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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 (Disk) $749, (Digital) $599 & Get $50 Cashback with Zip Pay Payment @ Amazon AU


PS5 is now available to pre order from Amazon.

Also available is a $50 cashback using zip pay and $30 amazon credit with ps5 preorder
Details on cashback can be found here

Edit: Digital version is not yet listed for sale.
Edit: PS5 Sold Out. PS5 Digital Edition now available

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  • Amazon not selling digital only edition?

  • With zip pay do I pay the full amount before release in batches?

    • Same question

    • If you don't pay the full balance by the end of the month, you will get $6 maintenance fee. I prefer Afterpay much more than Zip.

    • Your ZiPay will be charged full price when it's ready to ship. You pay a minimum of $40 per month (can be paid $40 fortnightly (or even voluntary installments to pay it off quicker).

      Legacy accounts have $5 monthly fees which gets added to your current balance when there's an outstanding balance but IIRC that's increased to $6 for new/recent customers.

      If you don't have enough funds available in your ZipPay account, you will need to pay the difference with another payment method from inside ZipPay itself.

      Disregard the strikethroughed comment. You need to have the total amount available in your ZipPay balance to checkout with it with Amazon.

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        Hey Dagmar, Mac from Zip here.

        Good summary, just a couple of corrections.

        Zip Pay minimum monthly repayment = $40 for accounts with limits of $1000 or less, $80 for accounts with limit $1500.

        The monthly fee was adjusted to $6 for all customers some time ago, not just new.

        On Amazon, you pay the difference on a payment type inside Amazon, not within Zip. Unfortunately this functionality is not available for preorders though so you must have the balance available when you checkout.

        Your balance won't be deducted at checkout though.

        Hope that helps.

        • Can't edit my post now that you've replied so unfortunately my misinformation will need to stay there. Thanks for clarifying, mate!

        • I don't have $750 on my Zip account. If I pay the difference with another payment option, would I still be eligible for $50 cashback?

          • @ishi: You'll need to top up your Zip account before going to Amazon, you need the full basket value available on Zip to be able to select it.

        • Hey Mac! Is it possible to just load more money onto the regular Zip account, or do you have to go with Zip Money to get above $500?
          (It won't let me checkout on Amazon with the $500 limit, and the only thing I could see to 'increase' above $500 was to go with Zip Money, but I'd rather see if there was another way).

        • Hi Mac, do I have to pay the full amount in ZIP to be eligible, I have some Amazon credit left, can I use them?

        • Hey Mac

          Couple of questions
          Can anyone make a Zip Account if they don't have a credit account/history?

          How will Zip fare against PayPal's BNPL offering? I'm looking to invest


        • Hey Mac this is unrelated to the post above but something that has confused me with Zip.

          If i have it set up as monthly payment and I buy something on say 28th of September for example, is my payment due on the 1st of October or?

          • @esosite: Hi there, you have to meet your minimum monthly repayment, you can choose between any day or date and choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

            So it's really up to you!

            • @macleancherry: Hey Mac, I originally ordered with my card but only just managed to create a Zip account, if I change payment methods now will I still receive the $50 Cashback?


        • What the heck is your official website? Not clear on Google.


          I want to log in and pay my balance.. I did not realise there was a $6/month fee.

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            @justtoreply: Hi, it's zip.co

            Click on Sign In > Customers in the top right corner.

          • @justtoreply: Only a $6/month fee if you have an outstanding balance. No balance - no fee. You could spend your limit and as long as it is paid off by the end of the month, no fee… So many people don't seem to understand this?

            Completely different to the dodgy 'new' no interest bank CC that have recently come out. They charge a fee based on your credit limit if you use it in that month. So you get charged a fee no matter what if you use that 'card', even if you pay it off straight away…

            So to recap on this deal.. you have the money upfront but want to take advantage of the PS5 $50 cashback into your zip account? Simply pay using your ZIP account and when it is officially charged (you'll get a notification) log into your zip account (I find it easier with the app) and select make extra repayments and pay off your balance. You do this, you won't get charged the $6 fee.

          • @justtoreply: All of the above. ZipPay and ZipMoney used to perform separate tasks (however both by the same company). Now they're kinda combined.

  • Wish they did this for series x

    • Series X is tied up with Telstra , under the XBox All Access umbrella - https://www.telstra.com.au/entertainment/gaming/xbox-all-acc...

      • Telstra are only seller?

      • Oh man.. Telstra? Wow.

        • It's an awesome deal… If Telstra had the capacity or capabilities to handle 100k preorder volumes.

          Ie don't expect stock, dont expect anyone in telstra to have knowledge, dates, don't expect notifications, it's just available to order, or it doesn't work. As a BNPL option, good luck.

          As long as you aren't placing hopes on Santa Telstra, good luck with stock availability.

          https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/xbox-serie... to get on the list

          If Telstra can get their act together, they still likely won't have Series S or Series X delivered before Christmas.

          If you break down the deal, it is a slight discount mostly due to paying for XGPU upfront. The current One S/X All Access deal, ties in a 24 month repayment option on the Series S/X along with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So it's RRP plus ~$320 for 2 years of XGPU. If you have XGPU already, it will cap to 3 years maximum. The Series S/X deal will work in the same way.

      • If you want to pre-order with Telstra, you will need to take up a new month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan and then pre-order Xbox All Access.

        Series X $46/m
        Small month to month sim plan $55/m

        No way.

  • Honestly price of $750 is too hyped up.

    Wasn't expecting anymore than 600-650

    • Disc version is UHD now.
      Also compared to ps2 retail it’s well priced

    • Could you even build a PC of the same performance for under $1000?

      • Irrelevant comparison mate. PC is not just limited to gaming

        • Well it's not irrelevant. A $300 laptop is limited to just surfing the web and word processing. A $2000+ laptop is not just limited to that, it can game. Is the value of being able to game on a laptop $1700?
          How much would a PC cost to match the performance of the ps5? Is the value between that and the ps5 the value you would give of being able to do multiple functions?

          • @Durdart: Kind of true, but you’ll have a miserable time when surfing and word processing on a $300 laptop. A $2000 laptop has better screen, processor, memory, keyboard, etc. which is useful for non gaming applications

          • @Durdart: Considering the 2080 Super was over 1k (can't remember exact price 1.3 maybe?) at launch i don't see how this is a bad price

          • @Durdart: A PC is modular, a lot of components will last a decade or more (e.g PSU, storage, case) so it's unfair to compare a PC built from scratch. You have the advantage of upgrading single components as you need.

            Moreso let's be real a console locks you into one platform with strict limitations. One digital store, a paid online service (that is inferior in every way to Steam), and many other aspects.

            He is right, a gaming PC will also enable you to use video editing, design, engineering, and other complex software - should you have use for it. Even simple work is far more efficient, especially having multiple monitors - this is a total game changer if you do any work at all on a computer.

            I think the real thing above all is customisability, I imagine most PS5 games will keep you limited to 30 or 60 FPS with no control over settings. You can't really compare PC vs console on price. Two screens alone to watch things is worth its weight in gold.

            • @flooressence: Researching, part-picking, buying, building, upgrading and maintaining (cleaning, etc) a PC / parts can be such a pain. I've been a PC gamer for almost 2 decades but I still find them tedious. Obviously a PC is much more powerful and customisable (does this word even exist?) than a gaming console but some people just prefer a simple gaming system that's already built, 'optimised' for the mass population and doesn't need to be upgraded every couple of years.

              Personally I don't enjoy assembling a PC so I don't like to constantly upgrade my PC every 2-3 years just for my gaming needs (Yes, I use PC mainly for light basic tasks and gaming only, no heavy productivity work). In the last few years, graphics cards have also been more expensive due to Nvidia 'monopolising' ray-tracing cards. I know ray tracing is probably just a 'gimmick' at the moment because it's a 'recent' tech and not many games utilise it yet, but hopefully AMD will release ray tracing cards soon so there'll be more competition in the GPU department.

              On your comment, I doubt PC PSU and storage can last a decade or more. My PC HDD usually dies in about 5 years and my previous PSU, that I bought in less than a decade ago, won't be able to power today's decent gaming system.

              • @El Psy Kongroo: 'Upgrading' your PC generally just involves replacing a GPU or a part at a time, unless its the CPU which may have motherboard requirements. It's not hard, and frankly, there's absolutely no need to upgrade every 2-3 years, unless you're forever chasing the bleeding edge of technology. That would mean you'd be upgrading every Nvidia generation, which is frankly totally unnecessary.

                Also don't 'doubt' unless you actually know. I'm still using a Corsair 650w from 2010, perfectly capable of handling my much more modern rig. Although I will be replacing it sometime within the next year, not because of any issues, but moreso peace of mind. HDD's are outdated technology, there's no real need for one unless your work demands extreme amounts of storage.

                And yes I know about the convenience and efficiency of consoles, I enjoy consoles too. You can't compare them though imo, their hardware is good value for money, but they are incredibly limited in various other ways. For me alone, two monitors and the efficiency of being able to multi task while gaming (e.g. videos) or simply the ability to alt tab and chat/browse/choose a song/etc alone is something that money can't buy, let alone the efficiency of two monitors for work (word processing/excel etc definitely included, for the above reasons, plus reading multiple documents or web pages at once so on - my design work even moreso beneficial).

      • Could you even build a PC of the same performance for under $1000?

        Could you even build a cluster of '85 Amigas of the same performance for under $1000?

        Am I playing this game right?

      • Same but reverse can i install windows on the ps5 and run it as a pc? XD

    • You were an optimistic one. I had placed In in the $700-850 mark

    • It's an almost exact conversion of the US price + GST. This is the best we could have realistically hoped for; I was ready for $800+.

      • I see now why Sony has priced it at 750. Demand from masses ready to pay as much drives the price higher

        • I think it’s more so the high specs. PS5 is much higher spec’d in 2020 than a PS4 was in 2013. Higher end components cost more so not many are surprised by this

        • That SSD tech isn't cheap, we are paying a lot for that.

          • @FabMan: It’s not just the SSD, I’m not even a Sony fanboy or Xbox fanboy but from what’s been revealed so far, it’s basically an r7 3700 + rtx 2070-2080 performance. For 750 that’s a bargain.

    • When you realise that with 750 you cannot get a PC nowhere near to this console….