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Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 Pressure Washer $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest price according to camelcamelcamel.

Reviews are mixed, rated 1.6 / 5 @ Amazon AU but 4.5 / 5 @ Amazon UK:

Technical Details
* Pressure: 1958 PSI / 135 bar
* Max. flow rate: 410 l/h
* Motor power: 1900 W
* Max. flow temp: 40 °C
* Overload / Thermal Stop: Yes
* Hose: 7 m
* Cable: 5 m
* Weight: 7.9 kg

Scope of supply
* Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 High-Pressure Washer
* Bosch high-pressure gun
* Adapter for Kärcher Accessories
* Lance
* 3-in-1 nozzle
* High-pressure detergent nozzle, 450 ml
* 7 m high-pressure hose
* Water filter

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Not sure if it's just me, but it says it cannot deliver to my address. Don't think it ships outside the UK.
    Edit: Sorry clicked on the link in message, not on the actual link.

    • +3

      Order from Amazon AU. The Amazon UK link is for the reviews only since there are only 2 reviews @ Amazon AU.

  • Thanks OP..bought one..its quite cheap at $189 ($10 discount via mobile app) with standard delivery for sydney

  • I jumped on it, thanks OP.

  • Never bought one of these before but just so I'm clear, does this type of device have a water tank/resevoir on it or do I need to essentially keep it plugged into the tap (or nearby lake)?

    • For this particular model, you need to connect the washer to the garden hose.

      If you need something with a water tank, then you need something like this:

      • +1

        not according to the product description

        Self-priming pump - The UniversalAquatak 135 features a self-priming pump that automatically draws up water – for outstanding energy-efficiency as you work. Use water sources such as a lake or water tank to save natural resources and energy.

        as long as you have a power source at your lake.

        • +1

          That feature is an optional extra as far as I can tell. One of the UK reviews mentioned you need to buy another accessory to do it. I didn't dig any deeper as can't see me needing it. Looking at the description again, it's definitely misleading if not an out of the box feature.

          Edit: it was the top review actually:
          One feature that may be of use to some is the 'self priming' facility. To use this you need to buy the self priming kit, it does not come with this as standard. It allows you to use non mains water supplies like a water butt, bucket etc to supply the water. The kit is essentially a pipe with a filter & back flow suppressor that you connect to the machine and submerge the other end into your water source. I doubt I would ever need/use this but you never know and I can see the usefulness for some situations where a mains tap is not available.

  • Nice price, picked one up. Thanks op!

    Not sure how it compares to the gernie but for this price, can't really go wrong i guess?

  • am I missing something or its back to $349

    • Yes it was a timed deal. Time is up.

  • Still on sale on, just ordered one for 199, get in quick

  • How would returns and warranty work? Sorry have not bought “big” items from Amazon before.

  • Got one, thanks OP.
    Been looking for one for around 6 months now.

    Hope I wont encounter those breakages/leaks as mentioned in the reviews on Amazon.
    Will register on Bosch website for the full 3 years warranty.

  • +1

    Isn't Gerni 3600 from Bunnings a better option? For 199 you are getting the patio cleaning attachment as well and 5 year warranty.

    • 1500W vs 1900W
      1810psi vs 1958psi

      You win some, you loose some !

      To get all features and higher capacity in the same machine, you gotta spend up

  • +1

    'Go to deal' is taking me to the 125, not the 135?

    • Same here, is 135 sold out?

  • +1

    Bosch High Pressure Washer UniversalAquatak 125 down to $148.50

    • +1

      Handy to have.

      Hope I wont be needing spare parts and repairs.

      I'll post a follow up if the thing is defective.

  • Used this for the first time yesterday. Can't say I'm overly impressed but I'm coming from a petrol version previously. Nice to not have to pull start, Lance a bit short. The soap box actually attaches to end of Lance where I was thinking it would be fed from the machine.

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