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12 Month Combined Subscription (ABC Reading Eggs + ABC Mathseeds) $83.90 @ Reading Eggs Shop


12 Month Combined Subscription (ABC Reading Eggs + ABC Mathseeds)

Was: $139.90
Now $83.90
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  • If you have kids this is such a great subscription to buy for them. Use it for both my kids, the one in kindergarden is reading higher than kids in year 1 due to it.

  • Agree with comment above but it has been cheaper.

  • Does it stake? If I have existing subscription?

  • try these codes as well

  • Do yourself a favour and read the reviews before you drop any coin on this. The worst app I have ever used.

  • I'm forced to agree with TY38 above, to a degree.

    It's not quite the "…worst app I've ever used", but it is pretty clunky. As well as that, my pet hate with it pertains to the 'Maths Seeds' component of it. Some of the answers to the questions the kids are asked are simply incorrect. When I email them to alert them they do fix the individual question/answer that I alert them to, but the problem just keeps reoccurring as my boy progresses through the levels. The content appears to have not undergone any actual 'proof-reading'/quality control. That seems to have been subtly outsourced to me and my son (et al.?). My son has now pretty much 'lost faith' that they will mark his work based on the correct answer. To date, the 'Reading Eggs' dudes don't seem to think these serial incorrect answers are a problem. To me, it seems that the maths component has been 'tacked on' without any real due diligence/appropriate review/quality control being done before it was 'released'.

    Re the reading component, some of the 'quizzes' pertaining to reading comprehension are similarly flawed. The kid is often prompted to pick the correct option from four in these quizzes, but sometimes two of the options are equally valid, and other times a completely wrong answer is supposedly the correct one (some sort of coding error; I am referring to very obvious instances, not matters of linguistic interpretation).

    Lastly, before you pay a cent for this decidedly mediocre resource, check whether your primary school has a prescription for it first. My boy's (public) primary school here in Melbourne has a subscription, which means that any kid in the school can use the platform/resource as much as they want, 100% for free, throughout their primary school 'career'.

    Given all of the above, I have concluded that these guys/this platform/resource is essentially still in the 'beta-testing' stage. There's no way that I would pay even $1 for it, in its current form.