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10% Cashback (Max $50 Cashback) with Zip Pay Payment @ Amazon AU


Seems like a great offer from Amazon :)

(a) Shop on amazon.com.au or the Amazon mobile app using your Zip (Zip Pay or Zip Money) account (“Zip Account”) during the Offer Period to get 10% credit back up to a maximum of $50AUD (“Offer”). The 10% credit back amount will be credited to the applicable Zip Account within 5 business days from the date the Eligible Purchase amount is debited from your Zip Account. The Offer is applicable during the Offer Period for any number of eligible purchases using your Zip Account. You may spend more than $500AUD during the Offer Period and still be eligible for the Offer, however the 10% credit back is limited to a maximum of $50AUD.

(d) For the purposes of this Offer, “Eligible Purchases” refers to any items available to purchase on amazon.com.au or the Amazon mobile app (AU marketplace) except:

i. Digital purchases including Ebooks, apps, etc;
ii. Subscription purchases including Prime, Prime Video, Audible, Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited;
iii. Purchases made at amazon.com (USA) or any other non-Australian Amazon site, mobile app marketplace or location;
iv. Subscribe and Save items.

As always, enjoy!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • How long does it take to sign up to Zip?

  • oh yes buddy, black friday sale time

  • switch bundle goes to around 360

  • Does it stack with cashrewards?

  • has to be new customer?

  • would account check creates credit check?

    • Yes. I created zip account and applied for Amex last month together, credit score -119 according to wisr and there’s history of check on that from zip

  • T&C's state that you can have multiple transactions.

  • Bought a $100 giftcard with GIFTCARD5 voucher and got $10 credit back within 30 seconds on my zip account.

  • Can buy gift cards ?

  • i think i'd remember this deal last year

  • Just purchased $100 egfit card and got the $10 credit!

    (Didn't read T &C doesn't include digital purchase)

  • Is this valid for only one transaction or transaction can stack up until you reach the limit?

    • The way i read it… The offfer is applicable during the Offer Period for any number of eligible purchases using your Zip Account.

  • Never used or setup zip. Can you create an account, pay using this method, get the credit and then close account zip account off? Or does the credit stay in your zip account ? Are there fees, if there are monthly fees, I see personally no point in it as I will just pay with paypal or credit card.

    • No Fees to keep it active so you can easily close it after you pay everything off afaik

    • as long as you pay the full balance every month, there is no fees
      the point is if you download the app, and set up a virtual VISA card, link it with Apple/Google Pay, you will get 3% "reward dollars" for every instore NFC purchase.
      And you may claim the reward dollars as credit once it reaches $30

  • How many times can you receive the cashback?

    • The way i read it… The offfer is applicable during the Offer Period for any number of eligible purchases using your Zip Account.

  • @zip


    I already have a zip account.

    Your app logged me out.
    Password reset forced me to go through the application process again.
    I decided to see what happened.
    It denied my application. 850+ credit rating thankyou.. Now you've put a black mark on me because you cocked up.

    AND I don't even know if my amazon order has gone through.

    They failed last black Friday too. Remember they couldn't get accounts created in time for their bonus offer? What is wrong with these guys?

    • AND whatever glitch it was has passed. Now I'm logging in, seeing the correct $1000 available BUT still have a black mark on my credit report. NOT HAPPY

  • Thanks, bought $500 Amazon gift cards and got $50 back right away.

    • Alternatively, buy a $500 item that comes with free return and you still get $50, at least for last year.

      • Quite a few people mentioned that they got Amazon gift card from 7-11. I wonder whether there is a promotion going on currently, so we can double dip?

  • Why do some people get their cash back instantly while the rest of us have to wait? Is it because they are buying gift cards?

    • you'll have to wait until amazon deduct the amount/your order is confirmed and went through the system. This could take a few hours to sometimes days depending on the stock. gift card is instant/within a few minutes.

    • Giftcards are delivered instantly but if you buy an item you're only charged just before it ships

  • Why are people risking to reduce there Credit Score for a $10 discount? Can't Credit Score affect really important stuff such as if you're able to get a Home Loan for first home etc.

    Has anyone actually raised there Credit Score from these deals or noticed it to be reduced on those Credit Score websites?

  • Still working for gift cards

  • Cheers OP, it was applied automatically, so $500 in gift cards for $450.

  • +2 votes

    Thanks OP. Got 2 X $100 GC from different accounts(same zip account) with $5 bonus promo.
    $180 for $210 credit. Not bad. Thanks OP

  • Still working $50 back in the account a few minutes after the order.. Still waiting for my $50 from the PS5 deal though.

  • Anyone getting the error on the ZIP: Your account is on hold

    I made purchases on ZIP and immediately paid back. Only 2 trans, the GC and one for Tommy.

  • So how does it work if I want to repay it in full asap, do I choose 'additional payment'?

  • I read that unlike other BNPL companies, Zip Pay does a hard check upon application. It's not worth it.


  • Can confirm still working for gift cards.

  • just bought $500 Amazon eGiftcard with Zip pay and got $50 back in Zip pay account instantly

  • Hmm, I just did a $300 Amazon AU gift card. No instant cashback. :S

    • Oh dear, I screwed up… I bought an amazon gift card via the zip app and not via the amazon website.. sigh.

  • if you check you zip activity you should see an instant credit if you used the amazon website. still havent got my $5 for the code nor the $10 for using mobile app offer i seen. not sure if they will stack or when i will receive them? i did screen print incase i have to case them up for it.

    • Yeh. I made an error. I didn't buy the gift card from amazon, I bought an amazon gift card from the zip app. LOL
      FML. 30 bucks.

  • Bought the Switch deal and it is still pending, perhaps cash back will come through when it’s cleared

    • That seems right. Amazon put a hold on it, but don't take it until they're ready to ship. It should work when they take it.

  • Is Zippay & Afterpay a debt trap?
    Been on the news…

    If you pay off your account at the end of the month, any catch?

    • No catch if you pay off every time.

    • I've used Zip Pay for over two years and as long as you pay it without late payments, you won't have any issues.

      Minimum repayment amount per month is $40 - $80, depending on your approved limit.

      If you don't pay out the whole amount during the month, its only $6 per month added to your balance.

      Honestly, $6 per month ain't that bad compared to other interest.

  • Does this include items imported from the US but sold on Amazon.com.au?

    • I wondered the same thing. Answered by a rep in an exchange below, copied here:

      "Does it still work if you used the Amazon AU but you purchased a product from Amazon facilities in USA … From the AU website, but US stock.


      Hi, Mac from Zip here.

      If Amazon lets you pay with Zip then we’ll honour it."

    • I can confirm it worked on an item from Amazon UK sold on Amazon.com.au

  • Worked for $100 gift card with GIFTCARD5 promo code. $90 for $105 credit, good deal.

    • Is there a minimum spend for GIFTCARD5 promo code to work? Can you post the link on the T&C? Thanks.