Recommend All in One Printer

So last year I bought a Canon MB2160… Looked good.. Works well… if it ever has ink

The issue I have is EVERYTIME I go to use it - its out of ink.. and warm up time is <5 minutes each time.
Even if I have only printed 1 page since I last replaced the ink tanks.
I can replace the ink cartridge today - print 1 page A4, then park it, come back in few weeks/mths and its empty. I'm not a heavy user - may only use it once a month or less sometimes.

Never had this issue in the past with printers… are all printers scams like this now?

Anyone recommend a good AIO for occasional use?

Am I better off to buy a printer and flat bed scanner (can you still get those)??


  • I have a Canon mb5460
    I love it
    Still on the original tanks, bought a year ago. Print maybe once or twice a month. Scan often.

    Best feature: double sided single pass scanner ADF. Also can scan straight to one drive

    Though it sucks for photos.
    For photos, which I never do, I have my old Canon mx726 whose scanner does better quality but only single side ADF scan.

    I mainly scan all receipts and letters that come through the mail and invoices too

    • Yea Im done with Canon.

      • Apparently there's two types of ink in inkjet printers.

        One is … Liquidy ink that can mix together to make more colours, the other is non mixable ink where the printer has to make lots of little dots nearby of different colours so to the eye it looks like it's mixed the paint

        The first one is best for photos but suffers from what you're experiencing. The second is shit for photos and tends to not suffer from what you're experiencing

        I forget what those ink types are called..I know one is dye and the other is …. Can't remember

        A printer uses one or the other and cannot be interchanged. It's designed for one type or the other

        • Had a HP950c for years back in 90's.. great quality for the era.. and I dont remember it running out. But then again i dont remember last week:) Mums Epson AIO was same as mine, many colour cartridges - always empty.

          its also the warm up time. .just changed the magenta, and it was just over 5 minutes to 'warm up and test'
          I;ll come back sarvo and turn it on go to print, it will be another 5+ minutes.

    • Been wondering about this. If I scan receipts/invoices etc. Can I destroy the originals? Are scans valid by law?


      • *shrug.
        I scan and destroy originals.
        I've reprinted and taken to Kmart, Bunnings etc and they've been ok. Just make sure to scan the barcode (if present) on the receipt which helps their systems pick up your purchase.

  • Used to be a Canon fanboy but was spending too much on ink. Went over to a CIS and recoloured the floor boards.
    Moved on to Epson and have not looked back.

    • Went over to a CIS and recoloured the floor boards.


      Moved on to Epson and have not looked back.

      I've had a WorkForce printer for years, one of those small business ones. It has not missed a beat (it has a replaceable waste cartridge unit, but I haven't replaced it), only sometimes when you use a new cartridge (I paid $2.50-$3.00 for compatible ones from eBay), you'll need to print once or twice until the new ink hits the printerhead.

      Used Canon previously, was terrible.

  • Brother MCF-L27xxDW range of printers (10, 13, 30, 50). Mono laser. Duplux printing and scanning. WiFi enabled. Toner cartridges last waaaaay longer and dont "dry out" over time.

    con: no colour printing.

  • Brother MFC-L3770

    Colour LED laser, duplex print and scan, all connectivity, third party toners are cheap as. It's ~$450 though, so maybe not what you're wanting to spend. But it's awesome.

  • For occasional use I bought about 3 years ago an:
    $49 Epson AIO from Office Works
    Left on always so always ready to print without warm up
    Installed HandyPrint to AirPrint from devices
    Setup 4 virtual printers for Portrait/Landscape/colour/greyscale
    Set default printer to greyscale to save on colour
    Use generic inks