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40% off Cyber Weekend Sale @ Under Armour - (Almost Everything)


Increased % of sale as compared to their 30% Black Friday Sale (typical UA move!!).

ShopBack 20% Cashback from 5-9pm 28/11 as part of their Black Friday/Cyber Monday happy hour for today.

EDIT: Also stacks up with ShopBack $5 Bonus UA Cyber Challenge @ ShopBack via App (thanks LG-13!)

Or Cashrewards 14% Cashback.

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Under Armour Australia
Under Armour Australia

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  • Legit question - does it become 50% tomorrow?

    • I forgot what happened during Cyber Monday last time, but I recalled making a same order because of something similar happened last year or couple of years back.

      Potentially on Monday, but not guaranteed.

      • Last year cyber Monday was 30% + 30% + cashback

        unfortunately a lot of good stuff sold out weeks ago and the current 30% off, from the prices in my wishlist are exactly the same as a month ago.

        Just like I've noticed with a lot of retailers, there's been tons of price jacking. Half their stuff isn't even discounted lol

  • Unfortunately they’ve been ‘sold out’ of the UA SportsMask.

    If anyone finds a way to source it in Australia at discount, please share. I saw Footlocker has it but can’t find a way to stack discounts on.

    • If you use shopback there's a $10 bonus for shopping at footlocker this weekend :) don't believe there is a $ min

      The bonus is in the challenge section so you'll probably have to wade through all the other challenges. Limited to first 100 who start and complete the challenge

  • there is a Under Armour cyber challenge in the shopback app for extra $5, ends in 3 days. it could stack with this.

  • Thanks…have been wearing their underwear for the past few years and always stock up when they have these sales.

    • +27 votes

      Time to buy your own

    • How are they?

      In terms of longevity and price - 3 for $30.



      • Not OP, but am wearing them right now (not op's). They're comfortable IMO, and seem good quality wise (~2 years old). I prefer them to the Step One's I tried, but prefer the Adidas ones overall. All in reference to the boxer briefs.

      • I like my adidas underwear. I order from Amazon on sale. But i may buy UA this black friday.

  • Also 14% cashback at cashrewards at the moment. Since it's only a difference of about $4-5 I decided to just order now in case my size runs out before 5pm. Happy with the discount either way!

    • Exactly - good stuff usually gets sold out or if not sold out the size you after goes OOS, spent 350+, with 14% CB from CR
      thanks Op

    • Did you actually get the cashback? Mine was rejected for whatever reason. It's so weird.

      • Mine tracked, still pending. If you didn't return/use any discount codes then customer support should be able to help you? Sometimes the system gets it wrong

        • ahhh. no i didn't use any code. i didn't return anything either. i tried to contact their support before about one that was rejected and they told me if it's rejected…then that's it. i did send a support ticket regardless this time. ugh, should have just used shopback instead of Cashrewards. They used to be fairly reliable.

          • @jezza p: Damn, strange that they rejected so quickly. Frustrating that you don't know what's the cause either. Hopefully you get some kind of reasoning… I've never had any troubles with cashrewards and I find it more reliable than shopback. Then again I only use cashrewards on browser/desktop so the app might be different if you use that

            The user Tightarse on here is a cashrewards storerep and is very helpful so if the customer service doesn't help then might be worth messaging them to investigate

            • @pbandjace: Thanks for the info. I will message him if it doesn’t work. I only use it on my desktop as well…so it’s a bit strange this happened.

  • I need someone in a SA who wants to buy some shoes from rebel Sport with the buy one get one half price, literally no one has the metcon 6 in all of Australia and in America they sold out and people are selling them for like $350 Australian(colour I want)

  • It's a shame that they won't let you get onto the Under Armour US sale cause their selection is a million times better than AU site.

  • Hey OP, why is your link to the UA website so long and includes the words ‘Commision Factory’ in it?

    Isn’t it just https://www.underarmour.com.au/en-au/?

    Is what you have posted up an affiliation/referral link??

  • Shame they don't offer free shipping.

  • Thanks, I've snagged a few things I otherwise wouldn't get at full rrp. :)

  • So how does Shopback work? Will the UA deal appear on their site during the time slot and I click to access the UA site via that?

  • I don’t need this
    I don’t need this
    I don’t need this

    Maybe I’ll just browse a bit…

  • For those of you who are a bit larger, like myself, UA USA has very similar prices, display them in AUD, and ship to Australia via Borderfree. Shipping is $20 unless you spend $300, but if like myself you want some Heatgear leggings up to 4XL/Tall (and of course most other things - the sale items are almost identical across the site) sizes it’s the best way to get them. Keep in mind that the prices on the US website don’t include GST until checkout, so you’ll have to account for that also, but all things considered for big and tall guys it’s the best and cheapest way to get them.


  • Bit late to the party but if you guys have any questions, let me know! I'm not connected to the online store but I'll help as much as I can~

  • I ordered yesterday. Can I cancel and reorder again?

  • Is there any in-store sale at under armour?

    • DFO ( Brisbane) have same 40% off and for $70 or above purchase, they are giving kids hoodie or trackpants free. But prices seems on higher side in store. Same underwear in store showing $35 and online $30.

  • How are the UA shoes? Look cool but are they kinda gimmicky

    • For me they are excellent. I have a standard size foot fit yet a touch wide at the footbed and toe area. so feel that the UA are slightly more forgiving width wise and thus give me longer comfort.

      Sole durability is hard to classify; as the sport I play uses different and inconsistent surfaces and does not have traditional feet movement. To date I have only had one pair that I chewed through the sole quickly - yet they were defined as an 'indoor shoe' [that I did not correctly research at the time] that I used outdoor in summer. So to be fair; I was asking a lot of them.
      The newest 2 pair I have seem up to the task so time will tell how they go sole wise.

      I've worn a pair everyday to and from work (instead of work shoes) train stations -> office etc. MON-FRI and have been excellent. Started using them for exercise walking also and overall have served excellent for almost daily use from October - April. The model is Charged Impulse.
      Purchased the Charged Bandit 6 now for walking as have started walking for exercise more frequently and for longer distances and felt i needed a bit more support than what the Impulse provided

      Recently purchased the Anatomix Spawn 2 and SC 3ZERO III for my weekly sports needs to alternate on court types. They are both individually excellent in their own ways.
      * Spawns feel more 'booty' and gives me the feeling of forwards momentum i need for specific games. aka easier take offs
      * 3ZEROs are slightly lower profile and afford me a freer and flatter foot feel, that is more forgiving for longer forwards and back sprints.

      I too once thought they were a touch gimmicky - yet after finding some overseas to try; to date have had only good things to say about all I have owned and used.

      • Thanks, picked up some charged rogue 2 along with some other stuff. Have had good experience with Adidas in terms of fit and durability but seems like UA have improved since 5 years ago.
        Always loved their shirts but footwear was meh

        • V welcome. Have the shoes arrived yet? Any good?

          Yes same here; I needed a bit more room for my toes so I defaulted to Adidas for court sports after many years of Nike as they seemed to go more narrow. Nike soles also seemed to [for me] not last as long as Adidas.

          Used the spawns the last few weeks and so far so good on sole wear and tear. no pains in top of my toes/foot also so quite happy.
          will try out the 3zeros this week hopefully

          • @LV-426: Yeh they did. Fit very well and are really comfy, will be looking at more UA shoes in the future. The model I got is light but still a well built construction.

            The foam they use is surprisingly supportive. For all the hype boost gets the charged material seems to be solid too.

    • I wear the hovr runing shoes for everyday work, gym etc. They are so awesome. Comfortable, light, stylish. They are durable as long as you don't play soccer with it or rub/ kick on surfaces.

      I may buy another pair this cyber monday.

  • with shopback, is it possible to order 2x of $200 and get the cash back? or its capped at $40 by your shopback account?

  • i lol'd at typical move. as i have been caught out a few times myself by this. damned if you do damned if you dont sometimes though. as my second time around i waited for the extra % and item wasnt available in my size?! last time round i pulled the trigger and just settled with the purchases - and didnt open any links for a few weeks after! ;)

    • Same thing happened. Waited for the upsized cashback and now some of the items I want are sold out.

      • Since it's free returns I just bought everything I really wanted first and then went back and rebought the stuff that was still available + a few more items

  • It's been a while since I last got something from the UA site. I'm looking at buying a jersey in L size and I think it's the right size but I can't recall from the last time I tried it on in store. Is it easy to exchange sizes or should I just buy another in XL and then return whichever I don't want.

  • Order still hasn't been sent yet. They having some issues?

  • Got my Cash Rewards transaction declined… have sent through an enquiry.

  • Of course my partner tells me he needs new golf gear a week after cyber Monday. Anyone know if I should I hold out on some sort of sale before Christmas?