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Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT GAMING OC (rev. 2.0) $499 + Delivery @ Shopping Express (free Razer Blackwidow V3 Keyboard)


Not the latest and greatest but sub-500 for this graphics card is pretty good, especially with the free keyboard

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Card is good for the price but still has some driver issues with this particular model. It's slowly getting better over time however I would recommend getting a 2070s.

  • Where can i claim the free keyboard?

    • It's automatically added when the card is added to cart.

    • It adds to cart when you add it. I also believe there is a promo on with AMD on this card as well, get a free copy of WoW Shadowlands and Godfall. It doesnt say if these guys are an approved reseller but.

  • I’ve still got this while I wait for either a 3080 or 6800XT (depending what my ITX case fits).
    In any case it’s damn good, can do 4K but watch the airflow.

    I must say - objectively that the AMD software (former wattman) is by far and away the best and amazing

    • there's going to be some massive backlash against AMD … Steve at hardware unboxed is just fuming right now at what AMD has done pricing wise… Pretty disgraceful if you ask me and i'm one that has patiently waited for them to release things.

      • Hey scud, I haven't come across any articles critiquing RDNA2 pricing, can you explain mate?

        • Long story short (and even then it's long)… AMD boasted they'll have lots of stock (they didnt) so that was one thing everyone laughed off cuz that Frank Azor or whatever his name is made a bet on twitter that they'll have plenty … which he basically lost to whoever it was he bet… they made board partners release their verson 1 week later … which was another issue but some were hopeful that meant more cards .. which resellers came out and said no there's bugger all being received… Nail in the coffin came last night when reviewers got the partner cards for review … Sapphire wouldnt disclose the MSRP to hardware unboxed which he thought was weird … then Powercolor did the same but they elaborated and said look margins are very low, even lower than previous years … but AMD is selling them the chips are a higher cost … Steve (reviewer) was expecting usual $50-70 on top of AMD msrp .. so say sapphire card would be $699 ish (msrp is 649) .. but the msrp is basically $770 and thats at a lower margin for the AIB's .. meaning its not the AIB, Distributor/Reseller marking them up that high .. its AMD making a low MSRP which they had no intention of hitting (bait and switch) or worse basically becoming the scalpers and marking them up to make higher margin…

          sorry i know its long ..

          • @scud70: If they are undersupplied I'd rather they capture the profit than scalpers. It all comes entirely down to manufacturing capability at the moment, unless AMD and radeon are deliberately restricting supply (very likely) to capture higher profits.

          • @scud70: I follow 'harbour unboxed' also, Steve is very straight forward about this

            • @Kliche: for reviews i watch them and tech Jesus … (even if tech Jesus is a bit over the top for general use stuff haha) … the rest like Linus, JayZ etc are good for a cross check and entertainment.. but i find hammer onbox to be best middle of the road pro consumer channel… and are Aussie lol

              • @scud70: yeh them boys are Melbourne based I think… They helped me killed a lot of time with their videos during the lockdown.
                Back to the topic, AMD's paper launch was worse than Nvidia's. It was roughly 90% marketing and 10% actual production.

                • @Kliche: yep and added a heap 'O' shit on top if what Steve has said is true… just when you think AMD is going to even the playing field somewhat …they take a dump in your front yard.. lol

        • Ouch.. that sounds bad.
          I really want to support AMD, but the factors;
          1. Impossible to get as mentioned
          2. 6800XT or better may not even fit in my ITX builds

          Make it hard

          • @mitchins: exactly my thoughts… this has been the longest frikin build ever, going on a year now.. i even paid retail for my 5600X which goes against finding a bargain gene lol .. and had a chance to get the founders edition 6800XT which fits my iTX but i didnt want to pay $1049 ..anyway hopefully they clarify what is happening .. but looks like a place holder card is what i'll be looking for or just stick with my 270 which is just stupid with the rest of my build LOL

  • Are there other items/gear that get the free keyboard? Or just this card?
    i.e. where can I find more info about the free keyboard promotion?

  • I'm looking for a GPU in this price range but I'm tempted to wait and see if they'll have a 2070S around this price point soon since DLSS 2.0 seems so good and is faster overall. Bleh.

    • I've been waiting for 4 months. They are discontinued and what stock is left are a 'rare commodity' and stupid $

  • Ah bugger it. This'll do. A good price, I need a keyboard and I need a video card. I'm sick of poring over websites looking at the latest gen cards, their stock levels and their pricing. I'm out, see you again next gen maybe.

  • Cannot add to cart. Sold out

    Edit: Oops sorry not sold out. Just issue are my end haha

    Edit 2: actually it’s OOS

  • IMO, this is a good deal. The keyboard is worth $100.

    • Is the keyboard easy to resell for around that $$

      Im thinking if I should get this (for triple 27" 1440p for sim racing) or a 2nd hand 1080Ti / 2070s for the same price ??

  • OOS now.

  • Had it in my cart. Went to get a cup of tea. Out of stock now. Quiet the bummer. But oh well, I'll just wait for another deal to pop up.

    • Yeah, I had the same thing happen :/ I'm sure there'll be more deals for this card today. Hopefully.

  • I picked up this card earlier this week via eBay for ~$530, arrived yesterday and did a direct swap with my R9 290x and it was detected right away.

    To ensure no driver issues I did however do an uninstall and new install of the latest AMD drivers (with a 'clean install' option selected)

    Would recommend. Pairs nicely with all these 144/165Hz Dell monitors!

  • Anyone got shipping confirmation on this deal yet? My order is stuck in status: "PICK"