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Grinders Coffee 1kg Varieties $14.99 ($13.49 Sub & Save) + Shipping ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Various types are available for $13 $14.99;
and Rich Espresso.

Organic is also available for $15.50 $16.50

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Love the crema. Great price

  • I bought this a few days ago for $19. Saw it now for $13 so requested a refund (not opened yet). Amazingly, amazon gave me a refund and said that I don't need to return it. Amazing service…..

  • Shame I just bought a kilo of single origin from ALDI, bit Of a splurge, the dark roast is great least 4 or 5 times, awesome for 12 or$13.

    • -3 votes

      Same here :) it's a shame.
      I was super excited to see a "grinder" deal finally… nope.

  • ordered round 7pm, amazing that it was dispatched and expected Sunday

  • Our usual fix. Great prices. Don't forget to order via the amazon phone app and apply APPONLY10 for $10 discount on orders over $39 I think it was.

    • is that discount only for new amazon users though?

      • No. Standard accounts, mine worked. I ordered 2x crema, 3x rich espresso and 3x espresso for $94 after discount and free delivery.

        At Woolies, on special, it only gets as low as $19 each, so $58 discount for me :-P

        • Won't they get a bit old though? How long will it take you to use up 8kg of coffee?

          • @Alzori: Agree, I don't even get a new bag unless the last ones almost done. Used to get 250-500g for that reason, bit the also ones are so cheap anyway. Takes me a while to get through one a day, two one the weekends.

          • @Alzori: Probably 5 months. Doesn't really taste any different to me ;-)

  • Shout out to all those recent oracle owners looking for some beans…

  • are they good for cold brew? (cold brew noob who recently just bought that KitchenAid coldbrew machine)… :)

  • how freshly roasted is it?

    • Owned and distributed by Coca Cola, so could be anything.

      • Well Amatil might be the owner but they kept the original production facility and people mostly intact, the changes was mostly in distribution

  • We had Fat Popey dark before buying this one, and we personally like that one better.

    Agreed, the price of this one is unbeatable.

  • Better than Aldi dark roast? I always find their coffee is pretty fresh, roasted within the past month at least and for the price it's not bad at all.

  • Always paid $20 so absolute bargain for $11.70. Best consistent coffee so far! As a coffee noob this always reaches the perfect consistent pressure reading for my barista express with great tasting coffee (not too weak not too strong)

  • Which bean for a mocha? For reference my other favourite bean is the Aldi single origin Brazilian. But it's now out of season. So looking for a coffee with choc/ toffee tasting notes. Don't like the 'floral' coffees.

    • The Crema would be the closest of these to the Aldi Brazilian. I haven't tried the Organic, it might be acceptable as well. The others are roasted much darker than the Aldi SO offerings. I can't speak to mochas specifically though as I don't make them.

  • Why bother going for these brands when Aldi's single origin coffee is easily the best value and readily available.

    • See my comment above

    • Because I don't personally enjoy the ALDI coffee :)

      • I didn't either but the new Honduras single origin is very good.

        • Have you tried the Colombia? I find the Honduras to be a bit one dimensional traditional dark choc-malt flavour, with a rather ashy aftertaste, compared to the Colombia, which is much sweeter and aromatic, with a refreshing, fruity aftertaste.

          I think the average Aldi SO drinker agrees, as I always see many more bags of Honduras on the shelf than Colombia.

    • Aldi delivers nationwide does it now? Owait no they don't. Owait no they don't have stores nationwide. But look Amazon ships nationwide.

    • Based on the comments here I will have to try the Aldi beans (after my beans from this deal are done). I hadn't considered Aldi coffee beans previously and had assumed they would be like the cheaper coffee beans at Woolies. It seems like that was a bad assumption

  • I bought 6 of the Harris Very Strong Coffee Beans (1 kg) for $10 each, seeing all the great coffee deals I think I moved too quickly …….

  • Personally I enjoy Harris more than Grinders. Not a bad choice still. But 6 packs … that’s a year for me.

  • Can any coffee snobs on here vouch for the ALDI beans? Like, using them in a prosumer grinder and machine?

    • My mates a coffee snob. He actually has his own bean. I made him a coffee in my breville oracle and he said it was great and asked what bean. It was Aldi’s Lazio Medium Roast

      • I want to believe

        • I'm not a coffee snob but I can't taste any difference with Aldi beans. I know it has award and all but…

        • I figure it's like wine: We all hide the fact it's just vinegar with a buzz by doing the sniff and swish …… go with the flo so to speak

      • Do they have roast date on them? Or best before?

        Would be good flog someone could get some intel into who is roasting for them

    • Their SO offerings are the only supermarket bean I bother with when I don't roast my own. As of late they've had more roast defects than they used to (mainly scorching) but still can't do any better for the price. And their roaster/importer is no secret, it's Black Bag Roasters in Melbourne which is part of Nomad Coffee Group.
      The bags have no roast date unfortunately but they do have best before. It sells well enough that it's quite fresh for supermarket coffee in my local.

      Granted, I mainly drink filter so I can't give info on using their stuff with espresso and as I enjoy fruitier stuff more I haven't tried their standard "Medium Roast" in a long time. Recently tried the new "Medium-Dark" and it was not good, tasted like average dark "espresso" stuff.

    • Yep dark roast is my go to, Much better than other supermarket blends including Lavazza. Roasted in Melbourne and pretty fresh. YMMV

    • I've tried most of them and they were different shades of ok but the new Honduras single origin is very good. I only make espresso or ristretto though, so your mileage may vary with milk-based drinks. I'm a snob who honed his chops on a Rancilio Sylvia and Rocky combo years ago but have since moved to an automatic with surprisingly decent (and more consistent) results.

      • Those Sylvia & rocky combos were a winning thing in around 2009 (and would still hold up fine today), I got a Gaggia Classic (with the silvia wand) & Breville EM0480 from around the same time and goes well.

        The Dark roast is a pretty solid coffee for the price and tastes better than whatever fancy beans they use at work in an automatic machine, a lot is down to technique and bean freshness. Those single origin beans went away for a while, I got Columbian now will have to get Honduras next time! Ideally I'd get Belissimo Itialian Dark Roast $11 for 200g.. amazing how many places sell 1kg for over $40-50 now

        • I also used to think that anything that's not dark roast wasn't "real" coffee; however, these days I tend to go for the medium or medium/dark roast, as it tends to have more subtlety than the same bean roasted a few shades darker. If you only drink dark roast then Handuras may not be your cup of tea (no pun intended). But it was my pick of the Aldi range (also the most expensive at $14 per kg I think) and is still definitely a bargain.

          • @elektron: Agree mate worth a shot (pun intended) :P
            Either way they are good to try for that price for sure. Annoying if you buy good only 200g of stuff and first few cups wasted getting the grind right. This machine does great crema and coffee, just have to wait a bit for the steam for milk (bonsoy) and couldn't pump out too many in a row like better machines but does the job nicely still.

  • Anyone know what the problem when it’s difficult to grind some beans . First time I’ve run into a batch like this before .

    • The lighter the roast the harder the bean will be. If you're used to dark roasts, those are easier to grind.

  • Getting $14.99 now.

  • FYI: Crema is back to full price. Ordered the Organic and Espresso, thanks OP.

  • Go the ALDI Dark roast