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Fujifilm X100V $1,569.15 Delivered @ Camera House eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Camera House has 15% Black Friday Sale, bringing their price to $1,869.15
Stack with PRESS20 coupon to bring it down further to $1,569.15

Lowest price for AU stock to date I think?

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • I have been considering buying it at this price, saw it yesterday.. can't decide between downgrading to this or sticking with my 23mm 1.4 kit

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      probably look at your photos and see how many you shoot wide open (and whether you actually needed to)

      then think about the amount of times you leave your camera at home because it's inconvenient.

      I'd weigh those two factors.

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      What camera body are you using? Aside from the aperture difference, I wouldn't necessarily call it a downgrade, especially with this having the updated 23 F2 lens compared to the previous X100 models.

      • Yeah I have been looking back at my photos and I do shoot wide open quite a bit (environment portraits) I like the subject isolation of the 1.4

        I have the x-t20

        But I do often leave the camera at home due to the size, although I used to have the x100s and whilst smaller and lighter, it's still a chunky camera that probably needs its own bag to transport.. hard decision!

        • Yeah I have the X-T20 as well, great little camera but with the 23 F1.4 it doesn't make it as portable anymore! With the X100 series, you could just get a small neoprene pouch for it and chuck it in your bag instead of needing a more substantial camera insert/bag.

          • @kopisusu: Yeah true, do you have the x100v?

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              @jjsnacks: Yes I ultimately grabbed one from digidirect when they had a 20% off eBay sale ($1598 - price matched in store) over the X-T3 (with 20% and cashback).

              Happy with my decision so far for the convenience, size, usability and quality. Still early days in getting the camera set up to my liking.

              Time will tell whether I keep my X-T20 and XF lenses, upgrade the body in another generation or two, or if find I can get by with just the x100V and sell them all off.

              • @kopisusu: Did you end up making a decision on which camera to keep? I still can't decide what to get haha

  • Great deal…

  • Stellar deal.

  • I'm looking for a compact camera to downsize from a Nikon D7100. Something convenient to carry, good quality and not have to worry about carrying different lenses. Would this fit the bill?

    • Definitely! So long as you're comfortable with using a prime lens that is. Another alternative worth looking into would be a Ricoh GR III.

      • Yeah just saw that its a fixed lens. Was thinking something with zoom for general all purpose, but then again I usually get by with a 35mm.