for those switch units without them being sent back to the factory. Although newer firmwares may take a few days to be supported by the custom firmwares, the hardware itself is always vulnerable.
          Currently the most recent switch firmware is 10.2 which custom firmware supports.

          • @tyme: So is there any means tk do something similar in the currently sold ones? I haven't looked into it

            • +2

              @Dezeption: Not to my knowledge.
              Both the Switch Lite and the Switch (with longer battery life aka the current normal switch) do not share the vulnerability.
              The only solution appeared to be modchips but with Team Xecuter's legal trouble I don't think these are particularly available anyway.

              tl,dr do not buy any new switch with the expectation of running homebrew on them. If you really want homebrew or piracy you will need to find units released before the switch lite and hope the seller haven't jacked up the price.

  • +1

    Been on the fence for one forever with xbox and gamepass. I really don't need. But Mario… bought. thanks OP

  • Thanks, OP. Got one!

  • +1

    My parents said I could purchase the switch during the ebay plus deal tomorrow, but with this 10% zip deal… Do I wake them up???

    • +1


    • +2

      This is the same price even without 10% zip… and the Plus deal is going to be a real lottery. Good luck.

    • Hey did you manage to get one from eBay plus?

      • No ahaha, I chose to get the sony headphones instead

  • +1

    66% pheew, canceled then bought again with zip😁

    • I couldn't do that, seems the deal finished now!

      • +4

        You can still change your payment method when you go to your order page.

        • Ohh, didn't know that. Lucky I didn't lose the deal tho😅

        • I just changed the payment method, but I can't see any changes in payment!!!

          • @danyseb: It's a cashback from Zip. So it'll appear as a credit on your zip account, not through the amazon checkout.

            • @ntodt: That helps, Thank you @ntodt for that. I just offered someone $300 for a 2 month old switch on Facebook marketplace, This turned out to be best ever deal.

  • My unhealthy habit of compulsively checking Ozb before sleeping has paid off BIG tonight!

    • +1

      same, i used to not do this, but it is simply a must for the black friday - cyber monday deals!

  • +3

    Got mine, it's $339 if purchased via Amazon app. Saves you $10 on top of the deal.
    thank you

    • How did you get the $10 off, what did you have to do for it to take the $10 off?

      • Had to download Amazon app & purchase through there instead on the website.

  • Omg, I got one. Somehow it allowed me to sign up for a free trial account even though I had a trial account maybe a year or so ago.

  • I have 2 switch, I must resist haha

  • i will save for switch pro. my OG switch will be fine. lol

  • Yoink, got me one…. and it's gone. Damn lucky, congrats to all those who got one.

  • Was thinking of getting the JB one tomorrow morning for $399 … Lucky me!!!

  • Thanks OP. Late night browsing paid off :).
    Used $30 credit from PS5 purchase.
    Paid $319 using Zip.

  • Can finally join the Nintendo club

  • Nabbed one, didn't want to risk waiting for the ebay deal tomorrow for the same price.

  • Wow ! JBHIFI I’m sorry

  • 100% claimed

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