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50% off All Items Ordered for Delivery @ 7-11 via Tipple


Got an email with the code - not sure if it's targeted. Already had an account with previous orders and still worked for me. Bought chocolate that was reduced to $2 and took 50% off again, so $1. Seems like a good deal. Expires at midnight.

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  • I get "Sorry, we were unable to understand the address. Bad computer!"

  • Worked for me. New account. Code was automatically applied during checkout. WIN.

    Brilliant 1st post, OP

    • Sweet - good to hear! Cheap Krispy Kremes, can't go wrong

  • +1

    $5.20 for a 175g box of Arnotts BBQ Shapes…I must be out of touch with prices…

    • Standard convenience store prices. At 50% off it's cheaper than Coles ($3.20)

  • +4

    So much discounting on that site to take advantage of.

    Here is my order:

    1 x 2l bottle of milk
    4 x 250ml cans of V sugar-free (half price)
    4 x 500ml Ice Break Extra Shot iced coffee (half price)
    4 x slice banana bread (half price)
    2 x 500ml tubs of ice cream (bundle deal)
    1 x box Krispy Kreme bites
    2 x 150g blocks of Cadbury chocolate (half price)
    1 x Super cola Slurpee

    $26.50 including delivery fee.


    • Ordered @ 7.50pm
      Delivered @ 9.19pm

      Impressive speed.

      7-Eleven is a 2min drive from here.

  • The discount even applies to delivery. Good deal

  • yeah really gooood price especially on milk ordered 20litres of milk

    • What do you plan on doing with 20L of milk, might I ask?

      • +1

        your right, i'm sad should have ordered twice.
        I have a family of six so this will probably last 3 days.
        I didn't think it through wanted it to last 7 days.

        • Haha god damn!

      • +1

        oh sorry forgot to answer your question,
        we drink it and make yoghurt out if it

  • Placed an order at 8.20 and now apparently it's been cancelled due to incorrect pricing.
    Edit, might be some mass cancellations judging by my chat
    " Josh 09:20:18 pm

    Paypal refunds are usually very quick so I would expect the refund to show in your account within the next day or two. We will process the refunds tonight when we close as there are a large number to get through!"

  • looks like the code has been disabled

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