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ASUS ROG STRIX 850 Watt Modular ATX Power Supply $263.20 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


in anticipation of a GPU I cannot buy, I needed* to upgrade my trusty 650w Seasonic to a higher wattage PSU. this white ROG unit will look good in my White case so it was on the shortlist for a while, made by Seasonic with upgraded heatsinks it seems to get good reviews and it is quiet.

use code PRESS20 for the 20% discount to get this price.

*recommended 750w+ for latest 3000-6000 GPU's

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  • I have been using my gaming trio x 3080 for 2 months on my 650W for 2 months without issue.

    • Exactly, 3080 Gaming OC on a 750w here. People just need to use something like Pcpartspicker to figure out how much power you'll use. Then add maybe 10% overhead for spikes. Oh and buy Gold for top end equipment people.

      • I currently have a 6 year old EVGA G2 750w Gold PSU running my 9900kf/RTX 3090 build no issues other than the fan now runs constantly when gaming since it's got quite a bit of load on it vs past build's it was used for.

        Bought a 1200w this weekend to upgrade to, should be silent even under load.

  • This is actually pretty cheap cause you don't need to buy extra sleeved cables for it

  • Unless you need the white for aesthetics (though lots of cases the PSU is hidden) this is kinda terrible value being only 850w and only a Gold rating.

  • maybe everyone would like white money…

  • If you want white PSU cables, extension cables are the way to go. White PSU's are way too expensive for just the colour.

    • Not all the time but mostly. I got my white RM850X for under $200. It's usually cheaper than the black version. Lot harder to find white extension cables with white plugs, the bitfenix ones I got aren't sold anymore.

      • I couldn't find white plugs at all/ ones that didn't look cheap. I had to settle for black.

        • Yep I had to get mine from overseas. Same with close to half of my PC parts. Even got PLE to do a special order from their US supplier for fittings they don't stock. We have awful range in Aus.

  • if you mean 3080 you can easily undervolt it to run it on your 650, esp yours is Seasonic those are pretty good