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PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Devil 8GB with Bonus BlackWidow $629 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Red Devil performs similar to Sapphire Nitro+, which sells for $689+.
$629 is the lowest I have seen for this card.

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  • They basically just add $100-150 for the keyboard on top of the 5700 xt price, not really a free keyboard lol

  • not really a deal , 5700XT's have hit below $499 a few times recently,

  • disappointing prices considering they'll be replaced by the rx 6700 in 2 months.

    Even though i'd like a GPU in this tier. I've heard of too many problems with the 1st generation cards. Only way i'd grab one is if its around the $430 mark.

  • Anything over $550 for this card now is a rip tbh

  • Umart has the Asus Dual EVO OC for $479. Need a new PC but the timing isn't great, so something like this could tide me over until early next year. Still rocking an i7 3770 and ddr3 ram, along with a rx 570 I bought in January for $110


    • Still a slight ripoff when you consider the 2060 is going for under $400 right now.. Or 1660 at $300

    • This is not the XT though, so not that great a deal

    • Yeah, I agree with you both - I also didn't notice it wasn't xt. Can flash the xt bios usually, but still not worth it.

      I'm usually in more than two kinds about purchases, as I'm sure many are here on OzB, but it's significantly increased for many a reason right now. Pits timing

  • Wow hope you didn't buy it before you posted it here.