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Razer Deathadder V2 Pro Gaming Mouse $153 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Bing Lee eBay


Alternatively can be bought instore only at Bing Lee for $133 with Latitude Pay

Delivery looks to be around $6

Can't say I've seen any other substantial discounts off of the RRP $224 since its release, bar JB's current $170 offering

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Bought, thanks OP. Guess I'll have to try to return that wired version I bought recently from Amazon AU (via Amazon UK), or sell it.

  • Man I'm amazed that there is only 6g difference between the wireless and wired versions.

  • razer viper ultimate for $169 is arguably better?

    • If you've got small hands maybe

  • I'm just curious. I've bought logitech M560 about 4 years ago from Dicksmith from closing down clearance. It came with an AA battery Which I haven't changed since then. Even after 4 years of use it has still got more than 30% battery. But why this Razer DeathAdder mouse comes with just like 70 hrs/110 hours of charge only?

    • +1

      Fancy gaming mouses have higher polling rates, etc, meaning they're transmitting more messages to the wireless USB dongle per second (and each transmission takes a bit of energy). To make the wireless connection really low latency they'd also be using less energy-efficient processors, etc inside the mouse. Razer is also just probably not using as an efficient a laser technology; my G603 wireless gaming mouse has a 500 hour battery life on two AAs or 18 months of endurance with the polling rate turned down.
      Also apparently the M560 is only rated for 18 months of usage, so you're probably less active with the mouse than Logitech (and probably Razer) expects for normal usage.

      • Makes sense. Thanks for the reply 👍

  • Man not far off the price of the wired one a few months ago

  • Thanks! I ended up paying 113, seems like they gave me 20 off 133

    • How do you mean?

      • +1

        I payed with lattitude pay instore which should have gave me $20 off the sale price of $153, but on the reciept the total came up as $133 so on lattitude pay my total was $113.

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