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Up to 40% off Olight Javelot Turbo Kit $222.57+ Free Shipping + Free Gift @ Olight


A high-performance LED offers an excellent beam distance of 1,300 metres, making it the new king of throw flashlight species.The two 5000mAh 21700 battery pack brings long runtime. The Javelot Turbo is a dual-switch LED flashlight. We made technical improvements to these things including the throw, convenient side switch, integrated replaceable battery pack, power level indicator, and the 63mm bezel diameter. You can charge the product via a normal MCC3 charging cable, or lock it up with a ROD remote pressure switch. For sure, the Javelot Turbo is one of Olight’s best illumination tool for hunting or search and rescue.
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Olight Australia

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  • Advertising blitz from Olight this week.

    They were on the other day on AutoExpert on YouTube, and John Cadogan going over it

    • I know right? 😂I post their deals cause I can, but I get bombarded by them, 3 marketing emails in 5 days and web ads everywhere

  • Pretty much everyone with anything to do with being outdoors who I follow on youtube, received one of these to review in the last week. Promo blitz for sure.

    It's a good thrower but it isn't the king. I'd be buying a Noctigon K1 if an Astrolux FT03 wasn't good enough for you. Cheaper and use easily/cheaply replaceable 21700/26650's, and the Noctigon is every bit as good if not better than the Javelot Turbo IMO

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      Each have their own taste

    • Cheers for suggestions will check them out

    • Except the K1 isn't a weapon light is it? the Javelot is designed as a hunting spotlight, hence the scope mount, pressure pad and filters. The K1 also comes with Anduril which is useless for a weapon mounted light. The Olight UI is far less convoluted and a better fit for the intended purposes of the Javelot Turbo. It's also not the "thrower king", it's the king in its class of weapon light, though I don't know how accurate that is either as I don't follow all torches in the WL category as I prefer a flood over a thrower and don't shoot.