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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV $883.32 | w/14-42mm EZ Lens $1019.32 Delivered + $100 Prepaid VISA @ Camera House eBay


Good price for a newish MFT model, body only net $783, with 14-42mm kit lens net $919 after $100 VISA cashback.
Seller has dropped the prices which is unusual as most sellers jack up prices during the 20% promos.
Promotion claim info here

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV is a terrific all-rounder and ideal for family use archiving daily life and perfect for travel. The key elements that make it ideal for daily use are the awesome combination of a compact lightweight body coupled with the functionality of a powerful 5 axis stabilisation system delivering a super stable shooting platform and clear crisp images every time. The Micro Four Thirds system provides consumers with access to a great range of affordable lenses that suit the interchangeable lens system and these are all designed to be portable and ideal for travel whilst not compromising on image quality. With 4K video and excellent connectivity from the onboard Bluetooth and wif-fi options, it really does present consumers with a flexible and supremely functional shooting solution for a myriad of different photographic opportunities.

Review here

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  • MK 3 can still be gotten for $580 on amazon too. Not sure on how big the differences are.
    Also for about a week (two weeks ago) amazon had Mk 3 for around $400, so something to keep an eye out for if anyone else is clearing out (tobydeals has it at $499).

    • Looking at the review link, there are significant updates, notably moving from 16 to 20mp sensor, better AF and eye AF, flip down screen etc…

      The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV is a fantastic little camera with plenty to offer. With a new 20MP sensor and improved Continuous Autofocus, the Mark IV boasts some useful upgrades over its predecessor, the Mark III.

      • Yeah definitely still upvoted main post as its a good deal.
        Just figured i'd mention the Mk3 in case someone was happy with slightly less features for a cheaper price.

        Flip down screen and continuous AF for example aren't big for me so i'd be hard pressed to pay the difference between the two just for 4MP more.
        But those features would be killer for other people doing more video and self shooting than i do. So this camera does look like a nice update.

        I'd love to see some deals on a nice variety of lenses for these now.
        I got a 40-150mm for $150 that has nice reviews. Now im keen for a wide angle or at least very short zoom lens

  • E-m10iv is worth the price difference over the iii IMO. Although personally i feel like the 5iii should have just become the 10iv, and at a lower price point too

  • Hi OP,

    Can you explain how the prepaid visa works?

    Also found a simular (if not maybe a slightly better deal) on amazon atm I believe. https://www.amazon.com.au/Olympus-M-Zuiko-Digital-14-42mm-F3...

    • After you purchase, go to the promotions link above, submit your claim and proof of purchase. Once they approve, they send you a Prepaid VISA card loaded with the amount advertised for that item.
      The link you sent is a US import item, I did see it before I post this, Olympus Australia will not give you the prepaid Visa or deal with warranty claims (you need to deal with Amazon). See their T&Cs. Not to mention you are not covered by the ACL 2 years warranty (like all official manufacturer local distribution must provide).