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[Switch] Super Smash Bros Ultimate $49 (Expired) | UNO Card Game $5 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Another lightning deal from Amazon. Get in quick if you want one!

Don't wanna spam Ozbargain so adding another deal!

UNO Card Game - $5

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Thanks dealbot, you don't have to tell me twice :D

  • Cheers!

  • GGWP dealbot

  • Yasssssss! Was waiting for this!

  • +1

    Remember to use ZipPay to get further 10% off.

    • Thank you!

  • +2

    I kinda can feel why people love amazon

  • -2

    Let's leave it till 5pm for the 12% shop back cashback

    • +2

      It won’t last til then. Already 25% gone.

      • Agreed. Was hoping for a collective ozbargain effort to make that happen lol.

        • +2

          No matter. Half the time Shopback fail to pay bonus commissions anyway…

        • were you trying to summon the gods of ozbargain? How'd that work out?

          • +1

            @kiriakoz: Not great today. Not being blessed to get my hands on the $99 airpods from eBay.

            • @victorheaven: Sorry to hear that. BTW, I believe I got the Shopback (I guess I won't know for sure until I see it on my Shopback account).

        • Looks like you (just) got your wish. 10% still available. Snap it up quickly!!

    • It's going to end by then.

  • Not good enough to make money, but this deal is good enough that you won't lose money.

  • Awesome game, definitely a lot of value for money in there.

  • +1

    Thanks. Just bought it even though I dont have the switch. :|
    Hope I can score one today.

    • Same I'm 7 games in between click frenzy and now , still to by the switch either . Need that $350 deal

  • +1

    Am i the only one who find this game damn difficult ? 😞

    • You are not alone. Indication of getting old

    • I got this couple months ago. Have mostly a great time in it, until I try to play online multiplayer. I get frustrated, because everyone seems to know the moves that cut through all of my moves! Great game though.

      • What character do you use

    • +2

      The people online must bloody well live on there. They need an online service for 30+ year olds.

    • No, me too. I always forget to call out "Uno".

  • Is a complete edition ever coming out

  • Wait to 5pm for Shopback 12%

  • Finally got a lighting Smash Bros! Couldn't risk it going OOS for the SB 12%

    • +1

      I am sure you made the right move. It is already 75% gone at this point.

    • Managed to cancel and reorder with the 12% :)

      • How did you cancel and reorder with the 12%? Isn't the deal finished so no 49$ original sale price?

  • Amazing! Thanks for the share! Legend!

  • is Super Smash Bros Ultimate nice?

  • +1

    Nabbed this and Animal Crossing with the APPONLY10 promo code on the Amazon Shopping app for an extra $10 off. Thanks OP.

  • got 1, thanks OP

  • Now we wait for Mario Kart and Breath of the Wild, $49, I am calling it.

  • 83% now claimed

  • Thank you, finally have one.

  • I cant believe how well switch games hold their value even 2+ years after launch, whereas PS4/Xbox games dive to like 20 bucks within 6 months.

  • +2

    Thanks, the wait was worth it.

    Got it with 12% cash back.

  • How can I use zip pay?
    I created zip pay from my amazon wallet
    And then I just choose my zip pay that's it??
    How can I get a 10% cash back?

  • +2

    got it with 12% cashback

  • +3

    Fun Fact.
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch was originally a 60gb game.

    Bandai Namco assisted to have it reduce to 14gb (75% reduction)

    • +2

      Call of Duty should learn from this.

  • Got it for $39, don't know how and didnt have any credit in my account

  • Allotment used up

    Edit: Joined waitlist, managed to buy at $49 after 2 minutes on waitlist. Good deal, thanks OP

  • +1

    Out of stonks

  • available again 99% claimed…quick

  • Just got it on wait list (5:19pm)

  • +1 for UNO :)

  • Thankyou!!

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