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[Preorder, Prime] PlayStation 5 (Disk) $749, (Digital) $599 & Get $30 Amazon Credit for a Future Eligible Order @ Amazon AU


Prime Savings Prime member offer on PS5.
Prime Savings Prime Members get a $30 promotional credit for a future eligible order when they purchase a PS5 console sold by Amazon AU. See full T&Cs and eligibility criteria. Prime membership fees apply. Here's how (terms and conditions apply)

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  • Any love for xbox?

  • Also $50 credit if you pay using Zip

  • Probably goes without saying, but the $30 credit is only applied AFTER the PS5 order ships. You can't just pre-order one, get $30 free and then cancel it.

  • guarantee from Amazon?

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • Thanks, cancelled my JB pre order and ordered here 🙂

  • Do I need to be a prime member at the time of ordering or shipped? Just want to sign up 1 month

  • Damn… Didn't see this. Ordered through Sony's website for $749 + Cashrewards. No idea if the 5% cashback is eligible on the PS5.

    Is there any guarantee Amazon will fulfil the order?

  • I managed to get a pre-order in at EB first thing this morning. This is the best deal so far (especially with the $50 Zip bonus) but I have concerns, especially at the moment, around Amazon's ability to get it to me on launch day.

    Last game I preordered (pre-Covid) was supposed to release on a Thursday (maybe Friday?) but I didn't get it until the following Monday. More recently, the last item I ordered was stuck in the Melbourne sorting centre for 2 weeks before it made it the hour and a half up the road to my place.

    I think personally I might just stick with the option where I can get it in person on the day.

    • I used to have faith in Amazon delivering on time, but they did not ship my THPS until after launch when I pre-ordered it 6 months before. Now put off by this.

      • Yeah, i have been raising non-stop complaints with them for the odd order here and there, as there is supposed to be certain 'guarantees' as a prime account holder.

        Most of the time they have been fine, just the odd order here and there.
        If you kick up a stink, you can atleast get compensated. My last order i was pretty much given the most egregious experience yet not shipping a pre-order 6-days after release, and apparently this seems to stem from one Fulfilment centre (Dandenong, Vic) in particular from my experience.

    • Yeah I was worried too, thats why I preordered 2 (amazon & EB)

  • Wonder if there's any chance of it arriving anywhere near launch. Oh well, no one else will guarantee a launch console either.

  • Does the Zip cashback apply if I've already pre-ordered the console and then change my payment method to Zip?

  • Bit the bullet and preordered from here instead of the risk of delays with JB and EB Games running into early next year. I'll look to sell my PS4 Pro privately, rather than the EB trade in option.

  • I wonder if this means you need to be a PRIME member on pre-order or when it ships? Thinking of preorder and in Nov, becoming a PRIME member. Might need to contact support.

  • Further to my previous comments re: the pre-order from the Sony website via Cashrewards, I've got an email from Cashrewards advising $37.50 was tracked. So FYI - It's $712.50 delivered via this method (if you don't mind waiting around 3 months to get the cashback)

  • Expiry of amazon credit? Thanks

    Edit: 31 December 2020🤔

  • I assume by the price that this definitely is the version with the disk drive (right?). Because it is not very helpful that the listing shows a picture of the digital version first, and it doesn't even clarify which version it is in the information below.

    • Yes, it's definitely the disk version. All the images show the disk slot from what I can see.

  • Does anyone have experience with PS4 / XBOX One From Amazon on launch?
    Of course delivery would be dependent on where you live but it'd be good to have a general idea. :)

  • Hrm - I got $10 off, not $30 credit. I'm a Prime member. I used gift certs to cover part of the balance so might've been some small print in there I didn't see. All gone now so can't see the original T&Cs.

    • These terms and conditions apply whereby current Prime members (free trial or paid members) who purchase a select PlayStation 5 console [B08HHV8945,B08HLWDMFQ] “sold by Amazon AU” on Amazon.com.au (Eligible Item), will receive by email from Amazon Australia confirmation of a $30 credit that has been automatically added to their account for use towards a future Eligible Order (Promotional Code), (Offer). Eligible Items does not include any Excluded Items. When used in these terms and conditions, 1) “Eligible Order” refers to a purchase on amazon.com.au of any items that are “sold by Amazon AU” and excludes any Excluded Items; and 2) “Excluded Items” refers to any products on amazon.com.au sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon AU or sold by Amazon US), digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as Prime video and audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates. To redeem the Offer, Prime members must purchase an Eligible Item during the offer period. Once that Eligible Item has shipped, the Promotional Code will be sent by email from Amazon.com.au and can be used on the customer’s next Eligible Order via the Amazon app or amazon.com.au. If you do not first purchase the Eligible Item during the offer period, the Offer will not apply. If you cancel or return the Eligible Item, you will only be refunded the price paid for the Eligible Item and the Promotional Code will be invalidated. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offers cannot be used on pre-existing orders. Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click. This Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice. This Offer is not redeemable for cash. This Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold. Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply. Delivery will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon AU's standard delivery rates and policies. The Offer can only been redeemed once per customer. Offer ends at 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 24 September 2020. The Promotional Code will expire at 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 December 2020.

    • Hope you didn't pay ZIP and expect $50 cashback. Both Amazon and ZIP have confirmed in writing that the full amount has to be paid via ZIP to get the cashback.

  • I bought around midday, I know the release date is 12th of November but it's showing "Delivery date pending" on my order.

    Is that right? I'm prime and I chose Free Prime Delivery, I would like to know if there is anyone with any different information on the delivery.


    • Delivery will be pending till closer to the release

      • Do you think they are going to delivery on time (12 of November)?

        • Amazon have only missed release date deliveries for me during stage 4. Cause coming from melb warehouse. We should be fine with deliveries by then. Also if it misses they will give compensation if you asks

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