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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Lossless High Fidelity Gaming Headset $454 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


free expidited shipping with prime :: ETA 14th Dec delivery

havent seen these drop much. Cx3 telling me all time lowest was $420, so not a bad deal!

Dual-Wireless technology provides rock solid, 2.4G wireless lossless audio for gaming, combined with Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices

Premium Hi-Res speakers with high-density neodymium magnets reproduce a full, expansive frequency range from 10 – 40,000 Hz with stunning realism and clarity

lightweight steel and aluminum alloy construction offers maximum durability and a consistent fit

Two included swappable batteries allow you to charge a battery in the base station, while using the other for more than 20 hours of gaming

Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, the ClearCast microphone delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Lowest * $363.37 May 01, 2019

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      yeh i read the wrong thing. shakes head sorry chaps, i tried :|

  • Just spent the last three hours researching these, If you’re thinking these are gonna work straight away with the ps5 or series X think again. Apparently steelseries are releasing a firmware update for them to work seamlessly on ps5 as in not having to use aftermarket adaptors etc and have a snake nest of cables from the amp/dac to get it to work. Problem is after reading through the reddit threads and the responses from steelseries themselves their very cagey about giving out any info for what the update actually does and based on the early info they’re only gonna change the digital wording from ps4 to ps5 when you select the output and nothing more.

    I really wanted these just spewin they’re not natively working with PS5 or series X, now I’m waiting for 7X to come out because they’re specifically designed for the new consoles and 7X works on both Series X and PS5 where as the new 7P only works on the PS5 and not the series X.

    First world problems but don’t wanna get stuck with poor audio quality on $400 pair of cans that aren't compatible on the new gen consoles.

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      Hey, I have this headset and it's compatible with PS5 out of the box. I DID update the firmware via SteelSeries Engine on a whim, but it didn't change the PS4 text on the transmitter to PS5 so idk.

      But really, the only thing that you lose with no optical cable on PS5 (just USB) is that chatmix feature via the headset's wheel, BUT the same feature works remarkably well via the PS5s sound quick-menu. It does basically the same thing.

      • Sounds stupid asking this, but are you certain of this? I mean in terms of sound quality? I’m hearing because of the no optical input on ps5 or series x the sound quality compared to what it should be is very poor by comparison to being able to plug the optical cable direct into the console like you could with ps4 xonex etc.

        The problem is as you know there is no optical input on the new consoles so without that your just running usb and people are saying the sound quality sux now because you either run the optical through your tv, again losing audio quality as it’s your console that’s passing the sound or your stuck with just usb pass through that uses a different frequency to which the ps5 puts out kind of gimping you if that makes sense. As for the update that’s not out yet but you can find it discussed over on steelseries reddit page

        • I haven't noticed any difference that ISN'T due to the 3D audio on the PS5, which is on at a system level by default all the time. The optical only ever passed the chat audio, as far as I'm aware, so the remaining USB interface still handles all the main audio as far as I'm aware. It's been good for me, YMMV.

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      There's your good audio quality for $400.

      • Lol, these things seem to be already having issues with imbalance and whooshing noise in the background constantly combined with uncomfortable clamping. I’m only quoting some users that already have them in the forum though in this thread https://www.head-fi.org/threads/audeze-penrose-x-and-penrose...

        I used to own the Audeze Mobius and those things were nothing but issues with that stupid head tracking software that was glitchy as, disconnects all the time from pc, just a headache to use and tye battery was abysmal. Maybe they fixed all that with the penrose? I would be waiting for reviews personally.

        Ideally I want wireless, works seamlessly with PC, PS5 and Series X without compatibility issues and a decent battery life. I don’t want workarounds for existing headphones due to no optical input on the new gen consoles and I don’t want to wait for compatibility patches for the software that may or may not work with new gen consoles. Currently the only seamless allrounder that fits that bill is the Steelseries 7X that works with all platforms seamlessly but isn’t available yet unlike the 7P variant but that only works with Ps5 and PC where the 7X will work with both because there’s a switch on the usb connector to flick from ps5 to series X, surprisingly the 7X does it all but the 7P doesn’t yet they’re both the same price…

        • Penrose is wireless, has no head-tracking, and if you read about that 'whoosh' issue, you'd realise it's while changing at extremely low volumes, and Audeze already have a firmware fix coming for it.

          The Penrose X should meet all of your requirements, and the price will jump up $80 once stock arrives. Chat with Addicted to Audio before you buy to confirm that you're seeking dual compatibility as a reason for purchase, and see if they agree to let you initiate a return without incurring a restocking fee beyond freight costs if you find it unsatisfactory.

      • (profanity) me I wish I found this yesterday!

        • If it's not shipped, you can just cancel the order from Amazon. The Penrose pre-order price should hold until at least mid-December.

    • PS5 uses standard Audio usb drivers. It works fine out of the box. It's the sEries x taht doesn't work with, it didnt work with the Xbone either for caht. Only audio, via ptical cable.

  • Have been tentatively keeping my eye on these for a long time now but knowing my luck, as soon as I buy a pair they'll bring out a V2 of sorts.

    They're a few years old now which makes me even more reluctant to pull the trigger. They've held their spot on the top of the market for some time now too. Hmm

    • same here, I have flip flopped for the last 4 months. they're a pricey item, I need to know they're worth it. as BNR32 has pointed out, these have been much lower so it makes it even harder when it's still high in price.
      recently I've been wondering if I should go with the Audeze Penrose headphones, but they have just started shipping and first impressions are incredibly mixed, and again they are $400.
      earlier this week I realised I probably don't really need all the features of the arctis pro, and have pre-ordered the arctis 7 2019 version at $240 or something. and even after all that, I'm still looking at this price and going… hmm, 450 you say…
      but I think you have a point, arctis have refreshed a bunch of their other models, makes sense a pro refresh wouldn't be too far away.

    • could always sell pre gen when new release comes out. im sure they will hold their value

  • Will the Zip Pay 10% Cashback worth with these?
    Its Amazon AU but US stock so I assume it will be fine. Just want to confirm

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    I was waiting for these to be on sale for a very long time but bought the Astro A50s instead several months ago. The Bluetooth connectivity for your phones is a good feature especially working from home which the A50s don’t have.

    • was going to do the same thing, and maybe i should have lol. but i really wanted the duel wireless bluetooth feature to make them a "daily" user

      • At least A50 docks into the base station to charge which is neat I guess.

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    Pro Wireless always has one of the two batteries charging and ready to go which is handier imo

    • The extra battery function of these make it impossible for me to go to any other headset. It's the best feature of a wireless headset by far.Blows my mind that no one else has done it.

  • My personal thoughts on the Arctis Pros

    Used arctis pro wireless for about 3 months, finally decided to sell it last week. There are some very fundemental design flaws. First of all, the headband feels like hard cheap plastic, to adjust the size you have to losen the elastic velcro band. I dont consider myself to have a big head, I have the velcro losened to the absolute limit, it's literally strapped on by the hair width. There is basically no padding left for the top of my head, the side clamping force is also really strong. When it comes to audio, there's a constant buzzing/static sound. Its notable when you're just talking with friends, less obvious listening to music or gaming. I contacted steelseries support regarding this issue, this was there response:

    The Arctis Pro Wireless uses significantly higher quality speaker drivers in the earcups than most headsets on the market.

    Any amplified headset will have a small amount of noise when no audio is playing, but it can be a bit more noticeable to you due to the higher quality speakers in your Pro Wireless unit.

    The support basically told me to live with the static/buzzing sound as it's an expected "side-effect" of "higher quality speakers" in the headset…
    Honestly so bull… Decided to switch to the XM4s and stuck a modmic on the side. Mic quality according to people on discord is much much better (arctis pro doesn't have a great mic even though its labelled as discord certified)

    • Weird, I don't have any static noise on my pair. And i have a generous amount of strap left while comfortably fitting on my head for hours at a time. I think it's a case of YMMV.

      • Possibily, but I just couldnt adjust it to make it comfortable for me. I dont understand why they haven't made the earcups individually height adjustable like the 99% of other headsets (not to mention it's price point)

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