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Xiaomi Dashcam 70mai 1S D06 - US$35.99 (~A$49.72) + Delivery A$4.56 @ Banggood


Just noticed Xiaomi Dashcam 70mai 1S available on banggood for AUD 49.72 plus delivery as part of a flash sale.

Not the cheapest ever but seems like a decent price.

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  • $5 for delivery. And might not arrive before Christmas. Anyone know of a local deal ?

  • Great price. Love these cameras at this price range.
    Great day and night quality and reliable.

    I'm considering getting another one to act as a rear camera 🤔

  • Does anyone know if the camera can be easily detached from the mount? It looks like there's a knob to loosen / tighten when adjusting the angle, but I've no idea if it can be removed all the way to detach the camera.

    Would make it easy to keep the camera for the very hot days.

    • i've been exposing mine for 3 summers now and still worked great. Don't bother detaching the camera.

      • Any similar to the upcoming 40 degree heatwave that's supposed to hit Western Sydney this weekend? My car is parked out in the open, so the inside is most definitely going to be an oven. :(

    • depends if you have clear uninterrupted access i.e no mirror or toll tag in the way. I find it fiddly to take take off and put on, not something I'd want to do regularly. Not sure if fasteners like this would be an alternative method to mount :

    • Your sun visor will block it from the sun. Position or cut a gap in it to fit the camera.

      I'm hoping you're protecting your car from the sun as well as your camera 😁

  • I had the MI IP cameras for home before(not car Dash camera)
    Slow start, sometimes they don't record.

    But they have great picture quality.

  • I have trouble pairing my mobile to this dashcam, any tips?

  • Does this require any installation/ripping out of bits of your car? Also does it work okay with the Xiaomi home app?

  • Also how does this compare to the Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 1S (can be got around $100)